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All New Members...

By Golf11 - Posted on 04 June 2008

Introduce yourselves here. We're seeing lots of new names and we'd love to know where you're from and any other details, like how your stumbled upon our little corner of the world.
Welcome to RFO Kathie.  You are among like minded people.  I look forward to hearing more from you as we go forward.

This is a very interesting site. I am a centralist conservative democrat. I was browsing this site and I have to say I was impressed with a lot of the post. Even the ones I didn't necessarily agree with had sound logic. I am not a big blog guy but wanted to get into it more and this site impressed me the most in regards to political issues. I am originally from a very liberal state (Connecticut) although now I live in a very conservative state (Georgia). I am a huge Obama supporter. He is very inspiring because of his inclusiveness. I don't believe in being closed minded. I believe in being humble enough to be educated and even changing your views if there is enough evidence that leads me to do so. This has attracted me to Obama. We all have to find ways to communicate through mutual respect and it seems to me that the old way of doing things is simply too closed minded for my taste. It prevents any real progress. It's okay to be passionate but you won't find me here attacking people personally because they don't agree with my beliefs.

Welcome aboard, Keepthechange!!! It is an interesting site, I started reading the posts back in Sept and I just had to join in. Being a Democrat myself, but not way far left, I had to join in on the conversation. I have always felt we need to find common ground and this is the perfect place to do it.
Hi, I've been here awhile. I am a recovering alchoholic who spent 32 years in prison.  I am a die hard republican. Uhh...I broke out of prison from tying up the gaurd and stealing his uniform...Just joking, I 've actually never posted on this thread and just now decided to.  Welcome KeepTheChange, enjoy the site. I am the smartest person here so if you need any help please refer to me. As you can tell I am a very serious person who is strictly business!!

I googled Christians for Obama and found your site. The Christian forums I belong to are so hateful toward him and it saddens me.

I voted for George Bush and even voted for him for governor (remember, no flaming) but I don't think he's done a good job. I think we did need change.

 I was interested in the thread on Ross Perot because my husband worked for EDS and retired from there about 10 years ago. I would sometimes meet my husband in the cafeteria with our kids when he had worked long hours and the kids hadn't seen him. Ross (yes, he was called Ross, not Mr. Perot) would come in, sit down at a table and ask how things were going and what they were working on. The company started downhill after he left.

Hello FW Grandma, and welcome to RFO.  You won't be flamed by any of the regulars here, as most of us voted for Bush also....many of us twice. (myself included) 

Also, the majority of us are Christians, although we are do not expect everyone to believe as we do, and those that have different belief systems are more than welcome. 

As Christians, some of us have different positions from Obama, but feel that the positives far outweigh the negatives, and that Obama's positions are fair for all Americans.  We look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.

Very interesting story about Ross Perot.  I met him once, briefly, but have never actually had a discussion with him. 

I'm Steven and I must say that this site is interesting.

Vote Palin/McCain!!

Am I late?

(by the way even jokingly saying that sent a chill down my spine)

Hello, I live in California, and I support Obama because of three words : Bush and McSame.


I'm Mel. An independent voter with an admittedly Democratic lean. Economically, I do have a lot in common with Republicans, but it's all those social details that California is known for that're the real dealbreakers.

 I'm a longtime lurker. Been reading the threads around here for maybe five months without registering, but I've found this place nothing but amusing, inspiring, and informative. I do believe I was linked to something at an extremely right wing forum that eventually mentioned this forum and I was intrigued.

Anyhow, I figured I'd finally stop lurking and chime in on a few things! I look forward to communicating with you all.

Welcome Mel! You've found the right place to chat. I'm sure you will fit in well here! Kelly (aka Izzy)
Is this website a parody?  You have got to be kidding me.  You aren't Republicans.

"Is this website a parody?  You have got to be kidding me.  You aren't Republicans."

Well you disagree with me so YOU'RE not a real republican! Pfft, we've heard it thousands of times. Why can't you wingnuts be more creative? 

I was looking for a new bumper sticker for my soon-to-be new car. I don't think I'll be able to successfully remove my old one and then apply it to my new car and expect it to stick.

