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McCain's Pre-Debate Press Release

By John Martin - Posted on 02 October 2008


For Immediate Release

October 2, 2008

With Deck Stacked Against Her, Palin Emerges Victorious

ST. LOUIS, MO -- Tonight, Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin emerged victorious in her debate against twenty-six year Washington D.C. politician Joseph Biden.

Throughout the evening, Palin reminded viewers why she is the overwhelming favorite among "Sixpack Americans."  While Senator Biden provided "smart" answers regarding the challenges our nation faces, Palin showed that she has a true common sense, rooted in her middle American values.  While Biden tried to impress the Missouri audience with his big words and policy gobbly-gook, Palin refused to play that game-- instead relying on her experiences as a mother, a small-town mayor, and as the most popular governor in the United States.  Palin showed the same grit she used while taking on the old boys' network in Alaska.

At points during tonight's debate, it became clear that Governor Palin was in fact debating two people, instead of just one as she had been promised.  Moderator Gwen Ifill-- who recently completed work on a gushing book on Barack Obama-- spent most of the evening trying to throw the Governor off with her "gotcha" questioning.  Rather than playing Ifill's biased liberal media game, Governor Palin stuck to her guns, repeatedly reminding the debate audience why she and John McCain were the nation's best choice to fix our ailing economy and meet the challenges we face abroad. 

What the hell?

Hooray for Palin! She has risen above the elite media and proven herself once again.

I had wondered what Treasury Secratary Henry Paulsen meant when he said that future administrations were partly to blame for the financial crisis. Clearly he knows somethine we don't.

I hope Palin does not do too bady-I don't really want her off the ticket since her sticking around will help Obama. I think she will show her mastery of the non-answer/bs-ing. She will continue the art of generalizations, never being specific unless it's a topic like energy. She will try to play the "mom" & "joe 6 pack" card. Most people will see through the charade. Her base will praise her for going toe to toe with Biden and will bash Gwen Ifil for not being fair. The media probably will declare her the winner, especially if she throws some zingers at Biden and/or Biden has a gaffe. She may even be a media darling again. Let's all remember-the media wants this thing close. It helps their ratings. If Obama starts to run away with this, the ratings may drop. Be warned-yes, McCain will go very negative. But look at the press too. They may try to make Obama stumble. Personally, I think Obama's team understands this and they will be sprinting hard to the finish with various well-thought out strategies. Keep the faith as we approach the finish line. Now more than ever, Obama and his supporters need to be strong.
Were you the one who announced that McCain won the debate before the debate even took place? :)
Personally I love how we can see in the future, and predict what happens before it does!  I thought Miss Cleo had gotten in trouble for this.
LMBO!  This is a joke right?

You have a hell of an imagination.

Hmmm, Makes you wounder how insecure the McCain/Palin backers really are? They have to post how she won a debate that hasn't taken place yet.

Oops, darn am vs. pm  

I think he accidently set the delivery date in Outlook for 12:30pm instead of am.  He probably meant to send it early tomorrow morning.  He got his press release done early and is already on the 5th tee by now.

Ms Palin may do better than we think. Isnt this debate a

sit down debate?  Hmmm I dont want her to fail (democrat that I am) but I do want Biden to crush her.

I dont want it to be boring I want some shock value! No stumbling I just want to see some back and forth and see every side stick to their guns.  Let Sarah be herself and see if debate school did any good for her. Let the games begin.

Sit down, stand up ...  doesn't matter.  She's hapless.


Cheney/Random Vajayjay  2008:  Ride the Trashtalk Express

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, September 24 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 30% chance of winning the election.
Alot of people think she's going to do horrible, but i won't underestimate the lady though. I like to see Biden crush her too.

Excellently crafted article, John.  Will the public care more about substance than show this time around?   I think that if we are ever going to care about substance, it will be now.  At this point I'm going to assume she doesn't fall flat on her face and she's going to shoot with her strengths.  It sounds like her debate strengths have all been about manipulating her audience and have had little to do with substantive dialogue.  There is no doubt they will have to fall back on that if they want to do well.  I believe she has finally met her match with the American public.  I really hope so.  I guess we'll find out tonight.

the most popular governor in the United States?

Not any more...

The Couric interviews hurt Palin’s image bigtime and the SNL skits have officially made her a joke candidate. You don’t piss off Letterman, he has a huge following and he can hurt you. She has a lot to over come tonight. Can you imagine knowing that millions of people are watching you and waiting for you to "be you".

