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All New Members...

By Golf11 - Posted on 04 June 2008

Introduce yourselves here. We're seeing lots of new names and we'd love to know where you're from and any other details, like how your stumbled upon our little corner of the world.

Hi, Girl! It's always great to see informed voters! If only all Americans would take a little time to look past the media summaries.

May I welcome you aboard this great place to discuss and learn from those who like you do lots of research before deciding who to cast their lot with.

I pride myself on the fact that I am diligent in researching political issues and candidates' platforms before decided who I will vote for. I looked at candidates in both major political parties, studied their issues and their histories, and decided out of all of the candidates, John McCain would be the worst choice on either side. He's staunchly in support of continuing the war in Iraq; a war which has cost as thousands of lives and billions of dollars needlessly.

Oh how I wish there were millions more that would do as you. Then we would not have to be fearful about those that  let the lies and distortions be their guide. I look forward to many more of your posts. 

Hi Everybody,

I'm an Independent voter who admittedly has always voted for Democrats. Then again, I first voted in 1996, so it's not as though I've had stellar Republican presidential candidates to choose from. I did like McCain in 2000, and would likely have voted for him given the chance, but Bush scared the Bejesus out of me from the get go.

This new McCain I'm seeing in 2008 is either not the same man I rooted for 8 years ago or proof that I partied too much in college and didn't see straight at the time.

This year, I'm very excited to be honestly and enthusiastically voting FOR a candidate for the first time, rather than being forced to choose the lesser wrong as I've been so far.

Barack Obama is a man that oozes confidence, sincerity and integrity. I believe he will take important steps in securing our freedoms (all of the them - starting at home), fixing our disastrous economy, saving our faltering reputation with the rest of the world (living overseas, I see it first hand and it's embarassing), and making sure our defense budget actually goes to defending us rather than the deep pockets of special interests (like Cheney, for one).

I found your site after seeing a YouTube video of a RFO home party in Indiana, and was so happy to find that the Republicans I used to look up to as a kid were not extinct! I'd like to thank you for resisting the travesty that some have tried to make of your party.

Someday, thanks to you and admirable people of unwithering integrity like Susan Eisenhower, I hope to be given the opportunity to vote for a true free-thinking, no-nonsense Republican candidate. As a John Stuart Mill Libertarian (nothing to do with the current meaning of the word) at heart, I'd be thrilled.

For now, Obama has 110% of my support!

I am a Republican Committeewoman who feels abandoned by her party. I have always been moderate, as are many people I know around me. Suddenly I feel as if my world has gone mad and that I have no representation. I decided to search the net to see if there were others like me, which is how I found this  site.

I have e-mailed GOP National and state committees and am sending letters out in the morning. But, I know none will have any effect. The party has sold its soul to the far right to get the evangelical vote.

What happened to separation of church and state?




Gadflygirl, I can so relate.  It just bothers me so.  I spent most of my youth actively working and campaigning for this party.  Perhaps I had stars in my eyes expectations for any political party, but I'm just so disappointed at what's happened to the GOP.  It's like the dreams of a kid being crushed, you know?  Hard to realize the party you idolized not only has feet of clay - to be expected - but are just downright slimy and unethical. 

And don't get me started on separation of church and state.  I think that's one of the biggest damages Bush and Co. have done to this country - somehow managed to take one of our most important tenets and make it sound  like anyone who supports that is unpatriotic! 

After the Palin pick I had to do some rethinking. I'm not onboard with this VP pick solely to energize the base. While I reserve the right to change my mind over the next 2 months, I'm certainly paying much more attention to Obama and his platform.

I live in California. I consider myself an Independent even though I'm currently registered Republican.

Which issues are most important to you? Why does Palin concern you? The answers to those questions will probably help you determine which direction to go.

A friendly conservative Dem friend.

32 years old Christian AA female married with an 8 week old son, Elljah.

For the first time I decided to take off the partisan hat while looking for my favs for president.  Because my views are not locked in a box so to speak, my choices were basically polar opposites:  Obama and Huckabee.  (A lot of people ask me to defend my choices, and I always say, well LBJ's Civil Rights Ammendment gave me the liberty of saying it's my prerogrative and cast my ballots as I please ;)).

Unlike what the general consensus out there is, Obama just didn't have to show up and give a good speech to win the vote of the AA community.  Granted it is  overwhelming support, but please know that it takes more than that to win our votes than just pigmentation. 

