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Changing of the Guard

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 05 December 2007

Big news this week in Iowa. After weeks and weeks of double digit leads on both the red and blue ticket, there's been a change at the top.

Obama has edged Hillary for the lead, though statistically it's a tie, and Edwards is not far behind. It looks like Obama's numbers are improving in New Hampshire, as well.

And - with a huge surge over the last two months - Huckabee has taken the GOP lead by a slim margin.

Buckle up, looks like these next six weeks could be a bumpy ride.




"No matter how religious [Americans] may or may not be, people are tired of seeing faith used as a tool to attack and belittle and divide...Because in the end, that’s not how they think about faith in their own lives."
~Senator Barack

For some reason I think that Huckabee's rise will help McCain in the long run.  Huckabee can't get the nomination, but the fact that he's doing well reflects the fact that people may not be as happy with Romney and Rudy as previously thought.  I think in the end Republicans may turn to their old standby.

McCain is a great man, but the first primary is a few weeks away and he's no longer even considered a serious contender. He appeals to so many Republicans but for some reason he just can't run a campaign. He started out with the lead and now polls 4th nationally and 5th in some of the key states. I wish it weren't true, but he's just not viable anymore.

I see Huckabee and Romney splitting the evangelical conservative states, and Giuliani picking up the more populated NE and West Coast states and in doing so winning the nomination.

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