Obama/Biden 2008

and Misty, not to mention that they have probably been drilling her this week to enhance her knowledge about topics to be discussed...I think MOST Americans, no matter how she does, will have the Couric interview, SNL, and all other interviews she bombed in the back of their minds, they will know she was "taught" these debate responses over the past week...It doesnt matter if she does well or not in my eyes b/c we saw the true/ un-rehearsed Palin and that speaks for itself..but ...we shall see!!

Add to that the coverage Jon Stewart's been giving them.

I gotta tell you, if I was Sarah Palin, I would be having nervous diarrhea over the debate tonight.

"blah, blah, blah, fungible commodity, blah, blah, blah, molecules, blah, blah, blah, create jobs under the umbrella of job creation, blah, blah, blah"

I would too...but McCain will probably let her borrow one of his depends.

Oh my gosh, CTM!!!

I'm not kidding when I tell you that is EXACTLY what I hear when Palin speaks.  She uses a lot of words, with a key word thrown in here and there... but she never REALLY says anything.  She truly talks in circles.  Listening to her speak literally exhausts me.

CTM: you forgot one -- "hungry markets"

Imagine the material SNL will have this week-end, between more of the Couric interview and the debate. They must be loving this! If it wasn't for the fact that this woman could become VP or even President during a time when our country is in such a mess, her candidacy would be a great reality show with lots of laughs. Since I live in the US and love this country, my laughs are interrupted with the knowledge that McCain actually had the nerve to select her as a running mate for personal gain and put our great country in jeopardy. What in the world was he thinking?

I cannot wait to lower the McCain/Palin Deathwatch percentage.  Palin is the gift that keeps on giving.  I'm pretty sure she'll have something for us tonight too. 


Cheney/Random Vajayjay  2008:  Ride the Trashtalk Express

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, September 24 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 30% chance of winning the election.

Palin cannot go 90 minutes without saying something unintelligible. Also her lack of knowledge on most subjects will be clearly evident. This debate could be the knockout blow that throws the McCain camp into complete damage control.

Obama/Biden 2008



I agree with you, Palin will ramble on at some point during the debate...

She really does not have a grasp on the serious issues and complexities.

However, the expectations are low and so she will probably be given Credit for just remembering the talking points... 

Really, Biden should just chill a little and let Pain ramble...

In the end, good always prevails and right now for the good of the Country it is Obama/Biden - they will win.




Are you cazy, good rarely prevails and our government is proof of that.  Please open your eyes and wake up out of your bubble.  We need to make change happen so that we can MAKE good happen.


I can't believe all the people saying she is a great debater (I saw some past debates and the topics were small scale and about Alaska.) To me her debates show she is a good bs-er and likes to throw punches, but think of the topics that will be covered tonight. Giving general, vague answers just won't wow anyone. Her memorized talking points get old fast. Many in the MSM are also saying, "Well we know she is a smart woman and very talented." Where are they getting that? I truly think she just lied or used her pretty face to get where she is. She does not strike me as intelligent by any measure.

Yes, in Alaska the debates were small scale with limited questions asked over and over again. She used her same talking points in these debates. The McCain camp shouldn't have sheltered her . . .  that was a disservice. What were they thinking?

Obama/Biden 2008

After watching her debates for governor I think this will be more of the same… in the end the righteous right will hail it as a landslide win but those of us who want facts rather than generalities presented in a cutesy manner and attacks on her opponent will feel disappointed with her performance. I think, with all the coaching she’s had this week, she will look good. Even with out a prompter. Although it’s not multiple choice even she shouldn’t have to much trouble reciting the appropriate memorized answers. She may run into trouble when questions are closely related as spewing the same exact reply shows exactly how memorized it is. But with a week to do nothing but study I don’t see how she can flub this to bad and by that she will in effect win.

I can't see Biden having a problem like this. LoL

Oct. 2nd

Flirting with Palin earns Pakistani president a fatwa

A radical Muslim prayer leader said the president shamed the nation for "indecent gestures, filthy remarks, and repeated praise of a non-Muslim lady wearing a short skirt." - Link

Obama/Biden 2008

McCain's camp pre-debate spin from Joe Lieberman is that the country doesn't care if she can answer the questions, just relate to Joe Six-Pack. 

So, if I'm an undecided voter (or a "decided" voter who could be easily swayed the other direction), I'm hearing the news about unemployment (or maybe I am one of the unemployed); the bail-out that's no longer called a bail-out; bank failures; and I see my 401k plan is worth 3/4 what is was Jan. 1st... Do I care if she can answer questions?  I'd say yes, I do. 