That said, I will say that the economy is by far the deciding factor for me.  I have an MBA, my husband is in college and we both work full time, and we are struggling to make ends meet.  The housing market was so bad we hadn't been able to afford a decent house in a desireable neighborhood.  Now things are turning around in our favor, at the terrible expense of people losing their homes. 

Will Obama make all our worries go away? No.  I don't think he's a superhero, but I think that he will go after the problem instead of trying to make me feel better by saying we're going to keep America safe.  That's what you're suppose to do, that's what your job is but it's also to make sure we're still competing globally and are respected by the rest of the world.  This is the greatest country in the entire world, and now other countries are poking fun and belittling us.   

I'm voting for Obama b/c I love America, I love the American dream and I want a peice of the pie.  Bush has been the President the majority of my adult life and it's been hard trying to work my way to the top.  I feel that if you're trying to make a positive mark on this great land, that the land should be more fertile than this. 

I want more for my son. We tried it Bush's way.  Let's move on.


Moderate Republican from Pa here. I am glad to see I am not alone in thinking the party has let us down in recent years and it is worse instead of better. I have decided to vote for Obama because he gives us hope for the future. Can anyone tell me any plan McCain has for solving any of the many problems facing our country? A four day convention last week and not one word on what they will do. All we heard were attacks on Obama. Thats a campain without something to say.

Pleased to meet and greet you and It is comforting to find a place where true Republicans can express openly and honestly the failing of their party leaders. McCain offers nothing but more of the same we have suffered through with loser Bush.

All we have to do to find out what solutions we could expect from McCain is look at the record he supported the past eight years.

I posted my background on another thread and figured it should go here also.

I am a very firm believer in the separation of church and state, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and all of the protections afforded under the constitution.

I like Ron Paul's positions on the Constitution, Iraq, and America's monetary system. You should watch video of Ron Paul sometime. There are plenty of videos available on the net. I really admire him and wish the MSM gave his voice a broader audience. This is just another example of the controlled message from the corporately owned MSM.

I also agree with Pat Buchanan's position on trade, national security, and manufacturing though I disagree with Pat on some of his social positions.

My forefathers came to America to escape persecution and to find a better life for themselves.

My genealogy can be traced back to Charlemagne on my mother's side. Yeah that Charlemagne. Apparently, the man had at least 20 children with multiple wives and concubines. I guess he wanted to make sure his seed flourished. LoL

In addition, my mom's family has a strong farming tradition in rural Iowa. The reunions are always out on the farm. Great times.

My dad's side can be traced directly back to England. There is a substantial number of families in my dad's ancestry spread throughout England. I do not believe an official genealogy has been researched though. Hmmm, I am going have to ask my dad about that.

Anyway, I do know his family moved westward from the New England colonies with some settling in Ohio and others in western Illinois. Workers, tradesman, craftsman mostly; good at working with their hands.

I was raised true blue Catholic. When you think about it, is there any other way with Catholics - LoL.

I got the full indoctrination including Catholic schools, masses, traditions, rituals, calendar etc...I was even an altar boy. I was fortunately spared the rod if you are wondering, I do mean that literally, and that is all I am going say about that subject on this forum.

On my mom's farmer side of the family they are mostly full fledge card carrying Republicans. Love the outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting, and hiking. Being farmers, they hold strong positions on land conservation, monetary restraint, and individual rights. One thing I will say is that they are surprisingly moderate Republicans on some issues.

My dad's side of the family is mostly Democrats. Crazy huh? You should hear the talk when both sides get together at the same time. LoL

Funny thing is on some issues the Democrats on my dad's side are more conservative than the Republicans on my mom's side the family.

My family is a real mixed bag on the issues and because of that heritage, I turned out with different thoughts on the issues; conservative, moderate, progressive, and even liberal depending on what the issue is.

I have my reasons for supporting Obama this election cycle and have posted arguments for Obama throughout the site on issues that are important to me.

Well that is enough about me. I wish RFO members future success.

Live long and prosper.

I like Ron Paul's positions on the Constitution, Iraq, and America's monetary system. You should watch video of Ron Paul sometime

I was fortunate to hear Ron Paul in person in Salt Lake early in the year and was very inpressed. It was truly surprising to hear him condemn the Bush administration about the Iraq war in particular.

You have a very interesting back ground and I will share mine with you soon. Thanks again for the information and so nice to greet you as a fellow supporter of Obama. As a life long Republican, but not one of the rotten group that now has control of our party, I know our country can not survive another four years of leadership by these outlaws that are calling the shots as fake Republicans.  

