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All New Members...

By Golf11 - Posted on 04 June 2008

Introduce yourselves here. We're seeing lots of new names and we'd love to know where you're from and any other details, like how your stumbled upon our little corner of the world.

Hello, My name is Terapin_Ed and I am a registered Republican in the battleground state of Florida.  I am a registered republican because I am a fiscal conservative that believes in a strong Defence.  I am also pro choice, for gun control.  I'm actually an independent but I register republican so I can vote in the primaries. Untll now I have never voted for a democrat . Ocasionally I vote republican but usually I vote 3rd party as a protest against the 2 party system. I usually also vote 3rd party because in an election, its usually a clown on the left, a clown on the right.  This election is different for a change, We have 2 fine candidates. A true war hero and an intellectual.

I am voting for Obama. For 2 main reasons. I am against the war in Iraq.  Its rediculous. What are we doing over there. The surge is BS, American boys are dying just about everyday. We lot 25 last month.  Thats 25 too many. The second reason is Sara Palin.  I am absolutely shocked that someone so incompetent can possibly become President. Unbelievable.

I hope Obama wins. Get out that vote.  I dont care what any poll say, its gonna be razor close. Polls are BS. I dont remember a President Dewey. Polls said Reagan Carter was a toss up, Reagan crushed Carter.  Take nothing for granted, it will be close.



Hi, I am Julia and I live in the midwest.  I am a wife of 26 years and a mother of three.  I have voted republican all of life, beginning with my first vote for President Reagan.  I have found myself over the last several years to be much more interested in issues than party, and making sure I'm voting for someone who shares some of my values and priorities.  In this election, that is Barack Obama.

 It has been somewhat difficult.  I am also an evangelical Christian and when people I know find out I'm involved in Obama's campaign, I have gotten some pretty angry responses, even as far to tell me that one cannot be a Christian and vote for Obama.  I live in a town that is a republican stronghold, but I have discovered I have a lot of company scattered around, even though some folks don't like to talk about it.

I found this site by searching for other people like myself, who have identified for a good portion of their lives as republicans, but unable to deny the promise of an Obama presidency. 

Welcome to the RFO family, Julia!  Allow me to encourage you that it is possible to be a Christian and an Obama supporter, because I am one.  Sadly, I too have experienced the angry responses that you have from our Brothers and Sisters In Christ.  Fortunately, you'll find several wonderful people around here who will identify with your faith and support of Barack Obama.        

10/10/2008:  The day I early-voted for Barack Obama!

Prior to my resignation in July I was coordinator for Colorado Congressional District 3 "Veterans for McCain." I resigned because of the negative tenor of the campaign, while still at least privately supporting Senator McCain. The continued downward spiral in the weeks that followed convinced me America deserved better, and in August I proudly committed my support to the Obama/Biden ticket. Although I am a life-time Republican and a two-tour combat veteran (Vietnam), I DO believe in putting my Country first...which is exactly why I will be voting for Barak Obama and Joe Biden.
It is awesome to hear the amazing backgrounds of our newest members. We certainly have a diverse crowd here and we're proud of it. More voices and hearts to help us embrace that all important goal: to elect Barack Obama. Thank you to all supporters of RFO & a warm welcome to our newest members (from the not-so-warm city of Buffalo, NY) -Kelly (Izzy)

Hello all. I'm a registered Democrat living in very conservative central PA. I found this website months ago and I check it every day to see what all of you have to say. It gives me a good perspective on things.

I consider myself a strong moderate who thinks our government has been hijacked by whackos on both sides of the fence, and the poor moderates have been kicked to the curb. I wish desperately for the return of sanity, compromise and sound goverment. 

The saddest thing about all of this, I think, is that not only has America lost its faith in its leaders, but our leaders have lost faith in us. Why else would we be being told we can't do something (ie: get off foreign oil, make an economical electric car, do something about health care?) Since when do our leaders think Americans are quitters and whiners and lazy-good-for-nothings? Why else would politicians feel the need to lie and throw mud instead of being honest and telling it like it is?

It's very sad. I hope Obama wins. We need his kind of attitude after so long of negative, divisive politics. I am afraid to hope, though. Too much can happen. I'm just waiting for Nov 4, and trying not to bite my nails off in the process.

I'll go back to kurking now. Thank you for all of your input and insightful posts here on RFO.

Be safe all.


Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and wind longs to play with your hair

Please don't think that you have to lurk. We love all opinions.

