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Is This Site A Joke?

By Brandon - Posted on 03 September 2008

I just discovered this website and I'm assuming it is an Onion or Daily Show type joke.

 There is obviously no way a real Republican would vote for Obama.  One has the right to support whoever, but if one supports the policies of Obama, they are NOT a Republican.  

 Since this is not possible, I would assume this site is a parody. 

"If one supports the policies of Obama, they are NOT a Republican."


Here's my question:  what do Republicans support?  Tell us, please, enlighten us. 

The Grand Old Party that you support is the outgrowth of a defunct turn of the last century populist party.  Policies of fear, deception, and religious fanaticism have surplanted a once proud and rational party.  The party of Jefferson and Lincoln have left and the party of Reagan and Bush have come. 


Tell me...if this was 1968: would you still vote for Nixon knowing he would vote for: gradual withdrawl from a war that was losing, an education system that needed overhauling w/o vouchers to distract, the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, and being the voice of the modest, simple American?  Because if you would, then Obama wouldn't be that strange: creation of universal health care, rebalancing the budget, withdrawing from the war and wanting to strengthen public education. 

Yeah, let's endorse 4 more years of pain McCain:  furthering the deficeit into the quadrillions, tax breaks to the rich and further tax burdens on the rest of us, slash and burn of public education, drilling for oil that will NOT bring down the price or demand,  not developing alternative energies, the possibility of-once again-attempting to pass the first amendment that will LIMIT the rights of the citizenry and whatever else his confederecy of dunces can concoct. 


Have no pride in the party that supported Reagan: killer of unions, defecit hungry, atom bomb fetishing, and general purveyor of carte blanche greed.  


Yeah...I have some conservative tendencies and beliefs and Obama; a married man, educated, raised by a full time working and single mom, spritual and practical, is a perfect fit. 



Hear Hear Sir! Your words ring with the spirit of '76!

In the Words of Dickens:

"May I have Some More Please?"

I have more...but it will come another day.


They need more time to process....LOL

"Consider yourself at home. Consider yourself one of the family. I've taken to you so strong. It's clear we're going to get along. Consider yourself well in. Consider yourself part of the furniture.There isnt alot to spare! Who cares?! Whatever we got we share!"

I was actually JUST getting started.

It seems to me that the Republican Party has forgotten about people.  They proclaim 'fiscal responsibility'; but take us into defecit,  cut jobs by allowing them to be exported,  cut student loans and eligibility for them,  and thus also helping disadvantaged people to get retraining. 

Or how about cutting taxes and taxes for social programs, education or after school programs?  So we can pay more money for jails?  And missed opportunities?  'Fiscal responsibility?' 

And let's NOT have universal health care so more people could be sick, missing work, school,  and filling more hospitals.  And hey...instead of cheaper preventitive measures; give the big the drug companies a lot of money that could go elsewhere. 


Do you see how the chain can go?   Cut out funding for a lot of people and give it to a few people:   that sounds like a monarchy to me.  Didn't we leave England? 

But Obama doesn't want to cut those things.  He wants to fund all the opportunities to help people, and give them jobs and programs to help themselves.  That's 'fiscal responsibility'. 







YOu have much spirit and many important things to say. But I am afraid that they are being wasted on this old thread. Might I advise that you start your own, new discussion topic, and intorduce the entirety of the RFO site to your candor!


Time  for change, baby - deal with it.

Lifetime Republican here & voting for Obama.

I am glad to move on while I am still young; watching the Republican convention was really strange - NO diversity - all old WHITE people - no representation for me.

No Hispanics / No Blacks / No Asians / No young people

OBAMA will win! 