I was raised in a family that strongly believed in the values of the old Republican party. I still believe in many of the old party values, but I'm a moderate.  I don't feel comfortable with may of the extreme and overtly religious positions that the party has taken. So I guess I'm not really a true Republican anymore. Question for the moderators: Also, It seems that there are a lot of very vociferous individuals here that do not support Obama. And take the other position. Also, many of them seem to try to dominate the conversation.  It's hard to hear what the real Republican supporters for Obama are trying to say.  What's that noise all about? Have they simply come here to bully everyone else?

PS. I like the website. It's clean, usable and well done.Nice work.

I was looking for information on why voters to cast vote for the other party's candidate to better understand the important issues in this election. Your forum has met my expectations and more! The discussions on issues here are enlightening, engaging and mostly free from the name calling that has characterized partisan politics. The forums that represent the converse point of view--democrats for McCain--were lackluster in actual substance.

Anyways a little about myself. I do not have party affiliation. My decision making process goes through what ails America at this time and who has a plan to address it. So far, Barack Obama's plan is more substantial and in the right direction. It is not hard to do when McCain has not spelled out what he will do when he enters the office. (Maybe McCain will serve as a POW in the White House, says my cynical side.)

I am also an immigrant. I came to America to pursue education and opportunities that came with it. I became an US citizen in 2002, one of my proudest moments in my life, therefore was unable to vote in 2000. In 2004, I would have voted for Kerry but I was working abroad. This year will be the first time I will be voting in a general election.

This is running long so I will just say I look forward to hold meaningful discussions with you all and make history in November.

Glad to have you with us, Nuko! Welcome to our little corner of the Web.


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

I just found you guys. Glad to see you exist. I am a fiscally conservative, very middle leaning democrat, desperately seeking ways to convince my few remaining republican friends and family that there are clear thinking patriotic republicans out there that are sick at what is passing for a presidential election. I told my dad (life-long repub) when Bush first got in office that he and his ilk were not true republicans and that if they were allowed to continue to push their extreme agenda and rotten leadership it would be the end of us all. Sane people cannot help but be afraid of what awaits us if McCain/Palin get into office. I just keep thinking about the Bay of Pigs-what if (or better WHEN) something like that happens again do we really want Sarah and her husband weighing in on when to push the button? I have emailed your web address out to a bunch of people. Thanks for speaking up.  ellenta

Hi ellenta and Welcome to RFO.  I agree with your assessment of the current administration, and I am on that truly fears another four years of such extremism. 

Thanks for helps spread our message.


Do I still qualify as a new new member, or am I an old member yet?

By the way, I am a direct descendent of my Grandma. 


This is American can be whatever you want to be. ;-)

Hello.  Although I am not new to this site, I decided to try again and register.  Like others I have been a lifelong Republican even though it has become extremely difficult for moderate Republicans to identify and vote for Republicans.  I've tried to share my views but with little response I feel like everywhere I go I'm whacked out.  I was attracted to Obama when I heard his speech at the 2004 DNC.  When Kerry lost, I guess I started supporting Obama for President.  In Feb 2008, the day before the caucuses in Washington, Michele Obama came to Spokane (actually Hillary was also there at the same time in another part of town) and I got to here her speak and share the version of Christianity I believe is more close to the actual scriptures.  I know the religious right has tried to hijack the Republican party as part of it's poltical agenda, which makes it hard to vote for something you know is wrong.

My last name ancestors were Quakers, and among the settlers of Philadelphia.  No one can fool me what seperation of church and state means, if you're ancestors left their homeland because they did not belong to the state religion "the Church of England".  Seperation of church and state means no established state religion and extreme preference of one over another.  I' m glad our founding fathers tended to be Christians, I believe in Christ, but I don't want a government that forces their version on everybody.  It was my understanding from reading the Bible, that most people tried to push him into an agenda, they wanted him to become the Jewish King and liberate them from Roman occupation, he'd have none of that, and I don't think he wants to become the same now.

I hope that writing things in this website helps elect him President, gives support to other Republicans who put their Country first, and maybe someday results in a turn to sanity in the beliefs of the Republican Party.  I know classical conservatives think the Republican party should only represent their rigid conservative viewpoints of elitism, but this does not reflect true origin of Republican beliefs.

My name "lephead' comes from my favorite rock band "Def Leppard" and is something I figure won't have much competition as names on the internet.


Glad to know you - thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your validation.

