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Don't Count on Bill

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 03 August 2008

I don't think Bill Clinton will be much of a help in Barack's campaign.  Of course, "next year, he will be freer to tell the truth about the primaries".
Bill can't even pretend to be happy. He is still pretty bitter and apparently plans to bash Obama after the election-how professional of him! Hey, at least this type of non-endorsement ensures that Obama won't pick Hillary as VP. I'm sure Bill is hoping for an Obama defeat so his wife can finally get "her turn."

Washington Post
August 3rd 

"Still, there is a new world order for Clinton, even half a planet away. His trip has drawn large crowds in the places he has gone but has been little more than a blip on the global radar screen, low-key compared with what a Clinton international visit once was and almost invisible compared with the journey Obama made just a week earlier. Even in Africa, the continent to which Clinton has devoted so much energy, the enthrallment with Obama, the son of an African father, is evident: Before dawn Saturday at the Kigali airport, where Clinton was to arrive to take a helicopter ride out into the country, workers gathered around a television to watch a story about Obama, who was thousands of miles away. At a hotel later, local workers asked reporters if they knew Obama. An African guest wore an "Obama '08" T-shirt." - Link

Yes, We Can

To me Bills not supporting Obama is better than if he was out there ravingly supporting him. Last thing Obama needs is the endorsement of another lying, cheating, scandalized corrupt D.C. parasite that portrays all the things that I would like to see changed.

Clinton was not one of my favorite people.

Bill will be working to support the McCain-Clinton ticket.


That's an oxymoron.

Yes, We Can

jaba is half that....the moron half ;-)

And if you'd be happy with that, it sure tells us alot about your values. Oh, I forgot-the Rove strategy-win at all costs-whether it's good for the nation or not!

I think a McCain-Hillary ticket would be great for this country.

 It would bring in the best for all sides.

 Of course, Hillary would have to show her more conservative side, which she has.

Obama could be included as well, playing a key role in the McCain administration.


That's another oxymoron.

Yes, We Can

See above. ;-)

Yes, We Can

Lesley M.

I would prefer for Bill Clinton to stay very far removed from Barack's campaign.  Look how much "good" Bill did for Hillary during the primary season... the man has no idea when or HOW to keep his big mouth shut.  These days, Bill seems to have a very short fuse and the last thing Barack needs is for Bill to shoot off at the mouth and cause more chaos and controversy for OUR candidate!!  Maybe Bill will just pout from a distance. 

 Barack truly does not need to have his image  tarnished by being all "buddy-buddy" with Bill Clinton... Barack is all about getting away from "old style Washington politics." We all know that Bill Clinton is one of the leaders of the politics of old.  And given Bill's questionable history, I personally think Bill Clinton is one of the main figures that Barack should steer clear of.

 In other words, I think that Bill Clinton coming out powerfully, forcefully, and actively in support of Barack would do our man more harm than good.   Hopefully, Bill has given his token "lip service support" to Barack and that will be about it... I hope. 

 I am SO voting for Obama!!!!!!!!!

You make some very good points, Lesley.  I had been thinking that Bill could do some good in the rural areas where he is so well liked, and Barack needs some help.  But, as you said, he could well do more harm than good. 

I imagine his "truth" will come out next year all another book.  Maybe he can use the profits to pay down Hillary's campaign debt.  ;-)

my comment didnt save- to try again.

support bill on his charitable work adn when he gets good press it will go away.

 this Is probelm we must overcome 

gop choses a winner and all fro one one for all

dems tend to wHiNe  and lose TOO MANY TIMES.


What'd you just say? 


McCain Deathwatch, July 10 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 25% chance of winning the election.

Bill can be both a pro and con for any person.  I think both of them are still in shock about the loss.  Anyway, it is good to be here (just joined).  Now let's get this great person elected. I donate every chance I get and do calling and GOTV.

 "I think both of them are still in shock about the loss." 

I laughed at this.  Only the two biggest egomaniacs on the planet wouldn't have been able to comprehend a likely Obama win after that horrible string of losses they endured in February.  