I don't know if your eyes are failing or maybe you're just using a (real) old black and white television. There were plenty of blacks, hispanics AND asians. One of the delegates from Houston is hispanic and was highlighted here in the Houston Comical (which you may even read, but not with THOSE eyes). I suggest you FAKE posters (or at least FAKE Republicans) rethink your 15 minutes of fame you're shooting for because silliness of saying you're a lifetime Republican and somehow your sole committment is to diversity. That's silly and stupid. People join the tent if they wish, and more importantly not everyone (I didn't make it to Minneapolis/St. Paul) so I guess you just wanted to pretend to have been a Republican. What are your values? Is it that you don't want your family with you? Because diversity would be broader if you only keep people unlike you IN. Geesh, silly and stupid. Native, maybe, so what?


A  REAL Republican (not too happy with McCain but saved with a real reason to vote for him, Sarah Palin) but would NEVER vote for Obama Bin Laden (unless his stands were to change, even if he got more blacks to show up at the convention)

I am a lifelong Republican who was considering voting for Mc Cain.  That is until he nominated Palin.  I am tired that my party has been hijacked by the evangelicals.  This is not the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or even Ronald Reagan.  Palin is a pathetic and cynical choice as the person who is a heartbeat away from the presidency.  A sesseionist, earmark seeking mayor of a tiny town, who fires anyone who disagrees with her, from the police chief and libriarian in Wassila to the Chief Lobbyist because Todd Palin did not like who he was dating to firing the Public Safety Director for not being pressured the 24 times he was told to fire Palin's ex brother in law to get an advantage in a custody hearing (check out the family court judge's ruling), the starving of baby Trig so that she would not gain weight, the absinence only classes that produce 17 year old mothers [same as in 1961 for Obama's mom- we should have more options in sex ed 46 years later], without a passport until a year ago, no foreign policy experience, no domestic policy experience as Alaska is flush with oil revenue and no ability to cogently state why she should be the vice presidential nominee.   What kind of choice is this? I believed in McCain the Maverick.  I do not believe in McCain the captured pawn of the ultra right wingers.  Palin is an insult to Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, and/or a myriad of Republican women who have served this county and not the Alaska First movement.

Thus came my decision to support Barack Obama for President.  My party  is no more.   If I have to vote them out to get results and to help them reform, I will.  When the true Republicans are able to get a word in at the table  and we get back to true Repulican values... such as Ike warning us about a military industrial complex and Richard Nixon leading us with EPA and with affirmative action to increase the diversity of our party (and btw, there were exactly 36 african american delegates at the RNC)  and Bush I forming coalitions to go to the middel esat and actually leave when our mission was accomplished. 

When the Republican party starts standing again for the middle class and innovation and real change, alternative energy and no more tax breaks for big oil that get us into useless foreign entaglements, I will again vote for our standard bearers.  

You sound like I do!  Wow!  Except you're much more articluate.  I hope you don't mind but I'm going to borrow this for my new comm at LJ called repubs4obama.

 I am sensing a rebellion on the part of Republican women that are not fundies, like you and I.  Boy are we alienated from the Repub Party, esp with the Palin nomination!


I'm still insulted that they thought we'd just mindlessly vote for the ticket because they added a woman.

Well said, NVYGAL. 

...You were so much more diplomatic than I was.  :) 

 My party  is no more.   If I have to vote them out to get results and to help them reform, I will.  When the true Republicans are able to get a word in at the table  and we get back to true Repulican values... such as Ike warning us about a military industrial complex

Thank you NVGAL for stating what many feel. We look for and work for the return of our party to it's past honored principles.

We can not reclaim our party with that cancer core that now controls it. I see no solution but to drive it our of its power base and then they will leave because the feed on power.  

NYGAL - this is Brilliant! Thank you!!!


Gee Joe, what did we do to you? You're acting like a petty school-girl who's upset that we left your little click...

Fake? Really??? Who died and made you God and Judge of all True Republicans? Just so you know, I AM a Lifelong Republican. I'm also a Veteran, a White Woman (just in case it matters to you), a Mother AND a Christian (are you SURE I'm NOT a Republican???) Maybe it's just too much for you to entertain the idea that a party member might disagree with the party line. I voted for Bush twice - voted for Reagan the first time I ever voted - and voted for Republicans all the way down the line. However, when I see the abuse of power and suffer the shame of having been somewhat responsible for it, I'm honest enough to look at myself in the mirror and know the only way to change things is to step up and DO something about it... to speak out about it... Can you imagine?