I came across this site tonight while googling for other republicans who are leaning toward or have decided to vote for Obama. This site came up in my search.  Imagine that ;-)

I'm 42 years old and I am a native Texan.  My first vote in a Presidential election was in 1984 for Reagan.  I've voted for every Republican candidate for president since then, but I just can't do it this time around.  

I've always had difficulty with McCain, and his conservative credentials have long been a point of contention.  If you recall during the primaries, the GOP candidates were all trying to one up each other on who was the "One True Conservative."  And the far right view is that McCain is not a conservative at all.  It wasn't that long ago when Limbaugh railed against McCain almost daily. It also wasn't that long ago when Ann Coulter said that she would actually campaign for Hillary Clinton against John McCain!   

McCain is what he is. Honestly speaking, he does not inspire me or give me confidence that Washington will be any less contentious that what we are experiencing right now with Bush at the helm.  I also believe that the country needs to exhale.  We do need a change.  We need a breather.  I believe that Obama would be a very good president and even though I am a conservative and a Republican, I am not so blinded by ideology that I can't see the bigger picture of what I think is best for our nation.  I do not have an irrational fear of Obama like so many republicans that I know.  I'm tired of the fearful message that some are putting forth that the country will be headed to ruin under Obama.  It's not like things are a bed of roses right now anyway.  Like Obama says himself on occasion, I'm willing to "kick the tires". And let's face it, Obama is a likable fellow.  More importantly, he is an extremely credible candidate and he has earned my respect.  

In addition, unlike the GOP "base" who is currently falling head over heels for the embarrassing Palin pick, her addition to the McCain ticket has sent me in the opposite direction and has solidified my decision to cast a vote for Obama.  I will post a separate message about my thoughts on Palin.  It is a lengthy message and I'm interested to find out what other people think about Palin.

I look forward to participating in discussions between now and the election.

Welcome to RFO DaBigNob.  We are always happy to have other Republicans who are willing to cross party lines in the best interest of our nation.

I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and opinions here.

Greetings everyone,

I am from Pittsburgh, PA.  I have been raised as a Republican since birth (30+ years) and began questioning my party's direction in 2004.  I voted for the democratic ticket in 2004 and again in 2006, more against Bush than for the democratic platform. 

I support Senator Obama's platform because I believe he has the best plans for many of my biggest issues (energy, economy, foreign policy).  I am not blind to the fact that he supports policies that I disagree with, but he appears to nail it on the important issues our nation faces at this time.

Hello, I'm Chris, and I live in Colorado, in the Denver/Boulder area.  Reproductive choice is my issue, and I think you can see why I can't vote McCain/Palin.  I'm interested in talking/activating w/other Rs on this issue.  In the immediate future, I wonder if anyone's up to protesting McCain/Palin on Monday 9/15, in Jefferson County?  Supporting Obama on 9/16?  

 Good to be here.  I look forward to a resounding win in November! 

Hi Chris, and welcome to RFO.  As Republicans, we all have our various reasons for choosing Obama, and we have come together here for the purpose of helping elect him as POTUS.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

How are things looking in CO?  It could turn out to be a very important state in November.

Things are surprisingly good.  Obama is turning out crowds in parts of CO that are usually not friendly to Ds, and is at the School of Mines even as I type.  I haven't caught up with other Rs for Obama here.  Rs in Boulder aren't friendly to Rs for choice.  Jefferson County is a little more tolerant, and I'll try to find some like-minded folks there.   


I was actually born in russia and am a german citizen. So yeah, my name is not Bob. I am just another outsider from a "socialist" country who doesn't speak english properly, needs to share his "marxist" opinion with everybody and uses too much sarcasm. But maybe I can provide a different perspective. For example that Palin has really no idea what is going on in the world. Especially in the Georgia-Russia-conflict. And McCain seems to make a huge mistake if he thinks he can play the tough guy with Russia.

The reason I found this forum is, that I always wondered how it is possible to get Bush elected. And here are many people who voted for Bush and seem to regret it now.

I thought back in 2000/2004 that it's really easy to figure out that Bush is not very bright and everybody should know that running a country is not exactly easy. But seeing the media circus McCain is orchestrating now (Palin/TV-Ads) I can imagine how it works. They just spin everything. In that parallel universe happen weird things. A women who doesn't know how to pronounce nuclear is a energy expert and the guy who struggles with his christian pastor is a secret muslim. He just does not know yet. Sure.

Hi Bob, and we're glad to have you with us.  I find it fascinating that so many from outside of the USA are taking such an interest in our election.  It also reinforces my opiniion of the damge that Bush has done to our nation with his policies, when seen through the eyes of one from another country.

