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McCain disses Obama on the Senate Floor

By aileron - Posted on 02 October 2008

After maing various excuses for failing to look at Obama during the debate, McCain gives Obama a chilly reception on the Senate floor as Obama goes out of his way to greet him.  What a schmuck this guy is.



Is that man not aware by now that most every move of his is either being filmed or otherwise documented?

I'm trying why it is that he is so insistent on behaving in this childish manner.  Here are the ideas I have come up with so far:

1.  He isn't aware that his behavior comes across in such a negative manner.  This is highly unlikely as it is being reported in most every major newpaper and on (other than FOX) most all news channels.  If he didn't realize it the first time, that would be fair enough.  However, after it has been brought to everyone's attention by the media a gazillion times, you would think he would have figured it out.

2.  He thinks he is tricking us by trying to hide his TRUE feelings under pathetic attempts at humor.  He thinks he can say whatever and make ridiculous faces... then just laugh it off with that annoying nervous chuckle of his.  Does he really think we are that stupid??

3.  He just doesn't care.  He is a mean, bitter, unhappy, arrogant, pompous old man and he doesn't care if the world knows.  This would also make him delusional.  The reason for that?  Because he apparently thinks that he can conduct himself in this manner, present it to the American people and still have the audacity to think we will vote for him. 


How about a number 4: He has a sense of entitlement and that entitlement is being disrupted by a snotty-nosed kid (the nerve of this uppity black elitist, 1-term senator). Doesn't he know my dad was an Admiral and that I'm a hero cause I was a POW for 5 years in Hanoi.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

Thanks Golf for being my peripheral brain!!  How in the world could I have left that off of the list? 

Thanks Golf for being my peripheral brain!!  How in the world could I have left that off of the list? 

I'm leaning toward your explanation, Golf.

To me, Mrs. Six Pack American, #4 explains his performance in the Register interview. After his "fundamental disagreements" and obvious disdain for the reporters,  I'm sure he lost even more "Undecided" voters!  Which, BTW, makes me very happy! =)

I am not surprised.

BTW: He says that the reason he is down in the polls is because life is unfair....

Too funny!!!!

I tend towards #3.  From what I have read he has a long, long history of the arrogant and pompous parts, and the fact that he is not winning an election that he believes is his due is making him mean, bitter and unhappy.  I think faking nice is too hard for him now, so he's letting all the nasty out.  Not only does he not care, but I think his supporters don't, either.  Can you just imagine him facing world leaders with that attitude?  Scary.

I'm leaning toward #3 too, Kat.  The old saying "a leopard can't change it's spots" hasn't been around all fo these years for nothing.  It takes too much energy and effort to put on a facade of being someone you're not.  I think his true colors are showing now. 

I think so, too.  Remember, mavericks don't care about what other people think about them!


"blah, blah, blah, fungible commodity, blah, blah, blah, molecules, blah, blah, blah, create jobs under the umbrella of job creation, blah, blah, blah"

This is almost sad.  Between this and leaving Michigan, I wonder: Is he trying to lose the election?

This thought crosses my mind: he's clearly using the same people (or at least people of the same ideology) as Bush has for 8 years for advice/guidance; those folks kept Bush in the dark for 8 years... told him everything was peachy, etc.  Anybody think they're telling McCain the same thing -- that everything's fine, no worries, you're gonna win this election, Sen. McCain... Curious.

KJ, I call that the Mushroom Syndrome...keep him in the dark, and feeding them BS!! 

I understand McCant may be pissed that he is behind in the polls and his campaign is falling apart, he is only human; however, there is no excuse in the world for a man who is running for Presidency to act like that, it is not a good look, like KatMarie said if he acts like that with a fellow American, how will he act with world leaders that he may come across that he doesnt particularly agree with?

Hey John, could you act a little more professional, or like someone who is running for presidency and not like a child that isnt getting his way in the candy store.

The way McShame has been acting lately... and only getting worse, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a fit at some point and used racial slurs, showing everyone the real McCain. If not sooner, I can see it happening Nov. 4-5, right before, during or after his concession speech.

The American people are slow to wrath, but once that wrath is kindled, it burns like a consuming flame.  - Theodore Roosevelt

You know, I can't prove it, but sometimes I wonder if even though Bush & McCain made a deal in 2004, and Bush clearly helped McCain win the nomination, if Bush really does not like McCain (2000 primary rivalry) as is not all that upset that McCain is self-destructing.  I think Bush is like that, I think McCain knows he's over his head NOW.
I would pay money to see that!!!!!! 
I think he is going to snap soon...
The main thing that comes out of this story in my eyes is that Obama's class and integrity always shine through. If the roles were reversed (thank goodness they are not) Obama would have been friendly and cordial. He would not be making lame excuses for his campaign. He is level-headed, calm and humble-just what this country needs right now. I'm not sure if McCain has changed an awful lot or I was just blind to his character flaws in the past (I voted for him in the NY primary b/c I could not vote Dem as a Republican) but I am glad the country is starting to wake up and realize what a great POTUS Obama will be.
I agree.  I don't think Obama would be a sore loser.  Part of the reason we like him.
I thought something was up in the first debate. For me the most noticable example was when the two candidates were introduced. Obama was the one who extended his hand to be shook, looked right at McCain and said something to him. Probably something with the words MUTUAL RESPECT in it like "Great to meet you personally, Senator." or "How are you doing?" McCain just turned away and I swear that was a true look of disgust in his face. This guy is running to be our President? Sorry, but not for me.

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