But it's a rather specific bumper sticker: Republicans For Obama.


So I did a google search and one of the sites that came up was this one! Though I still don't see where I can buy a Republicans for Obama bumper sticker here. . . .

There's a link for RFO stuff on the front page... 

They also used to have some on the Barack Obama website but I guess that the store there is closed now.

You can also Google Search for "Republicans for Obama bumper sticker". 

"For those who plan with audacity and execute with vigor,
progress is the magnificent by product." 

Ahh. So maybe I DID find it. I do recall that page.


The one I have now was from the Barack Obama site from waaaay back in August. I bought 10 of them, for myself and a few friends, and then had to get about 10 more because people kept defacing or ripping them off. 


I live in a Red State. And most of my Republican for Obama friends must travel in the shadows. If we value our belongings.


People pretty much leave it alone now. The last "editorial comment" I received on it was just the other week, though.


The guy in the pickup truck behind me kept flipping me the bird; pointing at my sticker; flipping me the bird; mouthing foul words, pointing at my sticker; flipping me the bird.


Wow. Calm down, dude, the election is over. He's our President now. Fix what's broke in our party, don't rail at those of us who were smart enough to figure it out.


Fix it, and we'll come back. Maybe.



Helo TheCharp, I'm glad you found us.  If you will look to the right of our website, under "Contribute"  (which means contribute content, not you will find a link for "Buy a Bumper Sticker (or other RFO stuff)".  Click on that and it will take you to the site that sells our mdse.

I hope you will come back often and chime in on our conversations.  We are still going strong.

I have been a Republican since Ike and Mamie. But in the last 8 years I have watched my party be taken over and ruled by "The Good Old Boys" that have gotten carried away with their power. Obama is one of the "People" and a mighty intelligent one at that. I believe he truely wants to do what is best for the American People. I may not agree with the everything that happens due to the Democratic Congress, but I believe Obama will do his best to bring them more to the center. At this time there is not a Republican Candidate worth voting for. I have had my eye on Megan McCain though and wonder what her plans are for the future. This country needs a change and that is what Obama represents for me. :-)

Yeah, needless to say you'll fit in perfectly here. ( :

I hope you like it as much as most of us do. Great civil place that has a couple democrats, independents, a couple conservatives,  and a bunch of moderates from both parties. I say this a lot now(and you seem to fit this too) a lot of us are also just stuck smack dab in the middle between both parties now...

Yes, welcome Bonnie...we've got a good group of people here and none of us are ever at a loss for words or opinions. So throw yourself in the mix,  have fun and enjoy the site.

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

Hi again, Bonnie, and welcome.  I remember Ike and Mamie, and my parents had "I Like Ike" buttons, which I thought were the coolest things.  lol

You sound like a perfect fit for RFO.  I look forward to hearning lots more from you!

Thanks for the welcome. :-)

Obviously there are no real Republicans here.  Checked in here before the election, but I'm surprised to see the website still up after 5 months of Obama style socialism. 

* A stimilus that was nothing but a big government power grab. 

* A budget that will have us in debt for generations well beyond any of us.  

* An administration violating the law to aid the UAW (Chrysler bankruptcy).

* General Motors, a.k.a. Governemnt Motors

* Financial institutions that are threatened by the adninistration if they try and repay TARP money. Yeah, it's true.  Do a search on Tom Lauria, attorney.

Need I go on.  There is NOT 1 REAL Republican that still believes in this president, if there ever was one.  Maybe a RINO or two.

To paraphrase the Rev. Wright, "the Marxist chickens have come home to roost"...

Oh, and now we get ObamaCare.  Even Rahm Emmanuel admits it is government run healthcare.  The CBO (Congressional Budget Office for you Kool Ade drinkers) even says the numbers don't add up.  

Remember...2010 is coming. There is time to repent!

LOL It never gets old.

Another right wing zealot who equates talking points with being a "real"  Republican.  Thanks for stopping by...I think you will find Free Republic to be more to your liking.  It is filled with "your kind" of Republicans, instead of those who think for themselves.