It's obvious that you have the ability to cut through all of the spin and see the reality of the situation.  I hope we hear more from you.

Hi, I'm Chris, I live in the Denver/Boulder area of CO.  Reproductive choice is my issue.  I'm interested in working with other pro-choice Rs to elect Obama this year.  

September 14, 2008

Once in a season a person is chosen to meet a task according to his birthright dive purpose.  Obama is living out his divine purpose.

I TRUST WE DO NOT vote for a personality or a party rather, for the content, character and individual endowed with the unique potentials of a leader that best qualifies him to serve this nation as Commander in Chief, to lead the United States of America on its journey of advancement into the 21ST Century during this most trying time in history! 

As mature leaders of our country we have a responsibility of raising the question and asking--- What can we do for our country as one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all?

We need Congress, Capital Hill, and the Special Interest groups to end the gridlock in government & 'think out of the century old box' in the light of the issues our country has come to full circle within the 20Th Century!  An olive branch of a bi-partisan coalition can effectively expedite change and address the outstanding crises in energy, economy, foreign policies, US business development, consumer and employee sensitivity to their rights, and  healthcare as we advance into the 21ST Century--- Yes we can do square business as a chosen people.

Truth and Spirit is the only thing that will last.  False propaganda will continue to divide our nation--- The people of this country are tired of the deceptive campaigns of the past.  We knock for truth and spirit without smear and bashing tactics.  We are in dire need for unity and healing that will spread beyond the borders of this great nation, in God speed.

May God continue to Bless America! 

In Truth and Spirit, all will be well!






I'm more of a Libertarian for Obama, i'm not happy with the 2 terms of bush, and McCain is just going to continue where Bush left off. I was all for Ron Paul.
Welcome everyone - please join in on our forum threads! We need all the brains we can get! : )

I don't know if there is a specific place on this site to ask questions or if somebody can point me to that spot. 

 I've got some questions about Obama which I can't seem to get answered on the official website and I'm not getting where the source of the conclusions on the 'Why Obama' page here come from.   I'm looking for actual answers if possible because I consider these serious questions.

 I've watched hundreds to thousands of hours of news in the last 20 months that this endless campaign has been going on and I am not a single issue voter which would allow me to simply ignore everything else because Obama agrees with me on one thing like abortion, being anti-Iraq, union membership, gun control or something else.

I'll go issue by issue since it appears everybody here is coalescing around these particular reasons for turning to Obama.

NATIONAL DEBT - How is Obama going to cut the National Debt?  Ending the war in Iraq could save $100-200B a year but he appears to be planning on spending that on other things already.  The thing that reduced the Debt in the 1990s was the reduction in Capital Gains Taxes along with a stock market rally which caused the unexpected and rapid shrinking of deficits.  Obama said he is going to raise taxes at least somewhat on Capital, so...?

TRADE DEFICIT - Most of the current trade deficit is about foreign oil.  He hasn't been a big fan of domestic production and unless he wants to raise gas taxes to keep abnormally high prices at the pump to continue suppressing consumption and making disasterous ideas like corn ethanol remotely viable, well...  we'd actually have a trade surplus right now with the weak dollar if it weren't for the price and quantity of crude and it's kinda stupid to buy what we already have in our own backyard.

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE/GLOBAL WARMING - There is no way to separate out these two because if you believe in global warming then you pretty much limit your options for the 'independence' part.  Actually, energy independence has never been on the list of priorities for the left until the right made it a compelling reason to deny our enemies resources as well as moving production to the U.S.

The Right and the Left have pretty clear lines drawn on what they think are the priorities.  Obama is mostly on the Left on that although he's put out a lot of vague statements which could sound agreeable to both sides.  But other than platitudes like 'green jobs' and 'renewable energy', what is his priority which will get GOP support?  It's a given that the Dems would side with him since he isn't go for coal or nuclear or ANWR or serious OCS drilling.

Thus far, he has supported the ethanol boondoggle which we are stuck with until 2015 if nothing changes.  Congress has driven up the price of all food in every grocery store in America.  Not the intended consequence but it's impossible to deny at this point.  Burning food to make gasoline is like cutting off your hands to create paperweights.  Obama got conned on that one but hopefully he'll confront Big Corn and reverse this decision in light of the devastation it has had on every American family and especially the poor.  Plus, corn is the least energy-filled source we could find to make ethanol out of but since ADM had lots of corn and Iowa is the first caucus state this nonsense happened regardless of the science or additions to the Federal Debt.