BTW, I love your signature line. :-)


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

Thank you. :) 

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and wind longs to play with your hair

I've been enjoying this site since last night (I found you referenced in an article on the Huffington Post) and just now found the "New Members" section.  I'm a Democrat from Oregon and I've said it in other threads already, but I'll repeat myself here - this site is a joy to participate in, with both thoughtful and thought-provoking posts and a civilized dialogue between people who don't agree on everything and don't have to.  It's risen to the top of my "gotta see" list in a very short time. 

Just goes to show, the ability to listen and express your views in a courteous manner aren't lost arts, after all.  Thanks for being here - I look forward to much more intelligent discourse over not just the next two weeks, but, I hope, on into the Obama/Biden administration.

"Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped." - Elbert Hubbard (R-Iowa 1905-1912)

Thank you YesWeCan, we know that this vibrant forum has found another good friend in you. Welcome to RFO. We're so glad you're here.

Obama/Biden 2008

I have been a Republican since the day of Ronald Reagan, but since the Bush family has been in the white house I have slowly but surely started to lean more towards the middle. In my younger days I was real gunho but now that I am older I use my head more. To me I would rather have a President who can make a logical decision rather than just follow the same way that we have been doing things.

Hey Guys,

I´m 74 years of age, retired cpa and auditor, from Sacramento, CA. Considered myself a Goldwater-Republican all my life loyally voting red. Since there´s no Goldwater-Conservatism left at GOP, I´m likely to back Obama this time.



I am an African American female now former Republican.  I voted for Bush twice.  My vote for Obama is a vote against George W. Bush.

I am happy to join this website.

Hello everyone,

I'm a 30 year old housewife in Kentucky. I've been an independent for my voting career so far due to the lack of either party really reflecting my views. I'm a conservative on economics and world presence yet, socially I'm a liberal.

I've been so angered by the neo-con movement that the Republican ticket has been off my list for quite a while. The Democratic choices haven't been much better in my opinion.

It's very difficult to find a group of people I can discuss politics with. It's either very liberal where I'm made fun of for my fiscal opinion, or in a 'conservative' arena where I am hated (bitterly so!) because of my liberal social views.

Perhaps I'm more of a constitutionalist? Hmmm.

It's been wonderful to find this site. I've been reading (ok glomming actually) a lot of the posts and even if I don't agree, the argument was presented in such a way that I could agree to disagree with the poster or commenter. 

I find that its refreshing to be here. There are so many sites that while informative, are simply too biased to one side or the other and in the process destroy any glimmer of accuracy and honor that their information could convey.

If I'm on a liberal site then McCain is a scared angry old man who will throw canes at small children. If I'm on a republican site then Obama is a Socialist baby-eating terrorist.

Even though the pull is for Obama on the RFO site, its with thought and not knee-jerk fear reactions and false accusations. I think that most of us have a thing or two we don't agree with that the Obama presidency would bring to bear, but that we realize he's the best person for the job.

I found this site after hours and hours of searching for others like myself. I googled so many phrases, it'd make your head spin off. I'm really grateful to have found this website and all of you. Thanks for setting all this up and keeping it going. I know it's a pain sometimes but I want to let you know that in my little corner of the world, its a god-send.

"I'm not Joe, but I am an American, and I count too." 

Holy Crap Nevermind!


Just researched Constitutionists.. isms.. ahh you know what I mean. Wow no I don't think I quite fit into that group :) 

In the middle here I'll stay. 

Glad to have the new members with us! Welcome 


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

I'm so glad to have found this site.  I am registared Democratic, based on advice from my father (register the majority party for the state you live in, that way you'll have some say in the gov't, and since I now live in CA...).  

This site has provided some of the most well thought out, non insulting posts around.  Thank you all for staying on topic and rational. 

and what do you get, another day older and deeper in debt.

hi! welcome! peter don't you call me 'cause I can't  go...

A sincere welcome to our newest members. It is heart-warming to hear the positive thoughts about this site, no matter what your background. The founders of RFO work hard to ensure that the site allows for productive, stimulating conversations and not the narrow-minded nonsense many sites seem to embrace. I applaud the efforts here!!! This site has sure helped to keep me sane during this election (it is so strange to know we are less than 2 weeks from the election!) Go Obama!!!




This will be my first and last post. I just wanted to see how someone calling thierselves conservitive and christian could support Obama?

 I will not past judgment on anyone, as that is God's place, not mine. I hope you pray and seek the lord's will before you vote. I believe if you give up your morals just for someone putting money in your pocket is wrong.

 I will pray that you will seak the truth through christ and hope that you will see the light.