Have a nice day!  Suzi

I'm from San Jose California.  I'm a democrat very concerned about the health of our political system.  Although democrats are predominant in Northern California alot of us are fiscally conservative and willing to support republican candidates and ideas, but maintain our liberal tendencies socially. I wanted to voice my support for this site and be a part of this dialogue to share my perspectives with those of you that speak in republican circles.  I think it is dangerous for your party to be taken over by the far right and manipulated by those in the media such as Limbaugh and Beck. I'm hoping to dispel alot of the misinformation and subtle race-baiting being waged since Obama has been elected. Also, I am encouraging those of you that are republican to rebuild your party from within whether you support the President or not.  Letting it swing to the far right is going to create polarization this country has not seen.

Hi Webbsight, and welcome to RFO. I'm a Republican, and agree with what you say.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your being a part of the dialogue here.  Jump right in on any thread. You'll find a lot of good people here.


are you people out of your freaking minds?

being a republican for obama is like being a czar for Lenin,

like being a cambodian for Pol Pot

there is a category for you, it is called  being a progressive and no, it's not the insurance company that runs the "demeaning to all who enter here" ads.

republicans are trying to regroup and retake the party from nitwits the likes of you folks, as you dont have the decency or the spine to admit what you are - STATISTS

Hello all,

I am a registered Democrat, but I recall fondly the time when I considered myself a republican back in college. Those were the days of Bush (The first one, whom I voted for). The GOP was far more moderate and level-headed back then, and they seemed to have some genuinely good ideas on how to improve the country.. but I fell off the GOP wagon when it made a hard turn to the right.

Judging from the comments here, it seems that many of you are of the same sort.. moderate, common-sense types. I sincerely hope that one day, you rise up and retake your GOP and restore the "big tent" that drew many independent and moderate democrats to Reagan. 

I am truly frightened by the direction of the GOP today.  I'm even more frightened by the likes of Palin and Beck, Lindbaugh and Dobson who do little but piss in the intellectual pool and poison the debate. Nothing good comes from such proud and flagrant displays of head-slapping ignorance.

I'm no liberal either.. and there's a reason why the liberal left is annoyed at Obama.. he's not a liberal either. The President is far more pragmatic than anyone gives him credit for. He's taking the problems of the country seriously at a time when the GOP doesn't even want to join the conversation. He's not perfect.. he's made some mistakes, but many of the decisions he's made have been forced on him.

President Obama took command of a sinking ship and over the past two years has only been able to get it to port. I supported him in 2008 and I support him today. I hope the GOP chooses to join the conversation someday.

Welcome ajkrishock. Hope you hang out with us. You will fit in well and I agree with everything you've said : )
Welcome to RFO aj!  I hope we get to share more of your thoughts on the current threads.  Most of us here have admired Obama's pragmatism.  IMO, he's the best thing to happen to the US in a long time. 

I thought I was the only Republican for Obama until I found this site. I'm 60 years old currently living in Montana and have been a Republican my entire life. I voted for McCain but thank God every day that Palin did not end up being our VP.  Obama is probably the smartest President since Thomas Jefferson- at least the best orator. Compared to the lame candidates the Republicans have fielded since the last election, he is probably a lock for re-election. Huntsman is the only candidate that might be a reasonable alterantive since he is more moderate and more of a center candidate. I lived in Utah when he was elected Governor and I thought despite his Morman background, he didn't let the church dictate his politics the way Romney does. He is a smart guy who is the only Republican to denounce the debt ceiling brinksmanship of the Tea arty Republicans. The polarity of politics and the stupid rhetoric spouted by Tea Party wingnuts have turned me against my party.  As long as idiots rule the party I will be Independent from now on. I just can't switch to be a Democrat because of the far left leanings of the majority of the party.