15 Minutes of Fame? ...Yeah, THAT'S a motive! ...How about a better future for my children, care and compassion for our Iraq Veterans, a student loan program that works, talking first to our fellow human beings - before presumption and bullying, balancing the budget, and taking care of our own. Obama inspires hope, not fear. He has a clear and direct plan for change.

Yes, I'm a Real Republican, and in November, I'm proudly pulling that lever for "Obama Bin Laden" as you so eloquently put it. NaNaNaBooBoo

One thing's for sure, Joe, you've reminded me that my party has been taken over by small-minded people, which is yet another reason I'm here. And we're not going anywhere... we're patient... we think for ourselves... and we're taking our party back!! And (this ought to scare you) I'm raising my daughter and my son to think for themselves, too, and to do what's best for our country - even if it means crossing the party line. I'm raising my children to be leaders, Joe, not shallow, self-righteous, pharisaical followers... and sadly, there are so many in our party...

It's really too bad we disgust you so much, because THIS is a place where we share ideas... and we don't always agree but we do grow for the better.

Now, run along before you get dirty. And make sure you tell all the people in the Tent that you REALLY told us off and handed us our proverbial @$$e$... Yep, we're lickin' our wounds and feelin' bad for being traitors…

Run along Joe before I show you my NRA card and the Marksman Medal that I earned serving my country (are you SURE I'm not a Republican because I really thought I was...)

BTW: I loved John McCain's speech and I deeply admire his story. I honestly believed he shared his soul with us tonight. I've ALWAYS liked McCain and this  "FAKE Republican" supported him in 2000... but I CANNOT vote for Palin - not in THIS world. I never was a huge fan of Biden the politician (although I do admire the man), but I feel safe with him, heaven forbid anything ever happen to Obama (which is sadly possible with all of the hateful, small-minded people in this world.) ...The thought of Palin at the wheel of our nation scares the hell out of me. It just isn't wise.

Watch it, Joe. You need to check your facts. The Atlanta Constitution-Journal reported that they checked the RNC rolls, and there were a mere 36 African-American attendees in attendance.  Is that what you mean by "plenty"?

As long as the modern-day GOP presents itself as a homogenous, fear-mongering, race-baiting party, they will continue to drive away people like me.

The "Obama Bin Laden" jab is insulting and representative of the radical intolerance that has permeated today's GOP. I couldn't imagine Abraham Lincoln uttering a statement like that about anyone.

You call yourself a REAL Republican, eh? 



I don't know if you are a very smart person or not.  I suspect not.  And rather you would like to face that fact is not my problem either.  What IS my problem that people like to comment block or shake things up.  I am NOT on McCain's website disparaging them from voting for the person they believe in.  I hope they do believe.  But who am I to question that.  If someone says they are a lifelong Republican but find Obama's policies to be something that appeals to him: great.  I myself am NOT a Republican--maybe a Jeffersonian one.  But all the same.  I have never been a member of the GOP nor do I plan on it.  The reason?  People like YOU.  Obama Bin Laden?  It's one thing to think it, chuckle at it, the coincidence's another to go on the pro-Obama website and use that terminology. 


Silly and stupid?  Yes: your 'comment' certainly has that flavor. 

Taking the official photo. Indiana: recent poll McCain 46%, Obama 42%

Obama/Biden 2008

OMG, Native Texan. I feel the same way! Watching the RNC for me was frightening. The homogenous makeup of the crowd was in no way representative of our current society.  But it sent a message to me that that's just how the GOP wants to portray itself. Save for the few Blacks, Latinos and Asians in the crowd, there was no diversity.  And the ratio of young to older Republicans was deplorable.

Based on my life experiences in working with and relating to people of many different backgrounds, I would have felt terribly uncomfortable at the RNC. You have to admit, for what it's worth, the Dems' convention was much more representative of America today.

