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By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 19 January 2008

While the headlines are screaming that Hillary won Nevada, the truth is that while she did win the popular vote, Obama won more delegates. This means he'll retain the lead in the overall delegate count. Polls show him leading heading into the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday the 26th. This could be a big week for Barack.

That may be true state to state so far, but that does not count the superdelegates that have been promised to her. I think right now she leads almost 200 to 120 - Those superdelegates a crock of you-know-what.


You are correct, Robert. Including the superdelegates, the count is currently 210 to 123. I tend to agree with your assessment of the concept of superdelegates.


Block youth vote? Nice!

Yes, Obama carried the rural areas (historically never tapped in by Democrats) and got one MORE candidate.

The Clintons spiked the NH election with subverting Obama’s ‘present’ vote record in Ill.? And in Nevada they closed doors on voters before time? NICE.

They instructed their camp captains to instigate door closure at 11:30, not noon as it should have been. I am not sure if it is true. It is the Obama camp that cries foul. But why would they give ideas to the Clintons. Besides, the clandestine approach it suggests, fits the previous pattern of modus operandi so far.

Just a reminder. It is the youth who get everywhere late. In Australia John Howard even changed the law just before the 2007 federal election, so the youth can not enter the electorate roll some time before the election. Yes, he closed doors before time. And he acted on advice from US election wizards. This is common knowledge in Australia. The Clintons clearly got the same analysis from THEIR clever advisors. (Except Howard was a right wing operator and never shrinked from the slogan “anything goes.”)

The youth support Obama. Even the Clintons know that. So they sought to exclude significant number of young voters. It would make 'sense' if in twisted way.

Could it be another little election spike? Third in the row. Makes you wander what’s the plan next for SC.

1. NH: Subverting Obama’s ‘present’ vote record in Ill, right on election eve
2. NV: Excluding young from voting
3. MI: Not removing herself from a ballot against DNC direction.

I am a Republican who actually likes McCaine. He is a lifer. But I don’t close my eyes to what goes on in early election cycle when the media picks the winner.

Wonder what the Clintons are preparing for SC. All we need is a matching pattern of misdirection and subversion. In that respect, it doesn't seem to matter who reports it.

I want the better, braver to win, with the bigger heart.
Like Ali against Foreman in Zaire.

You know, leddie, I think I underestimated Hillary. I didn't realize exactly what people meant when they said you can't stop the Clinton machine. I was thinking they were referring to the experience and connections they have from twenty years in national politics. And that's true. But on top of that, I'm beginning to see a very cunning politician who's willing to do what it takes to get the nomination.

I had thought up until the last week, that the one advantage the Dems had was that they were running like old friends. They kept everything above the belt and focussed mostly on issues. But the chummy days are over and things are getting ugly fast. I'm afraid this hurts Obama more than Clinton, because Clinton has been seen as the less likeable candidate for months, but with Obama personality is a huge part of his appeal. 

I have been voting solid republican for almost 10 years.  until this year.  I was undecided up until a week ago.  I realized that Obama was not so much for a party as he was for America.  I will not always like what he does, but I think that our country needs this right now.  our international relationships are trashed.  our economy is falling, and our leaders are picking fights, instead of picking issues.  There is a reason that democracy works.  It is meant to be balanced.  If we were to stay one direction for to long we would just go in circles.  I even felt strongly enough about this that I changed my party affiliation so that I could participate in the cacaus.  I will not stay this way, just long enough to get  the right thing done.  Anyone but Hillary is my slogon for this election year.  It has nothing to do with her being a woman.  I think that this country is finally grown up enough for this.  it is because of her stance on things.  the fact that she really doesn't care.  she just wants to cut throats all the way to the top.  and one more thing to think about: Since 1981 there has been a Bush or a Clinton in the white houes (george h. w. bush being vice first)  isn't it time for someone else?  this is not supposed to be a family run dictatorship.

Hey Brad, welcome to the club my friend. That's why we're here right? :-)

I'm a supporter and a donor, and proud of it!

We'll probably be reviled by our own party, but I've seen enough of the crap from both parties... I gotta put my vote out there for the whole Nation, be d*mned the parties.

We are SO reviled. You should see the hatemail we get. Sadly a lot of it is has racist or bigoted undertones. That makes me sad for our party, but I suppose there are those like that in the other party as well.

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