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Looking to New Hampshire

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 05 January 2008

So, to exaggerate a little, Obama cleaned up in Iowa. But what's that mean for the rest of the primary season? Is this a one-time only win? How does the New Hampshire race shape up?

Well, right now, Hillary's still showing about a five point lead in New Hampshire. It's too early to tell whether the reports of her demise in Iowa will cause those numbers to decline a little. But things are looking great for Obama heading into New Hampshire. There's an article in the Washington Post that sums up just why the state suits Barack so well, noting that "in virtually every demographic category where Obama found his greatest strength in Iowa, New Hampshire's electorate has at least as many or more of those voters..." This could be shaping up to be a huge one-two punch for Obama.

Don't forget that ABC is hosting two debates tomorrow, Saturday the fifth of January. Six Republican candidates will lead off at 7 p.m. Eastern. Four Democratic candidates will follow shortly after the conclusion of the GOP debate, at approximately 8:30 Eastern.


I am starting to BELEIVE IN!

I am sure if America woke-up yet or Obama's movement will evaporate like many others we have seen before.

I for one can only speak about myself- I am Ready people to Believe In, I have been ready for long time, and time for Hope has came. Time to believe our-selves. time to heal, time to lead the world and restore; and stand-up for our value.

I agree with first input/and mostly with time to stand up for our value. If Obama can say honestly that his part of whatever in Islam learning or being raised matter of or belief, significant or not, will not affect his running of the Presidential Office? Then he needs to be president. But, when have you or I ever seen anyone that their life as a whole had no affect on their life? Not, me.....

The reason I am voting for Obama is BECAUSE he attended a Muslim school, AND also attends a protestant church, AND has worked as a civil rights lawyer, AND ...

A persons' life experience IS what makes them who they are. How can we expect the candidates to spout the idiocy that there is a wall between church and state in their own persona? The wall of separation is a structural one, like the difference between the Executive Branch and the Legislature. It does not apply to people!

 Obama's experience with his faith (both kinds) will bring the very understanding we need to help solve the Islamic cultural crisis, as well as the lack of character that has pervaded the White House! (both Clinton and Bush!)

Change for Good requires we address the whole person, not just part of them! Obama is the only candidate that I see is capable and able and willing to bring about the kind of change we need in our government at this time. And his faith is an intrinsic part of it. Not to ram it down anybody's throat, but to bring understanding and clarity of thought to our leadership.

The Time for Change is NOW, and as a Republican, I am proud to encourage other Republicans to vote for Obama.



I agree. I feel like he's the first candidate ever who represents a little bit of all of us. Thanks for posting!

I'm a NH voter, registered Republican....which means I only receive the Republican ballot at the polls tomorrow.  I've changed my mind on strategy so frequently that I'm now paralyzed trying to determine how best to use this vote for Obama...will a McCain win best erode Romney's financial clout?  Will support for Ron Paul help splinter the Republican base?  Will another Huckabee showing just keep them off-kilter enough to feed off themselves long enough to inflict mortal wounds?  Is anyone else in this dilemma???  We can only change party affiliation now after the vote.  This time it will be done.  We've remained disenchanted for the past how many elections....this time we'll make one more stop on the exit, I promise.  Thanks for any advice.

I'm not sure that you can truly help Obama unless you can re-register Dem at the polls. Sounds like that's not an option in your state. (Other Obama-leaning GOPs may wish to consider this.)

You've probably already noticed that the GOPs are in complete disarray. If New Hampshire votes McCain, as expected, it will only underscore that. 

This article may interest you. If your only purpose is to vote for the candidate that could conceivably win the nom but would have no hope of defeating Obama, I'd go with Romney. He's a really smart guy but almost robotic. Has no ability to connect with his voters. He'd have a really difficult time with any swing voters.

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