 Remember when you mistreat one of his followers, that Jesus hisself was mistreated so that you could have a eternal life. God bless you.


just grateful to be around others who have the true desire for change sometimes change hurts but it developes us all into better people. We need a better world for all of our children!

My name is Tyler Oakley. I am a 24 year old gay man living in northern New Hampshire. I am a registered Republican as is my mother.

I am a staunch fiscal conservative and a proud gun owner. I first became disillusioned with the Republican Party during the start of the Iraq War. TRUE conservatives are isolationists and would never invade another country unless specifically threatened or attacked first.  My displeasure only grew with Bush's utter failure to tackle Social Security in 2005 and -- on a more personal note -- the Christian Right's rapid rise in the party & their hatred of people like me and my friends.

With all these things in my mind, I will be splitting my ticket on November 4th. Though I am voting for John Sununu for re-election, I am voting for Barack Obama for President. This is the first time ever I will be voting for a Democrat for any political office -- state, federal, or local. This man is inspiring, brilliant, and the true conservative in the race.

He is, in short, the real deal.

Hi, I am a 40-something woman who has lived on Lake Michigan's east coast most of my life. I am an independent who is fiscally conservative and somewhat socially liberal-although I am fiercely committed to personal responsibility. I have been dismayed with the polarization of the two-party system and have not found a third party that fits, either. This is the first time in my life I've heard a candidate that seems to truly want to rise above politics to bring this country together, focus on the positive and use that energy to move us forward economically and culturally.

Cheryl in Maryland-I grew up with stories of descending from Lincoln's uncle-we are Hanks from Nancy Hanks' brother. I doubted this for years until my sister got into geneaology and charted the line. I was even more pleased I had made Hanks my son's middle name!

I am mid 40's working mother from TX.  I am a Democrat, however, I look at all options before making political decisions. I am happy to read the blogs and have so much in common with many of you, especially the hope that our next President is Obama.  Thanks for all of the information you provide.
I’m very glad that I finally decided to Google Republicans for Obama.  I am a young college graduate with an accounting degree and finance minor that just began working fulltime.  For months I have tried to defend John McCain and stay “loyal” to my party.  However, after talking about the issues surrounding this presidential election with a close friend of mine, doing a substantial amount of research on the issues, and even more thought about what our country needs right now I finally came to the realization that I am doing a disservice to myself and to my country by not going with my conscience and voting for the best candidate, Obama.  I believe firmly that Republican principles are ideal in a society that provides equal opportunity.  However, that is not this country today; there are entirely too many inequities in our country today that run contrary to the concept of equal opportunity.  I actually feel kind of ignorant because it took me so long to come to the realization that Obama is the better candidate despite the two candidates’ obvious differences.  I was blindly following John McCain because he was a Republican.  Living in Texas, I believe many of my friends blindly follow McCain because he is a Republican and it will be interesting to see what they say when I tell them that I now support Obama.  My only wish is that I hadn’t let my loyalty to a political party keep me from coming to grips with reality a week before the election.  It’s good to know I’m not the only Republican troubled by our current party leaders.



I am new here. I have no idea why it didn't occur to me that there would be a Republicans for Obama site! LOL

I live in Southwest, VA and even though we have some Obama supporters we also have plenty of Conservative Republicans.

I am enjoying reading all the posts!


Carolyn - Welcome!  Where in southwest VA do you live?  My mama's side of the family is from Bland County :)
I am in Roanoke. This site is fabulous. Great to see another Virginian. I bet we aren't the only ones!
My name is Kim and I am almost 41(Dec. 29th). I live in Upstate New York and work as an admin assistant for Home Building Products Co. I found this site just wondering if people who usually vote Republican would consider voting Democrat after the last crappy eight years. It has inspired me to have more faith in the American people. Thank you so much for creating this site, it is one of my favorite sites to visit everyday!!!    


 Grew up in Mississippi, currently live in Viriginia.

I stumbled upon this site after I was pushed over the edge at a pro-McCain site (I wish I had taken its name down instead of making a hasty retreat now).

 I'm a centrist, so I like to take the middle ground on anything I can.  Somet things I lean to the left on and others to the right.