I respect Obama and agree with his central politics. I agree with his push to ask rich people to pay more taxes and big oil corporations to pay more taxes on their record profits. This country is rapidly losing the middle class while the big corproations gobble up the competiton through mergers and cut more jobs. I was also glad to see a health care plan for all Americans after finding out that I could not even purchase insurance after leaving a 25 year job to try to start my own business.  I know he is trying to do the right thing against the obstacle of predujiced right wing fanatics that refuse to compromise and seek only to see him ousted. I liked Bush, but the deregulation of the financial world which caused the banking collapse,  the 2 expensive wars, the bank bail outs and the fact that the tax breaks for the rich have not helped create jobs for the last 10 years, is not a legacy that can be blamed on Obama. It was time for a change.

Huntsman is not radical enough to get the supposrt of the Tea Party idiots so I will support Obama in 2012 and probably vote for most of the Democrats running for congress just to teach the Republican party radicals that they are ruining our party and do not have a manadate for America. They took us to the brink of default and caused a financial meltdown across the entire world free market system. That is enough for me to look elsewhere.

Hi kuala. Glad you found us.

It's interesting to hear your perspective on Huntsman and Romney. I never really thought about which one was the "more Morman." I honestly thought of both as being almost completely secular, especially since Romney was governor of Massachusetts.

Hi Kaula...Welcome to RFO. 

So many sane Republicans fear what the Tea Party and right wing are doing out party.  I'm afraid the GOP will have to implode before it can rebuild.  Right now, it is a poor shadow of it's former self.

I'm glad you found us, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions as we all work together to re-elect President Obama!!

Well, first I thought that this was possibility a snark or satire website?  But I can see that it's possible to defect.  I voted for Reagan, and Bush.  I'm a good Christian who studied the Bible for 8 years Book by Book and Chapter by Chapter.  Jesus said, "A camel can go through the eye of a needle faster than a rich man can get into heaven."  Jesus also didn't say a word about condemnation of gay people in his Gospels.  Not a word.  Which I really thought was interesting.  This really turned me around to vote for Obama the first time.  The GOP is too tied up in burying Obama.  Too many lies are being told, and it scares me to death.  This is not the way to go.    I am pro life and I do take a more a antiabortion opinion.  But the bill was to protect the Dr. for women were aborting themselves.  It's very important.  Also, I cannot support the NRA and their lies,  They now want all the kids on college campuses to have guns.  The Republican party is no longer people that care, nor can reason with.  They don't have a clue how to govern.  But if this is truly a website that feels this way, I would like you to join me in dismantling Romney.  He is not who he says he is.  He also lies to us and about the President.  Excuse me...his record as governor does not show us that he can balance the budget, and pay down the deficit without raising taxes,   He right now is spreading plenty of crap to the kids to get their votes,  We cannot let this happen.  Obama has more compassion.  The rich paid a lot more in taxes long time ago and we were very prosperous.  Captialism can still prevail, but sometimes we have to give a little too, to make our country grow.  We cannot starve it.  That is why I am now a Republican for Obama. 

Welcome, AnnT!

You will certainly find a diversity of views  here. Some people are more conservative on a given issue and some are more liberal. There ARE a lot of Democrats and Independents here, so be aware. Consider them fellow travelers, I guess.

Don't be afraid to go against the group on any given subject though. You may have to face some difficult arguments, but you shouldn't have to worry about incivility or personal insults or whatever.

Hi Ann. Welcome aboard. We are for real and we are run by Republicans. I actually think I'm more conservative than a lot of the Republican candidates currently in the field, but can't support any of them, for various reasons. 

I agree with what you say about Romney, but actually think that works in our favor. The guy is a moderate, through and through.

So nice to see you here, AnnT

I changed to Democrat three years ago after being a Republican for over 40 years. I consider myself a middle of the roader, and a supporter of Pres. Obama.

There is a reason the GOP lie often -- they cannot win an honest debate on the issues.

Lets see. Obama has cut taxes — income taxes, payroll taxes, taxes for small businesses. Private sector economic forecasters say the stimulus increased GDP growth and kept the unemployment rate from rising higher. We could even range into the subjective, and argue that from the left side of the political aisle, Obama has been anything but hostile to business and hasn’t done nearly enough to regulate the financial sector. And we could note, just for fun, that Obama’s “grandiose” social program is modeled explicitly after the healthcare reform enacted by none other than Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

But nothing is more ridiculous than the notion that Obama is a “binge” spender. Paul Krugman rightfully calls this scurrilous accusation a “zombie lie".