I don't get the argument about global warming here.  Why do we need to change it?  Unless it is provably real and caused exclusively by driving cars then what are we supposed to do? Try to drop the temperature by one degree globally?  Whose to say that we aren't actually one degree TOO cold now?  Pragmatically, nothing has actually happened climatically that shows we have any influence at all.  We could always do more to reduce pollution but deciding that exhaling is actually pollution borders on religious belief. 

SOCIAL SECURITY - What is Obama actually FOR?  His website isn't any more specific than this one.  I have no idea what he is willing to do if anything. Sure, it's important.  Everybody says that.  But is he willing to allow private accounts? Is he willing to raise the retirement age? Is he willing to raise taxes?   And how about any structural changes to the system to reduce the number of people who are actually using it like means testing or removing alcoholics from the roles?   It was never supposed to be a retirement plan (unless FDR and LBJ lied) so....

HEALTHCARE - Sorry so sound like such a Republican but this subject is so chock full of platitudes that anybody can read the statements from either parties candidate and think they are in agreement.  And if that is the case then we're all being BS'd.   Here are some real tough choices: Willing to take illegals off the 'uninsured' roles?  Or end the 31% fraud rate in Medicare payments?  Ban all pain and suffering awards for patients getting government paid healthcare (or free healthcare in a public facility)?   Ban drug ads on TV?  Remove Viagra from Medicare coverage?  

Most of the stuff he has listed on his website will actually make health care MORE expensive.  Any idea how much it would cost to put 'mental health' into every health plan by fiat? Start printing more money. There is a reason HMOs don't want to do it because its a black hole.  And the national exchange idea is actually illegal.  Seriously, it is illegal to offer health insurance across state lines. ERISA. 

One of the increased costs in healthcare is technology.  Advances are so rapid that there is always a better and more expensive treatment than the year before and a better drug.  Biotechs are even MORE expensive treatments.  And if you put the government into it even more than you face doing it the way the Canadians and British do which is by rationing care.  Not very American. 

TAX REFORM - Help me out here. He keep saying 95% of Americans get a tax break.  But he is still going to let the Bush cuts expire. (?)  I get how the 40% who don't pay any Federal Income Tax are going to get essentially an increased EITC but what other taxes are actually going down?   

Does Obama believe in dynamic scoring?  Or does he believe we need to raise taxes in one place in order to cut them in another?  Does he believe he has to 'pay for' tax cuts? 

And what part of the tax code is he looking to simplify.  Nobody is in favor or 'corporate loopholes' except for Congress who creates them.  But are those some loopholes for individuals fair game now?  A fairer and flatter tax could get lots of Republican support but it seems to be a death sentence for a Democrat.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - Obama help tank the last 'comprehensive' plan in 2007.  Blacks are most likely to be displaced in the workplace by illegals and illegals also drive down wages.  Illegals also add costs to the health care system, education and law enforcement without adding much in the way of offsetting contributions. 

There is either a choice of being pro-illegal immigration or at least being passive about it or you can be in favor or money for schools, service and factory jobs and police.  But there isn't enough money for both.  Which side will he actually come down on?  I've seen him playing to both crowds and I'm not sure I could accurately predict his choice myself when the interest groups line up against him.

Obama has the promise of all kinds of new non-party line approaches to various issues but in his brief examinable experience thus far he has been pretty much party line and predictably liberal.  How is everybody so sure that he isn't just a liberal like the people who hang around him?  Why are they so wrong about him but yet the grassroots is right about him? 

I'm a Republican (an actual one) so I'm predisposed to being skeptical about anybody who says that they can 'bring people together' considering that Bush tried that and everything which was 'bi-partisan' is now essentially used as an epithet.  Nobody, and this really isn't debatable, has ever been more civil towards people across the aisle than Bush was but nothing changed.  He wrote legislation with Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle and yet nothing changed.

Why is it going to be different now? Is Obama just going to be more charming?  Why would I invest any more hope in a politician who runs on the same themes that Bush did in 2000?  Bush had a history of working across the aisle but in D.C. that didn't count for crap.

I didn't vote for McCain in the primary and I don't enjoy the prospect of voting for him in November.  But its a big leap to vote for somebody who thinks Joe Biden is change.  Since I'm in NV, my vote could be the difference and I don't want to waste it.   Help me out here.  It should be obvious I'm not exactly at a level of metaphysical certitude here.