 If y'all wish to hear more about why I decided to vote for Obama (yes past tense - I already voted- for the FIRST time in my life :D)

Compared to some other sites I have seen, the posts here seem more evenhanded  and rational and also seem to have been proofread before posting, so fewer give the impression of coming from ignorant people.  A Northern Californian, I am more liberal than most here, but I believe one thing that makes this a great nation is the dynamic tension between the Right and the Left, which allows for adjustments to be made as conditions change.  I hope you honorable Republicans can wrest control of  your party from the Neocon thugs that have highjacked it.  While I don"t agree with all of his positions, and am suspicious of charisma, I welcome your support for Obama, who has the potential to heal the rifts the current regime has inflicted .

Glad to have you with us, Mike. 


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

Welcome to RFO Mike.  We welcome all thoughts and ideas here.  Obama's potential to heal.  I like that.

Hey I just saw a link to this site on freerepublic and was shocked. I can't believe there are others. I am registered Republican and have been for the last 9 years (I started out as "undeclared"). Truth be told I wish I could vote republican this year. In good conscience I can not, not only because our candidate is flawed, his running mate is incredibly flawed, but because Obama's message is one that I believe our nation and our world needs. The state of the world is fragile right now, from economics to the environment to violence and unrest. I am seeing things through my kids eyes and it scares me. We definitely need change, and that change should come in the optimistic and decent hands of Obama- well so be it, despite his party affiliation.


I just joined to see who has turned to the Dark Side. I forgot how many blind people follow a media massiah. Perhaps all the "repubs" here will awaken and Vote for the true American, John McCain. Thank you, I endorse this message
Oh no, another audience member from the upbeat "Pro-America vs. Anti-America" Palin rally. Aren't you the guy who yelled out "terrorist?" If those supporting McCain have not shown you the dark side yet I don't hold out much hope for you to open your eyes now. Don't take it from me. Check out the front page of all the respected Republicans who have endorsed Obama which continues to grow. Enough of the hate-filled division in this country. Here at RFO, we put country first. I suggest you find a Pro-McCain site so you can post endlessly about his brilliant, well-thought out, intellectual VP pick. Or maybe you want to knock on some doors for him to talk about how much he knows about the economy and how important it is for those rich folks to get the tax cuts over the middle class. My guess is that you stay in the shadows in supporting McCain, like many others, because deep down you know what your support for McCain says about you.
I'm Suzi LeVeaux and I endorse Kelly's message.

This is something I find curious....How people can sit there and label others as "real" Americans or "true" Americans (meaning that many of their fellow citizens aren't). This is a concept that is foreign to me. I regard others in my country (even those whose views I disagree with) as fellow countrymen all in the same boat together. The concept of labeling someone not a "real" Canadian because you don't share their views is something I cannot even fathom. When Sarah Palin stood up and labelled people as "real" Americans in her speeches runnign for VP of the entire country I was horrified. Nowhere, no HOW would a national politician be able to get away with that and hope to get anywhere but marginalized (and in very short order).

Hi guys. I came across this site after watching Stephen Colbert online and decided to google a term that came up "Republicans for Obama". I love this site as it has a warm and welcoming feel to me and just had to join.

As for my politics, I just registered to join the Democrats (hope it's ok that I joined this site despite that) but I am more interested in Irish politics (I have triple-citizenship (USA, Ireland and UK)) and I am a political activist in both the US (the Twin Towers Alliance) and Ireland (the Save Tara campaign, Shell to Sea and the fight against college fees).

Basically, living in Ireland for 3 years, I, as an American, have had to pretty much be held accountable for Bush's actions in political discussions despite being a supporter of the left-wing. I've gotten quite sick of it at this point and want a president that we can all be proud of.

I really like this site and hope to have a good time here till Tuesday.

Welcome Knight, and we look forward to hearing more from you.  Our reputation abroad has been slaughtered by Bush, and we firmly believe that Obama can rectify that.

After hearing Colin Powel's endorsement, my uncertain feelings were gelled into support for Obama. Raised by a liberal family, and buying into a philosophy of conservatism, I have always considered myself a Libertarian. I voted Libertarian when Clinton ran for office, and I voted for G.W. Bush twice. At the time I felt the War in Iraq was justified, and that conservative economic beliefs outweighed my liberal social beliefs.

With the recent economic collapse, I can see that capitalism in its current form is fraud - robber barons defrauding the entire country and world. The bail out just highlights GW Bush's massive bloating of the federal government, and completely destroyed any credibility the Republican Party has as the "small goverment" party. I certainly don't support democrats, like Barney Frank, who helped cause the irrational real estate bubble. But, if GW Bush really cared about the issue he could have done more, or made it a #1 priority.

Since, the socialism of Amercia has grown under the Republicans, and has primarily helped the wealthy, wall street execs, the industrial military complex feeding off of Iraq, it has become the party of corporate welfare.