Something about this strategy reminds me of Phil Hartman's Cirroc the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

Cirroc: My primitive mind can't grasp these concepts. But there is one thing I do know - when a man like my client slips and falls on a sidewalk in front of a public library, then he is entitled to no less than two million in compensatory damages, and two million in punitive damages. Thank you.

Judge: The jury will now retire to deliberate.

Jury Foreman: [ standing ] Your Honor.. we don't need to retire. Cirroc's words are just as true now as they were in his time. We give him the full amount.

Your original hypothesis could prove to be correct, as Palin is a fountain of cliches and sound bites. In particular I like this analogy, not only does it reflect the support Palin seems to garner, but it also reminded me of Cirroc, which was one of many excellent Phil Hartman characters. 

Thanks for the chuckle. 

No matter how well or poor she does, John Mccains sarragates have set the bar so low, if she shows up and doesn't look like a idiot in all the ans. she wins! that's how bad it is! They will scream  something at Biden, no matter what he does or say! He's either going to be condencending or sexist or the moderator will be bias against palin! You watch, joe biden can't win this!

Biden will win on being critical of McCain in a just-the-facts manner.

Obama/Biden 2008

Sarah Palin: Nothing To Say

Obama/Biden 2008

Look, one can study and memorize the talking points. But don't you think Joe will get down to the nitty gritty? He has so much knowledge, she cannot possibly keep up. I think she'll come onto the stage looking confident, get cutesy right away with a few zingers, then she'll poop in her pants when she finally hears all that Joe actually knows. She will not be able to counter his arguments, at least not very effectively. I think Biden will treat her respectfully, but not let her get away with a darned thing. He's never let female Senators go unchallenged, so why should he give Failin a free pass??

As far as Ifill, those talking heads obviously live in a vacuum. She announced her book back in July, BEFORE she was okayed by the McCain camp.

As far as those Alaska debates, I came away with the impression that she's very good at dancing around the issues. Never a straight answer, really.

One debate is not going to make all those really bad interviews go away. Also, will they send her back into hiding after the debates are over?? I think the American public has caught onto that ruse.


You said it best - I also agree with you - great points.

" Biden will treat her respectfully, but not let her get away with a darned thing. He's never let female Senators go unchallenged, so why should he give Failin a free pass? "


No question, Palin will ramble on at some point during the debate...

She really does not have a grasp on the serious issues and complexities.

However, the expectations are low and so she will probably be given Credit for just remembering the talking points... 

Really, Biden should just chill a little and let Pain ramble...

In the end, good always prevails and right now for the good of the Country it is Obama/Biden - they will win.

Thank you all. I get really pessimistic. Since Bush won in 2004 my faith in American judgment and common sense has eroded, my heart feels like the Louisiana coastline. I come here with my gloom and doom and your enthusiasm and confidence is contagious. You lift me up, renew my hope. I will watch the debate tonight with out a sense of doom. Probably even have some good laughs! Yes, I do know the extreme right will give her glowing scores no matter what… but they are not all of us, not even the majority.

Well now....this certainly took all of the pre-debate spin and rolled it up into one neat victory-for-Palin press release!  This was so well done that the McCain camp might steal it from you.  I just hope they wait until after the debate to release it this time!
Mr Martin, Congratulations for perfectly predicting the outcome of tonight's debate. It seems as though Fox News have gotten hold of this memo and pretaped their post debate coverage. It's unfortunate that a piece meantfor the Onion about a character written for sketch comedy could pass as a national campaign pposition. Well done.

You nailed this one Cap'n!!!

PS...I hear there is an opening at Fox......hehehh

Well....I find it interesting that a website that states its Republicans for Borack Obama could declare a winner even before the debate has begun.  What a crock of shit. this where we are at?


I watched the debate now two times, and I can assure you Sarah Palin did not win.  She can't even hold a candle next to Biden.  Please don't make the American public out to be idiots because we are not.  We surely can understand and make the difference between an educated person and a person so blind and confused as to what her party is about that its embarressing.

 It is so clear to me that the Republican party really will just about do anything to win including flat out lying.  On the part of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

 I beg you all.....please get educated about our system, our government and the people who try to represent it.   Please find out the facts. 

 We can't afford another 4 or 8 years of the same thing.  You can bet we will surely regret it.

 Vote fore Change

 lolaesq, I don't think you understand what he was doing here.  This was about illuminating the spin from McCain's campaign, not supporting it.   It was very clever and right on.

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