Read more here.

<<There is a reason the GOP lie often -- they cannot win an honest debate on the issues.>>

Amen to that! They are desperate because deep down, those who are in the power position to spread and propgate those lies to a demographic they have scared silly with other lies know better. They are desperate because they know Obama is a good man (NOT the anti-Christ), an intelligent person who is working against the current to improve the plight of the shrinking middle class, so important to the success of any free and prosperous nation.

Given half a chance, I think Obama has the potential to be a great president. For some people  (and I hate to put a label on it)....the thought of Obama, a Democrat (having nowhere near a far left view, contrary to all their disengenuous claims)...and a black man (dare I even mention  this)....CAN'T succeed even if America has to go down in flames to prevent that.


I consider Obama more dangerous to the economy than a WMD, however, finding a Republican is proving just as troubling.  In an attempt to sort fact from propaganda, I stumbled on this site in a search for a list of Obama bills actually blocked (not just opposed) by Republicans.

The unwavering implication from the Democrats and the MSM is that had the Republicans not "blocked" Obama, that jobs and the economy would be much improved.   Blocks I recalled were cap and trade, Dream Act and the Disclosure Act.  The only addition from your site related to the economy was the failure to eliminate tax credits for jobs moved overseas as an SBA loan program did pass August 2010.  Obama's mantra to tax the rich, oil companies and corporate jets is in the "new" jobs bill that's now before Congress.   As there is no written evidence from the so called "grand bargain" of concessions Obama would make in exchange for the $800 billion tax increase offered by Boehner, I have to agree with Boehner that Obama raised the tax demand the last minute to $1.2 trillion knowing that Boehner couldn't deliver, thus, providing cover for himself and Pelosi as there was no way Pelosi would agree to entitlement cuts.  As policy, none of the legislation is objectionable, but the question is would the bills have made a measurable difference on balance.   Absolutely, the "grand bargain" would have been positive even if only for psychological reasons.  But, considering the current jobs plan is identical to the first stimulus, cap and trade would have made energy prices "skyrocket" and the tax elimination too minor to move the needle, shifting blame to the "blocks" is a real stretch, especially when the Republican proposals sitting on Harry Reid's desk are included in the analysis.   The Republican proposals for oil and gas production alone would have done more for jobs at no cost to the government than Obama's $447 billion bill and don't even get me started on the pipeline "blocked" by Obama.   The bottom line for me is that the American people deserve better.   Obama just doesn't understand economics especially in areas that conflict with his ideology and the Republicans have an unerring propensity to seek out the stupidest choice available.   I look forward to reading posts here in the future hoping to be enlightened by the opinions of others.

A suggestion; let's create a new "welcome" post with a comment here to post elsewhere.  Unless a new post is on the back page, I'm not going to search through the pages in order to find it.  I think with 8 pages and almost 400 remarks, it's gone on long enough!

That's a good idea, even if I've posted here. ;)

I'm not a Republican. I've voted for Republicans maybe twice in my life. I'm not going to become a Republican.

But you guys are great, and we share a lot of values. I've been a "member" of RFO on FB for quite a while and have nothing but respect for you, in your positions, your sense of humor, and your amazing ability to cope with trolls. So I'm joining you here as well as on FB

We probably won't agree on all issues — I am a liberal, after all — but I know we can disgree with respect for the other's position and perhaps learn from each other. I hate living in an echo chamber and have long sought sane Republicans to discuss things with. I had given up in despair until I found RFO.

Thank you for being here and standing up for your principles!

I've been on this site for awhile since 08 but my original username was Mundo Moderno, i lived in New Orleans from 2002 to 2007 and went to school there University of New Orleans. I currently live in Edmonton, Canada. My political views is Libertarian leaning but i'm on here mainly to hear others views towards Obama

I remember you. Welcome back. I lean libertarian on a number of issues, although I probably do think we need the government for more than the typical libertarian does.

Thanks, yeah if i was American citizen even though i claim Libertarian towards my views i lean towards Democrat. So anyways as mentioned before i'm curious to read others views towards Obama etc.