I am glad to find this site. I have lived with too many Republicans that went from believing "pay as you go" was the right way to manage government to "deficits are good" under the Bush administration. I presume talk show hosts, pundants and politicians read too much of Grover Norquist's death to government, which sounds to me like death to America when you consider that having no government is anarchy. Certainly that's not what Republicans up through Eisenhower believed.

While I have never been comfortable with some of the Democrat management of our tax money. I have thought about the many good things that Democrat presidents and leaders have brought us, and cannot accept the Republican attitude that Democrats are the enemy. Republican politics have sunken to the lowest level which only brings our nation down.

I like Obama's positive attitude, spirit and intellectual capacity to see, analyize and address our national needs.  We also need younger leaders looking to the future rather than painfully stuck in the past.   Its good to have leaders that inspire rather than leaders that frighten their base into corralling the wagons. Sarah Palin is also a spirited young lady. However, her one liners with limited vocabulary and ideas demostrates a "green" uniformed individual not ready for national and international responsibility and leadership. As appealing and American as is may seem for an over achieving housewife to become president, this story is much safer on Lifetime TV or American Idol. I also reject her claims that she is a reformer and was against "earmarks" when she did want a bridge to no-where, and then took the money, which is our money. We do not need more politicians that play that game.

What are we doing to get Obama elected? How do we get more Republicans to understand?




Hi David 4 Obama! Welcome! Basically, spread the word about this forum, to encourage other Republicans to check us out. Also, you present some good points here, so share those wherever you can, as well. Also, you can find your state organization to see where you can help locally. Plus, the campaign always needs more donations.

Hi, I'm a new new member. I am a white, 57 yo, male, professional consevative that has re-registered to vote. I was almost a lifetime NRA member (they upset me with calls for donations for position I felt were over the top and questioned my patriotism). I am a life member of a number of arms organizations. I am pro-life with some exceptions. I will be voting, this for the first time ever, for a Democratic Presidental ticket. I have come to believe the last time we had a Republican president was the great Ronald Reagan.  Ever since then all we have had in the Whitehouse has been some of the greatest trashs. On some aspects it is the lesser of evils but it is very easy choice to make. Our country is on the way, if not too late already,  to ruin. McCain/Palin, once you peel back the layers of the onion, are worst thing that could happen to this great country.  If you feel this is a pent up emotion of mine - you are correct. If I have offended anyone this was not my intent and apologize - but this is where this one person stands. 

You certainly did not offend me and I am with you all the way. How could I do otherwise than agree with your comments.  Welcome aboard and you will find many that feel the same way that you do.

Hey Jroth09, I just wanted to welcome you.  I came to this board with a lot of frustration and venting, too - I felt like I was the only Republican out there feeling this way and I'm so glad I found this site.  I just can't figure out why more Republicans aren't speaking out - don't get me wrong, I'm glad so many are starting to, but I have just despaired watching our once great party fall to nothing, with no one daring to say anything.  I feel like our Republican leaders (whoever they are these days) have completely abandoned us. 

So your pent up emotion is welcome and understood :-).

jroth09 - WELCOME! You aren't offensive at all, please join in the conversation.

Hi All,

Im a 50 yr old wife of a ex-marine.  semper fi and god bless. I'm so ashamed that my party has been hijacked by the worst kind of people. They hide behind Religion, and morals and values, all the while they've been stuffing their own pockets with our country's wealth.

All the while Our brave soldiers have been injured and killed. All those innocent Iraqi citizens that have been killed in this war. On OUR watch. OUR party. We shut our eyes and let them hide OUR TROOPS caskets as they came home. WE let them do this. Under OUR flag. I'm so broken hearted.

But when I hear Mr Obama talk of his paltform and his points with such clarity, I'm calmed and I find my fears subsiding. I found the tone on the DNC convention to make me feel optimistic and OUR convention made filled with hate and fear. It's not the Conservative Grand Ole Party of the old Days. It's a brain-washing exersize in real time.

I won't be fooled again. I have to put the Party label aside, it's not a tatoo after all, it a choice. Good Luck and vote for Mr Obama

Hi All,

Im a 50 yr old wife of a ex-marine.  semper fi and god bless. I'm so ashamed that my party has been hijacked by the worst kind of people. They hide behind Religion, and morals and values, all the while they've been stuffing their own pockets with our country's wealth.

All the while Our brave soldiers have been injured and killed. All those innocent Iraqi citizens that have been killed in this war. On OUR watch. OUR party. We shut our eyes and let them hide OUR TROOPS caskets as they came home. WE let them do this. Under OUR flag. I'm so broken hearted.

