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He did it!!

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 04 January 2008

Just two months ago, a Clinton landside was a foregone conclusion. But Obama has come back to win Iowa by eight points over Clinton and Edwards, who finished in a near tie for second. There are so many great articles out there on what happened Thursday. I like this summary from HorseRaceBlog. Of note: on the GOP side, author Jay Cost predicts the future for both Romney and Thompson is bleak.

How did Obama win?

1. He is junior Senator from Illinois and very much in tune to the issues important to the people of the region. He has been particularly vocal about corn-based ethanol, which potentially offers a huge boost to the Iowa economy.

2. Not only is Obama overwhelmingly popular with the young, the young actually bothered to turn out to vote for him. Fifty-seven percent of Iowa caucus-goers reported this as their first ever caucus, and forty-one percent of those voters voted for Obama. Among the youngest voters, those under age thirty, fifty-seven percent voted for Obama, only fourteen percent for Hillary, and eleven percent for Edwards.

It was well known that Obama is the candidate of the young, but there was concern that this demographic would be the least likely to turn out for the polls. Obama may have laid those fears to rest in Iowa yesterday. This bodes well - perhaps very well - for his future on the primary trail.

It's amazing that it took this long for a presidential candidate to move past the partisanship that has crippled us.  Americans want big things.  We want progress and we believe in our abilities to change things for the better.   It was just a matter of time before somebody finally tapped in to these feelings.  I'm glad it was Obama. 

Let's do this all over again in New Hampshire. 

I agree, John.

This is a sad website.  I just found it and the title says it all.

 Anyone who looks at Obama's record can tell that he is just part of the establishment.  His votes mimic Hillary's.  The only candidate that really would change the direction of this country is Ron Paul. 

 I hope some of you look him up.  His 20 year voting record speaks for itself.  He has all the Dems beat on all the issues.

Well, gaw-lee, Highstreet, why hadn't I thought of Ron Paul before? Thanks for opening a whole new world to me. It's like a light bulb moment.

 Highstreet: I have a lot of respect for Paul because he's one of the (very) few Republicans this year who's willing to tell it like it is, and who's been consistent on his positions for years. However, I have a hard time supporting someone who wants to axe all the Ds... the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, etc etc etc.

Also, if you know anything about Obama and his policies, you can see why someone who supports Obama probably isn't shopping for a Paul.

Thanks for stopping by, though. You're welcome here anytime.



If you think a man who has accepted support from 911 conspiracy groups is worthy of your vote, then by all means do so.

I want no part of Ron Paul and his shady cast of characters. He may have some legitimate ideas, but the ends do not justify the means when you consider putting a man like that in power.

First off, I would like to congratulate Mr. Obama. Your victory last night was received to many people around the U.S. with jubilant rejoice. We are thirsty for change, honesty and accurate representation and I hope you do just as well in the upcoming caucuses.

   In my opinion, I think this slow-building snowball of Republicans turning to Mr. Obama is a sign of unification. The political parties of today have become way too polarized and uselessly political and it’s not accomplishing anything! Our schools are suffering, our economy is weakening and our stance in world politics is somewhat of a joke. I can’t blame any one person or administration, but we have GOT to do something.

Our values have been trampled, in which our demeanor has been altered to compensate, and I don’t want to stand around and wish I had done something when I had the chance. I enjoy my freedoms, I love my country and I want it back!  

   I encourage people to become a little more vocal, a little more involved, and stand up for what they believe in – regardless of the people in your way. Do it for today, do it for tomorrow – do it for our future!!!       


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