"You have to admit, for what it's worth, the Dems' convention was much more representative of America today."

And though it is off-topic, didn't the Dems look like they were having a lot more fun?  Both in the convention hall and at the stadium, everyone looked so darned happy.  I was a bit jealous, actually.  Then I watched the Republicans and they looked scared and angry.  Not all the time of course, but that's the overall vibe I got.

You said time for a change. Change is coming and Sarah Palin is the biggest change of all.

You also said there was no diversity at the Republican Convention.  Were you watching the same convention I was?

I watched most every minute and there was LOTS of diversity.  Old people, young people, little children, black people, hispanics, students, middle aged people. People of all ages and ethnicities. Plenty of diversity in that.

Were you possibly missing something? 

Oh yah, I recall that convention.  It was the one where they kept showing the same minority faces over and over and avoiding wide angle shots.  That made sense too.  Wide angle would have shown the true lack of racial diversity and also the empty seats ... Oh yeah, but a few times they did pan out, perhaps accidentally.  And you could see the empty seats and relative lack of melanin. 

So I don't get where you're coming from.


Cheney/Random Vajayjay  2008

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, September 9 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 45% chance of winning the election.
Why are you here?
Peasant, look at the dates.  That is an old thread, and Brandon ended up being a real troll, and is no longer with us.

Ah, Brandon.

Polls are showing that Obama's getting between 7-12% of the Republican vote.  Of course, that doesn't count the thousands of Republicans who leave the party every month.  I'm sure even more of them will be voting for Barack.

It's too bad that you haven't gotten the wake up call.  I'm guessing you spend all your time listening to Hannity.


 ... Plus the closeted Obama fans that are pretending to support McCain until they get in the booth and pull the lever.

McCain/Random Vajayjay  2008

Right you are Sarg.  It's typical human behavior to "avoid conflict" so I believe there will be many "McCain supporters" who will secretly do what they feel is right in their hearts once they get in that booth, with no one watching accept their own conscience.  They'll be the ones who throw this thing way over the top! 

You called it!

What makes you think this? I mean, why would they claim to be McCain supporters and then vote for Obama? Are you saying that people like this are skewing the polls?


If a person has a view that is different they will, more often than not, avoid conflict when they're in a physical (eye-to-eye) group of "like minded" people. This is something I learned in my undergrad work on interpersonal communications.

If the topic is politics, you can set the avoidance meter at X2. Partisan politics, for the most part, puts people in one of two catagories: Republican and Democrat. Democrats embrace diversity and tolerance, so having a "moderate" or "conservative" view in that party is more tolerated, although I'm sure there's plenty of avoidance that takes place. However, in the Republican party the conservative views are most often LOUDLY vocalized by the Religious Right... and when you mix politics WITH religion - you can set the avoidance meter at X3.

You may have noticed that politics is very akin to religion when it comes to how people feel about it. Often people have very strong views and some will be very vocal, and those people tend to dominate the conversation.  When faced with a very vocal person, many people will nod their head in agreement while, on in the inside, they're heart may be telling them something else... especially when the world is in a state of trouble, like it is today. Personally, I believe that in 2004, there was a whole lotta head nodding/heart churning going on, and the election was very, very close.

THIS election those head nodders have a good alternative candidate to vote for. They're the ones who "don't want to talk politics" and may be registered republicans but will vote for the democrat. My grandfather was notorious for doing just that, anytime he felt the party was getting out of hand.  My sister does the same thing.

BTW: I'm much more vocal about my political opinons on the internet than I am in public. The internet is a safer place. However,  I'm not avoiding my choice of candidate this time when pysically speaking with anyone this time. I'm standing up and defending my position as lovingly and as respectul as I can, because I feel the time has come for as change.  If I'm judged and comdemned, then so be it.  

