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Why wait 'til Friday for the Interview?

By aileron - Posted on 10 September 2008

McCain is clearly a firm believer in the political tactic of releasing bad news late in the day on a Friday.  He announced that he fired a number of lobbyists from his campaign on a Friday before a long weekend.  He announced that he dumped Phil Graham on a Friday night. 

What does it say of John McCain's confidence in his carefully sheltered VP pick that her first interview, even with a suspected softballer, is scheduled for a Friday evening?  Clearly the press is aware that they are sheltering her and even some at Fox News are growing impatient with their stalling.  So why delay it several more days until Friday unless they're worried it could go poorly?  I wonder if they thought this would escape the attention of the press or the public.  

Great Point!!!!


This woman and her entire family have been visiously attacked by the media.  Now you liberals demand her to run out and give all of these same people interviews.  Would you be in a hurry to grant the biased media interviews?  I doubt it, so relax, the interviews are coming. 
Oh, please... I think I hear violins playing.  Cry me a river.

To put it in language you can understand:

If she wants to play with the big dogs, she has to get off the porch!

There has never been a VP candidate hidden from the press like this. It's borderline sexist-she's a girl, she can't handle it. A big red flag should go off in everyone's head. When she is not bragging about her bridge to nowhere lie, she is being prepped like crazy. I wish Gibson would point to a blank map and ask her to point out a few of the easy countries-even that might be a challenge. Don't call me unfair-if someone won't go before the press, it is fair to assume she is not prepared. Gibson will likely give her softball questions and everyone will declare she got through it well-but she just can't pick and choose the media she wants to face (or can she?I sure hope the press and Amercians don't give her a free pass.) If he is tough on her or she makes some errors, the McCain camp will declare sexism. Pathetic campaign-it really shames me.

 I urge everyone to read the questions that the Anchorage Daily News proposed. I hope Gibson will ask those same questions.

September 10th, 2008 2:06 pm
Questions for Palin

This week, she'll finally emerge from her protective shell

Anchorage Daily News

There's no polite way to say it: Sarah Palin has been hiding out from hard questions. It took 10 days from when John McCain announced his pick until the McCain campaign agreed to schedule Palin an unscripted interview with a serious journalist.

ABC landed the big "get" with Palin. She'll talk to Charlie Gibson of "Good Morning America" later this week.

McCain's camp has handled their vice-presidential pick like some celebrity who will only deign to give an interview if conditions are favorable. McCain campaign manager Rick Davis told Fox News Sunday, Palin would take questions "when we think it's time and when she feels comfortable doing it."

Palin has accused Barack Obama of being a me-first celebrity candidate for president. At least he has been facing media questions for the past 18 months.

Here are some of the questions Palin should be answering, for Alaskans and the rest of the country:


I heard David Gergen, stating comments similar to your comments, basically this is unprecedented for a VP candidate to be hidden from the Media and not answer the "TOUGH" questions - this will not look good for McSame's campaign if they continue in this manner.  


I also heard O'Reilly make the same comments.

Get Ready the TRUTH will be revealed - it always comes out sooner or later & in this case SOONER.

McSame's (B), I mean pitbull - Palin will be exposed.

Gotta love it! 


This may sound cynical, but...

Last night I was watching CNN and there was a segment in which Anderson Cooper and David Gergen were discussing the interview or lack of interview with Sarah Palin.

David Gergen pointed out that Sarah Palin has agreed to do an interview with Charles Gibson... on the SAME day that her son ships out to Iraq. 

Coincidence????  Hell no.  Sickening??  Hell yes.

David Gergen went on to say that this could changed the "tone" of the questions Gibson asks Palin.  Now THERE is a surprise.  I am completely disgusted with Palin.  She is truly a piece of work. 

I find it completely cold hearted that anyone, much less the mother of a soldier, would use their child's deployment to a war zone as a tool in a political campaign.  Does this woman know no bounds???? 

Any parent of a member of our armed forces should be extremely proud.  But, I personally think Pain is using her son and his service to our country as a pawn to further promote her own twisted political agenda.  It seems to me that she is using this as a way to gain sympathy votes and to get herself "off of the hook" during the interview by shifting the focus OFF OF THE ISSUES THAT NEED TO BE, AND DESERVE TO BE, ADDRESSED.



Well, I missed the obvious.  It's smack your head obvious why they scheduled it for Friday.

Not only is it the day to break bad news, Friday is also the day after the 9/11 anniversary.  All day long on Thursday Americans will be bombarded with reminders of that fateful day.  On Friday Palin, based on her coaching, will turn the discussion to terrorism at the slightest opening.  In true GOP fasion, the answer to any question relates to terrorism.  Want to build a boondoggle fense along the Mexican boarder even though Mexicans will get through with little difficulty?  Stops terrorists from entering from a place we don't control entry.  Why is the economy is a wreck?  Terrorism.  And apparently to fight Terrorism, we need to cut the capital gains tax.


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