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Obama's wave

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 15 December 2007

Nice article from Real Clear Politics on the Obama surge.  He discusses exactly why Hillary has peaked, and why he thinks Obama will continue to gain ground.

But he also emphasizes the one real drawback for Obama as a general election candidate: Barack is an old-school liberal through and through. Right now, it's Democrats vs. Democrats, so this isn't brought to the forefront. But Obama has a more liberal voting record than Hillary. Last I looked, he had a more liberal record than any candidate but Kucinich. If it were to come to a general election, the Republican candidate would bring up the voting record again and again.

There are some of us Republicans who are willing to look past Obama's liberal-ness for one reason or another. But the truth is, in a general election, it's going to be tough for Obama to pull swing voters with a background that liberal. On the other hand, Hillary is so incredibly divisive, and the Clinton name so polarizing, that she's certain not to pull any swing voters, either. If the GOPs go with the moderate candidate, that can appeal to the middle, they may be able to pull the presidency out, even in spite of Bush's last seven years.



Yes, he certainly is liberal, but less so than Clinton and Edwards on Health Care. In fact, he's less liberal than Romney was, until Romney flip-flopped on Health Care.


Obama uses common sense. Compromise to something that is reasonable. I think he is a strong leader and I'm willing to give him a chance. This is a high risk, high reward proposition that I can afford.

He's more liberal than what the GOP is currently putting forward, but not by much.  For some reason I still think he'd do a better job at balancing the budget than half the Republicans now running.

This is my first post here, so I'll profile myself as a fiscal conservative and leaning-right on social issues. I see a man of outstanding character, he presents his intellect in modest fashion and is sincere about what he believes. What it all boils down to for me is finding a president from either side of the political spectrum who can be a guiding figure for the entire country. We need to be serious about voting for a President, and quite honestly, the entire field from both parties is an absolute joke, except this man. This even goes against my own rule of not voting for candidates from the legislative branch of politics; I see him as someone who breaks the mold. If America doesn't use its votes to finally wipe the slate clean of the political dynasties, cronyism, bureaucratic in-fighting and life-term politicians, we are destined to be a failed state, plain and simple. Its time to be a country again, and political disagreements aside, Obama is the candidate I have been looking for.

That's exactly right. America is desperately in need of a unifying figure, and Obama represents that on so many levels. Even better, he's been consistent on his stances from the first day he entered politics, so you really get the sense he believes what he says. His upset win today was a great start to the primaries.


Thanks for taking the time to post, Robert.


I started a blog, profile page there... maybe we can put together a small community of republicans there.

I started off in life as a JFK Democrat.

 Later,  I remained registered as a Democrat, but I gravitated to voting mostly Republican, including for Mitt Romney for governor.

Then I donated to the RNC and I voted twice for George Bush.  

But, I reached the point recently where I was so discouraged with the way our government is conducting business, especially the partisan bickering that makes it more of a priority to win a political point than to do the peoples' business.

I didn't think I would even be engaged in the election process this time.  I felt like it didn't matter if it were Republicans or Democrats in office.

But gradually since summer, I've been drawn into the process each time I heard Barack Obama speak.  Here was a person of courage, vision, the right experience, and a track record of bringing people together.  He has conducted his campaign differently and I believe he will conduct his administration differently.

I trust Barack and I believe he is the person we need right now. He is respectful and cares about people no matter what their political or religious or ethnic background.  He is exactly the kind of leader we need.

I will vote for him in the Massachusetts primary.  I hope the people of Iowa caucus for him and move him along to us so we can finally make a difference in our nation.

 I have contributed financially to his campaign because I know it is a struggle not taking lobbyist or special interest money. (I will not contribute to the DNC!).

Thank for posting, Laurie. I'd be interested in why, as a Massachusetts resident, you're not supporting Romney in the election. I've heard mixed reviews regarding his performance there.

I've donated to Obama, too. It's the first time I've ever donated to a political candidate.

THANKS are not in order as we are all doing this for each other but THANKS REPUBLICANS. THANKS FOR BEING PRAGMATIC and I hope I can RETURN the gesture someday soon.

Thanks for posting, Charles. Stop by anytime.

In a misguided quest for change I wonder if the good intentioned but ignorant people of Iowa even know the ramifications of there nomination of a secular progress like Obama. He will promote programs that turn our country into a social welfare state, further erode the Justice system and police authority.  He will hurt the effectiveness of the FBI and CIA through a misguided belief in personal and privacy rights.  Educational standards will drop so underachievers can meet them.  He will be sympathetic to United Nations policy over that of the U.S.  He will weaken our military and will benefit Muslim radicalism.  Free Healthcare that the hardworking taxpayers will pay for to benefit the non productive people of society.  Taxes will rise; the stock market and employment opportunities will not.

Obama is Secular? He may be a liberal but he sure wears his faith on his sleeve. You think a man with two darling young daughters wants to push through underachievers through the educational system? Do you think a black man wants to use the Presidency to create another generation of downtrodden and dispirited minorities in this country? Do you think a man who started his family in the middle class will forget what its like to pay the bills? Mr. Obama is not going to leave a legacy of being a man running for a resume enhancement - he's going to make a difference for the entire Nation. You're entitled to your opinion, but you sure seem to be trying to stirring up some hate here and that is not welcome. Go back to Hillary's website and preach to her choir instead, they need the pick-me-up right now.

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