My head stopped nodding when Colin Powell resigned as Secretary of state. I voted for Bush twice - the last time it was with GREAT hesitation. If the Dems had given me a better candidate than John Kerry, I believe I would have pulled the lever in favor of Bush's opponent, even though I had told my fellow Republcans that I was voting for Bush. ...I honestly stood in the booth for a very long time contemplating... weighing my heart against my head. In the end Bush won out because, even though Bush was a liar - Kerry was an even worse liar... And I left the booth, not feeling proud to be American. Instead I was uneasy and unsure about America's future.

As far as the polls are concerned. I do believe that people are innately more honest on the phone when they get the call because it's safe, it's not an eye-to-eye situation and the converstion is much more clinical. ...But you can't poll everyone, and polls are not the only indication of which way people are swinging. Personally, I think the polls are low with regard to support for Barak Obama. That's my gut based on the people I've spoken with in Ohio and Michigan. There are a lot of people in "small town" America that have NOT made up their mind... but they know they're sure havin' a hard time makin' ends meet.

In the end, no matter how much either party would like to, they can't control what happens when a person steps into that booth, and we the people know it... it's our trump car if we should so choose to use it...and THAT is the beauty of a democracy.  When the lever is pulled, the people speak.




Cheney/Random Vajayjay  2008

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, September 9 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 45% chance of winning the election.

First someone with poor vision, now a nut with poor math skills. 7-12% (if that's even true) can't compete with the 50% of Dems that didn't vote for Obama that have up to 20% of them considering voting for McCain just for the energy that Palin's bringing. Polls, polls... of couse you know the only poll that counts is when we send Obama packing to Chicago (where he'll no doubt get plenty of votes from dead people, like most dems do)

What Republican values does Obama have? None, just a few nut jobs (and I thought those were just the fun my wife gave me) spewing garbage (me included!)

What Republican values does Barack Obama have?

Speech by Susan Eisenhower:

I stand before you tonight not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an American.
The Eisenhowers came to this great country in the 18th century, settling first amid the hills of Pennsylvania and later on the plains of Kansas. Like many of your ancestors, they built our nation and served it in times of national crisis and war.
I grew up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where my parents and grandparents, Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, chose to live after Ike’s retirement as supreme commander, Europe, during World War II and as President of the United States.  It was also where Abraham Lincoln gave his historic address. On the killing fields of Pickett’s charge, our country came of age and assured for all time that our nation would survive as one.
Yet, today the divisions in our country are deep and wide. Our cohesiveness as a nation is strained by multiple crises in finance and credit, energy and health care. These problems, which threaten American prosperity and well-being, are as relevant to our national security as any conflict overseas.
At the same time, we have knowingly saddled our children and grandchildren with a staggering debt. This is a moral failing, not just a financial one.
Overseas, our credibility is at an all-time low. We urgently need to restore our international leadership position and the leverage that goes with it to address urgent problems before they become crises.
We must advance a new and compelling vision for the 21st century. But rather than focus on these critical strategic issues, our national discourse has turned into a petty squabble.
Too many people in power have failed us. Belligerence has been a substitute for strength; stubbornness for leadership; and impulsive action has replaced measured and thoughtful response.
Once during the Eisenhower administration, Ike was under fire from his critics for moving too slowly in responding to political pressure. After a visit to the oval office by Robert Frost, the famous American poet sent the president a note: “the strong,” he wrote, “are saying nothing until they see.”
I believe that Barack Obama has the energy and the temperament to lead this country. He knows that we can either advance on the distant hills of hope or retreat to the garrisons of fear. As our standard bearer, he can mobilize a demoralized America and inspire all of us to show up for duty. Discipline will be required, as will compromise, flexibility and quiet strength.
Barack Obama has already articulated a powerful vision for our nation’s future and our standing in the world.
The task before our next president will be overwhelming. But no undertaking will be more critical than bringing about a sense of national unity and purpose, built on mutual respect and bi-partisanship.
Unless we squarely face our challenges, as Americans together, we risk losing the priceless heritage bestowed on us by the sweat and the sacrifice of our forbearers. If we do not pull together, we could lose the America that has been an inspiration to the world.
On December 1, 1862, in his annual message to Congress, Abraham Lincoln immortalized this thought when he said: “We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.”
Let us respond this November to President Lincoln’s challenge.
Let us restore the hope and bring the change that our nation so desperately needs.
Thank you. 