I support Obama because he will swing the pendulum back to the left; protect civil right and support my liberal social views and focus welfare on the poor and middle class who need help right now. Furthermore, he will bring honor and integrity back to the White House and America's place in the world (He will not disgrace America the way Clinton did). Also, the profound problems facing America will be better off with a younger more energetic person in the oval office. Lastly, everything that Colin Powel said.

Welcome jeffcal, and I agree with most of what you say.  I think you will find a lot of like minded people here.  I hope we hear more of your thoughts.

I am a Republican by birth to two Republican parents.  I have worked on Republican campaigns.  I was raised in New England, went to college in the Midwest and am now living overseas.  My family was both military and Quaker which made for some interesting times. 

I can remember the defining moment when I left my support for Mr. McCain and switched totally over to Mr. Obama.  I was watching Mr. McCain talk to a group of college students.  He was explaining his view of  things including Iraq.  His plan for Iraq was to have a massive surge of soldiers put into Iraq.  Mr. McCain asked the students that if they supported his plan for the war to raise their hands and all of the students (remarkably) raised their hands.  The interviewer asked him where he would get the new soldiers for his massive surge since (at that time) the government was having trouble getting smaller numbers of additional troops together for something else.  Mr. McCain said he would just ask our youths and out of patriotism they would join the military to go fight in Iraq.  The interviewer then turned to the student audience (the same one that supported the plan 100%) and asked how many of them were going to join the military anytime after graduation?  This time not even one student raised their hand.  So where would Mr. McCain get the additional troops.  The only answer possible to implement this plan is a draft or universal conscription with the immediate conscripts going right to Iraq.

My support for Mr. McCain was lost then.

Since then I have come up with many more reasons why I would not want Mr. McCain or Ms. Palin in the White House.


The clincher for me was when he sold out and approved the use of waterboarding as an interrogation technique. I realized if he could compromise his own principles on the treatment of POWs, he'll compromise his principles on anything. Or perhaps he doesn't have any.

Welcome OldRepublican, and thanks for sharing your story with us.  I too am an "old Republican, born to Republican parents.  My earliest political memory is their "I Like Ike" buttons. ;-)  But my parents were rebels from the party at times to, I guess, and strongly supported JFK during my high school years. ;-)

I look forward to hearing more from you in the coming days. 

Thanks for the welcome. 

 What are we going to do now with getting Mr. Obama elected?  Maybe  we need to discuss party reform?

Aloha everybody,

Very happy to be a part of those who support Obama. As a Christian, it seems to be frowned upon to vote for him which is so sad. I've got some loved ones that are Christians who are set in their ways and I think it's rather unfortunate that they believe hearsay rather than the truth. I'm tired of forwards that I receive from them with nothing but rumors, basically, Obama hatemail which is totally not of GOD. They actually stand by it as if it is the absolute truth. I need some help clearing up a couple of the emails in hopes of forwarding them the truth and perhaps opening their eyes. Any other truth sites would be most helpful.

Mahalo! And God bless

Hi, I am a late newcomer from DC.  I am Cuban American, born in Havana, but raised mostly here in the U.S.  I am ashamed of the blind Cuban support for McCain in Miami, since I believe most of this support is the result of a vast misinformation campaign.  Let's pray everyone in Florida and the U.S. will see the light tomorrow, and that Obama be allowed to begin the painful and laborious task of getting this country back on track. 
I have been looking for a site like this for many months.  I was feeling very alone out there!  I believe in Obama because I think he can:
1) end the war in Iraq that should never have started.
2) not support America unilaterally attacking another country without reasonable cause, and is intelligent enough to recognize reasonable cause.
3) encourage an inclusive federal government where the needs of all Americans are understood and respected.
4) restore America's international reputation as one of the best led countries in the world.
5) improve the security of America by respecting non-Americans and people in the world who are "different" but not dangerous, and is intelligent enough to recognize the difference.
6) reduce our healthcare spending from 16% of our GDP (gross domestic product) to 10% while raising our position from last to first among wealthy countries in the world in the areas of access, quality and efficiency.
7) get the economy back on track with methods that do not condone or support greed at the executive level.
I can not relate to the "dumbed down" republican party at this time and hope the party can re-evolve into a respectable and thoughtful organization again.  I am not a left-wing Liberal.  I am a moderate conservative, as are hundreds of thousands of others who voted for Obama.  I believe he will listen to our needs and be a fair and responsible leader of America, the most precious country in the world.

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