Joined here from facebook - Republicans for Obama.  My name is Carol Jones. I'm the only democrat in Oklahoma. sons and my mom are too. : ) I found RFO a month or so ago and I've been a devoted follower ever since (love love love it!) .  Love to see the work being done and decided to proverbially reach "across the aisle" to help stamp out the current political madness. Glad to be here and hope to learn much more.

Hello, I'm a Canadian (moderate) and feel like an interloper coming here, not being able to say I am a Republican....What I can say is what I have been seeing south of the border for many years is difficult for me to wrap my head around and I am so happy to see that reason and calm thinking DOES exist among folks who consider themselves Republican, There have been numerous Republicans in the past that I've admired (soon to be distant past). Democrats, unfortunately have no backbone and are just as guilty of pandering to the extemists in their ranks (and big money that has corrupted your political system to its core) as the Republicans.

Certain folks from that party (and their mouthpiece Fox "News") like to bandy about the word treason and other such emotionally loaded insults when talking about "leftists" but what the Republican Party has been doing to the country due to this irrational and mind boggling hatred for a commited and centrist president is saddening AND I may say, harming the country far more than any questioning of the Iraq War ever could. They would rather see the country fail than give an inch where Obama is concerned. I fear that it doesn't bother them one bit because true to form, the party of "personal responsibility" and "patriots" can blame the other side and they have their own "news" network to ensure this happens. What I don't get, is how can these people  call themselves "patriots" (indeed, they have co-opted the word as their very own)....claim to love their country and hate half of the people in it? To my mind, a country IS the people. without them, it is just a land mass like any other.

People may ask who is this Canadian sticking their nose in when it doesn't concern them...but guess what? It does. If the USA goes down the toilet, they may take the rest of the free world with them. We can thank the Republican Party, first and foremost for this and the spinelss, self interested Democrats for allowing this to happen. I was thinking that the country did not deserve Obama but this site has provided a little glimmer of hope (unless, I've been taken in by a fraudulant site set up by communist, terrorist sympathizing, athiest America hating leftists (which would likely be how many of today's Republicans would describe this site).

Dear President Obama and Supporters.

We are a group of Tea-Partiers, Conservatives and Non-Mitt Romney Supporters. We are here to support President Obama only if Mitt Romney is the Republican Nominee. 

If Mitt Romney fails to secure the Republican Nomination we will do anything to support the Republican Nominee. 

But if Mitt Romney becomes the Nominee we have a good grassroots operation accross the country to not only beat Mitt Romney but also to launch Republican challenges to any candidate who has endorsed him. If we cant beat the Establishment candidate in the Primary we will throw our full weight behind the Democrat. Except only in two cases the Democrat is in Texas which we want to turn more Republican or the Democrat is endorsed by Emilys List.

Also we would Prefer if we do endorse President Obama. President Obama decides to end Hillary Clintons involvement in Politics.

You might ask why we are doing this it is simple we would rather have your side win and have a True Conservative Party than win have no where to go then to spread the Conservative Voice.


Conservative Voice

Any Tea Partier voting for Obama regardless of the reason is NO friend of mine.

This site gives me hope. I am not a Republican but I don't think it matters. The majority of the people here have more in common with my views than the extreme left does.  What I am is a moderate Democrat who is socially liberal and fiscally conservative.  Which basically boils down to I believe that gay marriage and medical marijuana ought to be legalized and in the case of the latter monetized to help ease the financial mess we are in.  I want to keep my guns.  I want the government to stay out of my email. The health care system is broken and needs to be fixed. Things like that. 

I am married to a moderate Republican and count as friends many Christian conservatives because I grew up in that culture.  Of that group I had begun to believe that my husband and perhaps 2 others were the only ones that hadn't lost their little doggie minds. I know so many good people that have...bought the crap the extreme right is peddling. It scares me. So to find a whole group of people that are both sane and Republican? Comes as a huge relief. I will never agree with everything you stand for but, eh, sane people should be able to set aside disagreements to work for the greater good. Perhaps we aren't doomed after all.

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