McCain Deathwatch, July 10 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 25% chance of winning the election.

Great job helping out the campaign, Valorie. Welcome!

Poor Bill still doesn't get it, but I bet he'll say how he truly feels about BHO after this over with.


Now Geraldine Feraro is at it again trying to bully Obama into selecting Hillary as VP. Even if you love Hillary, isn't it obvious that Bill has made it all but impossible for Obama to even consider her? At least he could fake it (I always thought he was a pretty good actor with his "I feel your pain" while biting his lower lip dramatics!) I know that Obama would have been crushed if he lost the primary to Hillary but you better believe he'd be working like crazy to help elect her and support the Democratic Party. I have not heard that Hillary is "doing whatever it takes" to elect Obama as she has pledged. Although, I must agree with many of you: the less Clinton influence/attention, the better!

Wow-Bill refused to say that Obama is ready to be president and Hillary is openly complaining that she did her part to fundraise for Obama but he did not work hard enough to retire her debt. She will "go through the motions" and campaign for him (solo) soon but with that level of respect/enthusiasm, I think Obama is better off without the Clinton's. Realistically, I guess Obama better find a way to get more of the Clinton faithful on his side-but it must be hard for him to do when he faces these public attitudes from them (they aren't even shy about it!) I really think that the bottom line is that Obama wants a new kind of politics and knows the Clinton's are so very old school.


I was stunned when I saw the video of Bill answering the questions in hypotheticals.  I shouldn't have been, but I was, and then I was angry. 

I think the real bottom line can be summed up in two very simple words....SORE LOSERS!

Why am I getting nervous here about Hillary as she decides whether her name should be submitted or not for the convention? I think the reality is hitting her that she will not be the nominee and she is probably bitter thinking about the debt she still owes.


Sorry for Izzy's multiple posts "Hillary-mania." It's way after that heated primary season and I still tense up about this stuff! I need to try Yoga, I think!

This is making me crazy!  Just a few days ago, I read that Hillary would not request to have her name put into nomination.  Now this uncertainty.  What gives?

I think the Clintons are subtly undermining the Obama campaign, and are positioning Hillary for a run in 2012 should Obama (happen to) lose the election.  Keeping the Democratic party divided is a good way to ensure a loss.  No wonder Barack doesn't want them to be a part of his adminstration.  Personally, I'm very proud of him for not kissing up to them and losing his integrity in the process.  But it still scares me.

Yoga, yea yoga.  Maybe we should try that....

I think if we go back to our posts a few months ago, many of us predicted this nonsense. It's no secret anymore. Hillary wants him to lose so she can run in 2012. What she does not realize is that if her tactics lead to a loss for him, fingers will be pointing in her direction and she may not have the following she thinks she will. Sorry, Clinton's, you can only spin so much. What's the latest on her upcoming trial involvement? I think Obama is handling them well and Chuck Dodd even said this morning that Obama is probably coming out looking pretty good in all this.

There is a video circulating on MSNBC, and Clinton is telling her supporters that it's a good idea for them to have their voices heard at the DNC.  WTF?  She is suggesting to them that she isn't "opposed" to them nominating her. 

I have NEVER had much respect for them ANYWAY, but this just seals the deal for me.  Instead of trying to help Obama she is continously destroying his chances.  I am so sick of this entitlement complex of theirs.

I was afraid the Clintons might not after all be so active in ensuring Obama's victory in November, now my fears are confirmed. Of course, neither one of them have been doing much to help Obama out anyway, instead pressuring him into 1) choosing Hillary as his running mate and 2) paying off her $20 million campaign deficit.

Yes, when was the last time Hillary appeared out on the campaign trail on Obama's behalf, that joint appearance in Unity perhaps? If I remember correctly Bill Clinton has yet to publically stump for him. If they're serious about this whole party unity thing, they should give it a try.

