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An English newspaper's view of Palin

By Gadflygirl - Posted on 22 September 2008

Sarah Palin: the most underqualified vice-president ever? 

This article from the Times newspaper, in England, is worth clicking on and reading:

I think all the experts, even many conservative writers, agree on her incompetence. However, will voters vote because they "relate" to her as a mom, etc. or based on what is good for the country? Sometimes I'm not so sure.
You may be right. A lot of people will vote for her ticket because she is familiar to them or they like her, not because she is the best candidate. It's the American Idol effect. Stupidity scares me.

Supposedly someone once told Adlai Stevenson, "Every thinking person will vote for you."  Stevenson was supposed to have replied, "Thanks, but I need a majority to win."


Great quote, aileron.

I recently read a survey statistic that is bothersome, but not surprising. Only 1 in 4 US households can name more than one freedom enumerated in the 1st Amendment, but more than half could name at least two characters on the Simpsons.

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." --Arthur Carlson, WKRP in Cincinnati

This woman is getting scarier every time I hear her speak. But just to be fair, I'm not very fluent in Gobbledy Gook, so maybe the fault is mine?

Asked whether the government had made the right call in bailing out Fannie Mae and AIG, Ms. Palin floundered: "Well, you know, first, Fannie and Freddie, different because quasi-government agencies there where government had to step in because the adverse impacts all across our nation, especially with homeowners, is just too impacting. We had to step in there. I do not like the idea, though, of taxpayers being used to bail out these corporations. Today, with AIG, important call there, though, because of the construction bonds and the insurance carrier duties of AIG. But, first and foremost, taxpayers cannot be looked to as the bailout, as the solution to the problems on Wall Street."  

Hiding in Plain Sight


Oh dear lord... She's even more incoherent than W.  I simply cannot believe that McCain picked her.  It is a grievous insult to women who are actually qualified for the position.
Well, that's as clear as mud. 

Scary.  If McCain is elected no country will take them serious.  McCain's bad judgement and Palin is just Bad.   Countries would have to prepare for more attacks, rightfully so.

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