But when I hear Mr Obama talk of his platform and his points with such clarity, I'm calmed and I find my fears subsiding. I found the tone on the DNC convention to make me feel optimistic and OUR convention made filled with hate and fear. It's not the Conservative Grand Ole Party of the old Days. It's a brain-washing exersize in real time.

I won't be fooled again. I have to put the Party label aside, it's not a tatoo after all, it a choice. Good Luck and vote for Mr Obama

Hi, Abby, and Semper Fi!

This former Marine may disagree with you on the war (don't worry -- I'm in the minority here), but I do agree with you that Obama has a way to finish it up honorably and that our country and party have otherwise been on the wrong track for awhile now.


The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

(oops: I just answered on the first page - in June - and I joined a couple of days ago - so here I am again)


I'm a 40 y/o French citizen, or as FOX put it six years ago "a cheese eating surrender monkey".

I love the US, and had the pleasure to visit over 20 states. I particularily like cities like NYC or Chicago, and discovering this so immense, diverse and beautiful country. I spend most of the time between Paris, Seoul and Uqbar.

What I believe / where I stand :

1) I don't consider the Republican / Democrat split to be relevant anymore. To me, there are good people who believe in the values of republic, democracy, and respect on one side, and people who are working on their destruction on the other, with a silent and easily influenceable majority inbetween.

2) I gave George W. Bush the benefit of the doubt until September the 12th, 2001. When he used the words "crusade" and "Iraq" I knew America's worst enemies were not those who provoqued the destruction of the previous day, but those who would lead the country in the worst direction at the worst moment. From the beginning, everything was written : the failure in Iraq was not collateral damage but the very aim of the sick game.

3) I really believe that GWB's strategy has been utterly successful, because :
Bush never acted as the President of the United States for the good of America.
Bush never acted as a Republican for the good of his party.
Bush always acted as a fundamentalist for the good of fundamentalisms.

4) I think it's time for this country to declare its independence from theocons, the worst enemies of both democracy and religion.

5) America failed to redeem itself in 2004, it just cannot insult history in 2008 and allow Bush-McCain-Palin to nominate one more Supreme Justice. 4 years ago I said to Republicans for Kerry : if Bush wins, your party loses its soul. Now I say : if McCain-Palin wins, your country is lost for good.

6) Barack Obama is not Mr Perfect but he is a good person and a sound leader, and he has the right approach for the XXIst century. You cannot understand a complex world and take good decisions if you see it in a us vs them / good vs evil light.

7) This man will be the best person at the best place at the best moment. He will put the country back on tracks, and he will force the GOP to change and reform itself, to get rid of its enemies from within.

8) America must wake up, and this must include from the start the GOP and Independents.

9) I love this site

Welcome to our newsest members. Please spread the word. It is awesome to have you on board! I have been here since early February when we were small in numbers. I have watched this site grow, especially since the Palin pick. People are seeing that Obama has the leadership we need and McCain will do and say anything to get elected. It's a clear choice.


I am from South Dakota and I am a Republican voting for Sen. Obama.  My main reason in the beginning was I was just fed up with the Bush Administration and I felt McCain would be the same old.  Now, I just like Obama, I like what he has to say, and I like that he thinks before making decisions.  I also think he has a wonderful family.  I think Michelle should campaign with him.  Well, anyway, that's why I am voting for Obama, and encouraging everyone I know to do the same.  I hope he wins.

Hello everyone, Im actually a democrat, but I found this site very informative and interesting, I came across it doing a little research of both McCain and Obama.  Im 22yrs old from New Orleans, La., Im a senior in college, and this is only my 2nd Presidential election in which I have the chance to vote. I know Im probably a little younger than most people here but its ok, my friends call me a Granny because Ive been researching so much about this election, but I still have a lot more to learn so that is another reason why I am here.  Nice to meet everyone!!!

Obama/Biden 08'


Glad to have you with us!!!! Welcome! 


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

Hello, I would have to characterize myself as a Moderate in Minnesota who has voted for both Republicans and Democrats.  However, I don't think I've voted for any Republicans since 2000.  I used to vote for a nice moderate Republican congressman, Jim Ramstad (who's retiring this year because he's sick of the polarization in the House), but in 2002 got re-districted to a fervent Bushite.

I've been lurking here the past week, and it appears to be a nice congenial place to stay.  It really gives me hope to see a place where people can demonstrate unity and intelligence without all the fighting and posturing.


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