Hillary is the reason that some men WON'T  marry.  She has a sense of ENTITLEMENT.  What if every losing candidate acted like her.  She has the GLEN CLOSE dillusional  syndrome.
I'm really worried about the DNC! If there are protests outside from Hillary supporters that will be all the media will cover, there will be the appearance of a divided party and that's ALL the media will talk about until it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and Obama loses SH*T!!! It feels like 1968 all over again: war, shaky economy, world falling apart, America's image at stake, unpopular party in the White House, Democrats have a divided convention and...REPUBLICAN WINS!!! SH*T! SH*T! SH*T! Sorry for the profanity everyone but I have a REALLY BAD feeling about Obama's chances. Stupid Clintons!

A short documentary on the protest of Republican National Convention in New York City 2004.

Yes, We Can

That video was like a Sunday picnic compared to the 1968 Dem convention.  But the peacefulness of it makes a strong statement, along with the flag draped coffins. 

When I start to worry about whether this Dem convention will resemble the one in 68, I stop and remember what turbulent times the 60's were (literally remember...sigh).  Three horrible assasinations, civil unrest, the Cold War, Viet Nam, the anti-war movement, the Civil Rights movement.  After the assasination of Bobby Kennedy during the primaries, the political scene was turned upside down again, and people were rightfully angry.  Sure, they could have expressed their anger in a much more constructive way.  But the very idea of Hubert Humphrey filling the shoes of RFK was insulting to many, myself included. (Remember that Humphrey was Johnson's VP, and many connected him to "Johnson's War".)

Although today's need for political change is very strong, I don't think the climate is as violent nor is there the civil unrest that existed then.

I agree that the Clinton's could cause many problems that would attract a lot of media attention...inside the convention hall and outside.  But I really don't believe we could see anything like some of us saw in 1968.

But I really don't believe we could see anything like some of us saw in 1968. -- Suzi

That brought back memories. 

1968 Democratic National Convention - Watch

Ran Rather being punched in the stomach during the Democratic National Convention on August 27,1968. 

Yes, We Can

I knew you would relate to what I was remembering.  

I was so disillousioned after RFK was killed, I ended up voting for Nixon.  It was my first election.  How about you? 

I stayed up after mid-night to catch RFK's speech in Los Angeles, and saw him being shot. After JFK, MLK and then RFK, we all became disillusioned.

I voted for Nixon, my first,  because he talked about ending the Vietnam War. My brother was in Vietnam at that time. But, he came home a year before the airlift in Saigon.

"Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital, quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change." - Robert Kennedy

Yes, We Can

Some 50,000 demonstrators (March on the RNC to Stop the War) will gather at the Republican National Convention 2008. Watch This

Yes, We Can

I don't feel "really bad" at the moment.  Maybe I should.

It was obvious that Obama would have vultures circling around him on all sides.  As soon as I found out Clinton/s was running against him, it was clear things would get messy on the Dem side.  And the GOP machine has been licking its chops since the Clinton/s went Rove on him.  But ...

There are still the debates.  The debates are a perfect opportunity for McCain to display all of his core negativity ... you know, all that negativity he's childishly using in his ads (plus his mental confusion).  I think we will see a shift in the polls at that point, to further help Obama  ... w or w/out all the negative hype from McCain or the Clintons. 

McCain Deathwatch, July 10 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 25% chance of winning the election.

Ah, NoMcSame...a man after my own heart. Yes, I'm always heartened to see that there are other souls like myself...those whose team can be up ten runs in the bottom of the ninth and who are still worried about a loss. Those who can see the cloud in every silver lining. And those who support Obama but are nervous even with him up by a projected 100 electoral votes.

Yep, you and me are of the same breed, and I've gotta admit the similarities with 1968 have had me nervous. But when I calm down and look at the situation, I don't think it'll be a problem. The party has made it clear to Hillary what her role is, and if she or Bill want any political future or legacy, they have to play along.

Now, things could still be tough for Obama...I think his voting record in Illinois is really going to cause some trouble for him...but I don't think the Dem Convention will be much of an issue.

Bill will be busy helping McCain.  The Clintons are sure to turn Republican and take their disenfranchised votes with them.
Well hello jaba.  Funny, but I was just referring to you on another thread.  Not by name of course.......

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