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

Obama is not going to Chicago, buddy. He is on his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!


The polls are showing McCain leading Obama now, so we'll see what happens. Go McCain Go.

Yeah, we'll see how Palin's vetting process goes after they've taken her out of hiding. Oh wait, there's no need to take her out of hiding ...   Presently there are groups of reporters and others deployed in Alaska, scouring the landscape, vetting Hockey Mom, doing the work the McCain camp failed to do.

Obama '08 

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, September 9 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 45% chance of winning the election.

Not true.


Please check your facts before you 'share' them which is just a veiled opinion.

Hi, Brandon. It's totally a joke. We've been working on it for, like, a long time now. We're really socialists but we can't tell anybody that. So we thought it'd be funny to pretend to be Republicans (snicker) supporting a candidate who's secretly socialist. And then we get all this media attention from people curious about Republicans supporting Obama...and the media inadvertently convince actual Republicans to vote for a Communist.

Brilliant, ain't it?

Uh-oh, we've been found out...hurry everyone back to the big GOP tent...and back to the best policies we've had in the nation since, uh, well Jimmy Carter.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

I wasn't going to do this, but I just have to.

 No TRUE American who cares about their future and the future of their children or family would vote Republican this time around.  I sir have been a card carrying repub since I turned 18, and I have had ALWAYS been proud to identify myself as such.  However, when I look into the eyes of my child, when I read my local paper and realize how high unemployment is, how many MAJOR stores have declared bankruptcy, how many homes have been lost, how the middle class has disappeared, how the price of healthcare is equivalent to a mortgage note, how weak our dollar is, how high the deficit is steadily building, how the American dream has quickly disappeared, how obtaining an education isn't good enough or how it's simply not affordable, how many can't afford to fuel the vehicles to get to the jobs they do have, how federally insured banks have gone under, and how several members of my family have done more than 2 tours of duty...and have never met their niece/cousin.  It is at this point that a rational individual who thinks beyond their party realizes that all that glitters ain't gold.   

So to answer your question, this is not a site of parody, but one of rational individuals who are sick and tired of the same old crap that our party has been spewing.

And as is being mentioned on another thread... the Republicans are barely mentioning the economy.  Looks like they're going to just ride out the whole social values schtick.


Then the McCain/Palin ticket will lose BIG TIME because the American people ain't as dumb as McCain/Palin look!
I hope you're right...

Hey Jmartin, you must not have gotten the memo! The GOP believes that social values will save us from the economic sins of the Bush Administration. Did you just lose your job? Say "social values", click your heels together, and voila, a new job will appear?  Getting ready to lose your home?  Call the mortgage company and say, "I have social values", and they will let you keep your house. Can't afford to fill up the gas tank? Say out loud "social values" and your tank will fill up to the brim. Don't have health insurance and need to go to the doctor's? Go up to the nurse and say "I have social values" and she will let you see the doctor.  Can't afford to pay your child's college tuition?  Go to the school financial aid office and say "I got social values", and the tuition will be paid in full.

Who needs a stable economy when we have social values?


Wow, that's GOOD girlwithemail! You should send that to the Obama campaign, really! I'd LOVE to see Joe Biden deliver THAT quote! :)

And it's so, so true! If you don't mind, I'm gonna steal it and use it while I'm talking to people, trying to get out the vote!

Agreed.  Ellen, quit your day job  :)

McCain/Random Vajayjay  2008

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, September 4 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 38% chance of winning the election.
Hey, Suthn. Did you watch the speeches? Did you notice how Romney tried really really hard to list all the reasons that the Bush administration isn't really conservative? But he totally failed to point out that McCain's platform is even less so? Interesting omission.
I have not been watching the RNC, but I have been catching snipets on MSNBC, CNN and C-Span.  It's just amazing that the first thing they say about Palin is that she's angry and that her speech may not do any good outside the RNC.

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