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Final Debate

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 14 December 2007

Today was the final debate for the Democratic primary candidates. The event was hosted by the Des Moines Register and video of the debate is available on their website.

The debate was not terribly exciting. None of the candidates at this point wants to cause too much of a stir. But it's clear that Hillary is not comfortable in her new role as a contender. She was much more confident in her answers when she was the frontrunner and operating under the assumption that the nomination was hers.

Whereas Obama and Edwards have faced tough questions all year, and have remained calm and coherent with their responses, Hillary seems uncomfortable under pressure. If she's this uncomfortable among members of her own party, I have a hard time believing she'll hold her own when facing a GOP nominee in the general election. Her numbers are falling fast and it'll be interesting to see if she finds a way to slow the decline.

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