By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 06 September 2008

So word on the street is that Mrs. McCain spent three hundred THOUSAND dollars on her outfit Thursday. And just think, this is the ticket that's trying to connect with "regular people."

You know in Oklahoma you can buy six houses for $300k. Six!! Not, of course, that anyone in their right mind would buy six houses.



She needs a refund b/c her outfit was not that cute.  However what she spends her money is of none of my concern even if they are trying to connect with 'regular people'.  Just b/c Michelle wore a now famous $160 dress to the View party makes her no more one of the regular people.  Who is being more geniune? 

In all fairness the 90% of the est value of the outfit was the diamond earrings.  Do you really know if those are real?  If so, we also don't know how long she has had them - what if they were an antique or gift?  Do we know if she paid for these items and for the love of pete why does it matter. I didn't give 2 thoughts to the price of her outfit.  Isn't this more class warfare and divisive politics?

BTW - is the rental income in your area not worth buying investment property for 6 houses @$50,000?

Actually, I'm kind of with you on that count. I just didn't like the suit.


What a fun post Barbara!  Thanks. ;-)  My big question is this...was the suit turquoise or green?  Since getting my power back, it looks one color on one TV, and another on a second one. ;-)

Either way, it shows the disconnect between the McCains and regular folks, just like the comment about "the only way to get around AZ is by a small plane".  It just never occurs to them that regular people can't relate. 

Are you telling me that you own less than six houses?  C'mon Babs...that's unAmerican.  (Personally, I count my Monopoly houses in my real estate holdings, so I own a few hotels too. ;-)

Hi Suzi,

It is great to have you back and posting again. I missed you.

I think it was actually yellow. She seems to have a strong affinity towards orange outfits also.

Thanks fiscal....It's great to be back, and all in one piece.  I wish I could say the same for the house....lol

It couldn't have been yellow, could it?  Are my TVs that messed up? 

But do you own Boardwalk and Park Place??? THAT'S where the real money is! ;) LOL

This quote comes in so handy:

"I don't think John McCain doesn't care, I just think he doesn't get it!"

~ Barak Obama


With the box in a closet, I own them all!!!  lol

Yea, I love that quote too.  Pretty accurate, don't you think? 

Now let me see which 20,000 outfit I'll choose for tomorrow.............

Well her jewellery cost $280,000 of that 300,000.
Oh, now that makes it something I can relate to.  Over a quarter mil in jewelry and a 20K outfit...yea right, we can all relate to that...

Okay, so it's a $20,000 dress/shoes ensamble.... *tongue in cheek* yeah, I can relate with that.


This is kind of non sequitur but please do make time to watch last night Daily Show and Bill Maher...it's worth the time...Jed Report has them both on his site....

John did it again but this time a whole lot bettter.

Hey, her parents had to work real hard so she could afford that outfit!
Oh yea, I forgot.....lol
Yeah and Laura's was only 4,500.  Now who is REALLY out of touch with what's needed in this country?

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