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Bush administration... what to do... what to do...

By WolfAtTheDoor - Posted on 05 December 2007

I'm very interested in people's opinions on what the next administration, Republican or Democrat should do with the Bush administration in regards to the Iraq war.

On one hand, you can't prosecute former presidents with the risk of making future presidents apprehensive about going to war when it's necessary.

On the other hand, you can't go to war on the basis of "mobile biological weapon labs" that don't exist.

This is a great question, Wolf.

What do we do about a President who, by nearly every account, appears to have deliberately extended the powers of his own administration while abridging the rights of the average citizen?

In addition, with regard to enhanced interrogation, he empowered/ordered our men and women in uniform to act in such a way that violates international law. 

Should Bush be held accountable for these acts? Cheney? Rummy? If so, how?

We don't want to limit the options of future commanders in chief. We also don't want to give the impression that future Presidents can do whatever the hell they want without ever having to answer for their decisions.

We also don't want to risk further polarizing a red/blue America with years of Congressional hearings and such.

I honestly don't have any answers, but it'll be interesting, in the long-term, to see how this plays out.


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