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Living in Arizona Under McCain

By ottosgirl - Posted on 12 August 2008

Well, here I go.  My first time ever doing this.  Bear in mind I'm a 70 year old lady from good old Republican Kansas.  But, after living in Arizona for 15 years with John McCain as Senator, that was more than enough evidence for me that he is not who I want for president.  I only wish that more people could be made aware of John McCain's total disinterest in what the average citizen wants or requires.  I saw Arizona go from a wonderful retirement environment to one which isn't safe or secure for the average citizen.  It was a hard thing to realize that I could no longer go to the grocery store or shopping mall safely after dark.  The open borders that McCain supports changed the wonderful experience of living within the Sonoran Desert to that of an armed camp.  As president, would he show the same disregard for the country's borders as he does for Arizona's border with Mexico.  I certainly wasn't alone in my opinion of John McCain since several recall petitions were launched against him during those years.  These are issues which only scratch the surface of my opposition to John McCain.  This is one ex-Republican who definitely supports Obama. 

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