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All New Members...

By Golf11 - Posted on 04 June 2008

Introduce yourselves here. We're seeing lots of new names and we'd love to know where you're from and any other details, like how your stumbled upon our little corner of the world.

As another non-citizen who loves America and wants to see it continue to succeed, I must commend your post. I agree with everything you said.

Welcome all new members! Thank you for the positive feedback. I do feel we offer intelligent, often passionate, discussions on important topics. We encourage a variety of views and ideas and only ask that RFO members try to uphold mutual respect within each dialogue. I am a 37 year old white, happily married mother of 2 from Buffalo, NY. I think an optional profile page would be a great idea! Please spread the word!
I remember when i was back in Iraq. We heard of this guy named was funny at first but man...when we heard him talked about 30+ minutes....i noticed we were touched and i saw some guys actually shed a tear or two....and this was back in Iraq.

hey everybody. just googled 'republicans for obama' and what do ya know. haven't read much in here yet, because i was addicted to a forum a couple of years ago, and haven't really gotten started yet. however, glad to be here.

Welcome, chiropractor! Hopefully if we get out of line you can straighten us out.

(Apologies in advance for my awful sense of humor.)

HA!! I loved it!!!


Welcome Chiropractor!! 

I am so happy to have found this site...I am married and a mother of one 3 yr. old boy and I live in Northern California.  I am only 23 years old, but ever since I have turned 18 and even my ideals before have been Republican...when I began expressing my support for Obama I began to be put down because of being a Republican...I am so happy that I am not alone!!

Obama '08...oh I am so happy right now!! haha

Welcome aboard, Tara! It's're among friends now!!

Thank you so much Barbara! Again, happy to be here!
Welcome Tara! You don't have to hang your head anymore! You're one of the few that are ahead of the curve, which means you're smarter than most! You think for yourself!

Welcome Chiropractor and Tara...repeat after me...My name is (insert name) and I'm a republican for Obama. (Now smile widely!!!)

You will find many "sponsors" in this forum to help out with your addiction.

Golf11, NYC
As far as I know, I have no reason to believe Hillary Clinton is a monster; there's no basis for that, I take her on the basis of what she says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.

Hello chiro and Tara, Welcome to RFO.  Although this forus IS addicting, it is addicting in the best sort of way.  We are all united behind a common cause, for the good of our country, not one particular party.  I'm so glad to meet all of the newcomers, and look forward to getting to know you and hear your thoughts.
Golf-you always crack me up. Now I can't get this picture out of my mind: we (along with our newest members) are all in a big circle telling our little dirty secret to our support group. Hello. my name is Izzy, I'm a Republican who voted for Bush twice (supportive nods of ecouragement dance around the room, Barbara gently grabs my hand) and (insert big, dramatic deep breath here) I support Barack Obama for president. (oooh's and ahhh's echo throughout the room.) I let out a big sigh and sob on Suzi's shoulder while those around me line up to give supportive hugs and words of encouragement. Sorry-I know we've been saying "Stop the drama" for awhile so I better watch myself lest I get get too carried away in my own imagination! I think we need a 10 step plan!

Izzy, you got mascara on my new blouse, but that's ok.  I feel your pain...;-)   I loved your scenario, because Golf's post brought the same vision to my mind...all of us sitting in a circle, "confessing".  (I'm a facilitator for a support group, so my picture is very vivid.....)

Now, for the big question...and remember, everything we say in this group is confidential.   How many of you are "out" as Obama supporters?  Do your friends and family know?  I am, and sometimes it's hard, but it's such a joy when you meet another unexpected Obamacan!

(Pssst,'s 12  Mental health is one of my passions.

Suzi, you need to get on the stick, I think Bill and Hill are in need of some mental health counseling right about now.

Hi, my name is golf, i play 27 holes a day on weekends, I hit this ball and then WALK to it and hit it again... Oops, wrong support group, nevermind.

Golf11, NYC
As far as I know, I have no reason to believe Hillary Clinton is a monster; there's no basis for that, I take her on the basis of what she says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.

While you were burning the midnight oil posting, I was doing some volunteer facilitating with Bill and Hillary.  See Hillary's speech today for a result of my work. ;-)

Holy moly! That's impressive. With results like that you must make a fortune consulting.

Hmmmmm, a consulting there's a thought.   I could certainly use a

Oh, yes-12 steps! See what happens when I post after midnight? Yes, I am "out" and proud to wear my Republicans for Obama button, talk about it to whoever will listen. Although most people around my circle are Democrats, many gave me a hard time for supporting Obama instead of Hillary. My co-workers made fun of my adoration for Obama and placed a "signed" photo of Hillary on my desk saying "I know I can count on your vote." I plastered a big response that read "Sorry, Hillary, not even under the threat of sniper fire!" It's a running joke. One co-worker who was a Hillary supporter at first then warmed up to Obama embraced me when she learned I was actually supporting a Democrat like I had finally "turned a corner."

Oh yes! The walk of shame and joy! On one hand, we are embraced by the Dem's for finally seeing the light, and on the other hand we are assaulted by RUDE remarks we would never utter to anyone when we were full blown Republican. I embrace it all, because I've always been careful not to offend, and now if I do, I do it because I believe passionately in my candidate~SO BE IT! It's not like I am being shot at, or physically assaulted. If this is the price I must pay to stand for my beliefs~I am prepared to take the WONDERFUL with the BAD.

Nothing in life worth anything, comes easy! That is why I truly believe this is the time!! We are the ones we've been waiting for!! I am not ashamed!!!

Welcome all newbies, BIG HUG FROM AN OBAMA DELEGATE IN IOWA~and damn proud of being a Repulicrat. (Republican for the first 44 yrs~democrat for Obama).

Welcome all new members!  I just wanted to give you a shout out. {{{group hug}}}

Yes, We Can!

I am doing something this election I never thought I would be doing - supporting a Democrat for president. I am tired of the failed Republican ideas and the failure of either party go rise above partisanship. The core principles of the GOP have been lost. Just as the 1980 election was a watershed in American Political history, so too is 2008. I am glad this site is here and hope it cotinues to grow - I will certainly let my Republican friends know about it. I do see Barack Obama as change I can belive in and change that is vital to the survival of our republic.

Welcome Frank, I have voted Republican for 42 years, and decided to cross-over to elect Obama. I enjoy him when he gives speeches to special interest groups and lobbyist, telling them things that they don't want to hear.

Yes, We Can!

Hi, Frank...I know exactly how you feel. It was *so* weird to walk up to the primary desk and request a "blue" ballot. (In my state they really are blue, so it's public knowledge which party you're supporting.) 

Welcome to your new board, please enjoy your stay. 

Hello everyone. I'm a Dem who is very happy to see that people from the republican party can appreciate what Sen. Obama is trying to get accomplished. Let's all work together to get him elected. I look forward to many fruitful discussions with you concerning this goal.




Welcome to the site, we like democrats too so don't be bashful!

Golf11, NYC
As far as I know, I have no reason to believe Hillary Clinton is a monster; there's no basis for that, I take her on the basis of what she says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.

We're all Americans here right? We all want what's best for our country right?

We lose our depth perception when we only have one eye. Welcome! 

I'm so glad to reach across the aisle for such a great common purpose-electing Obama as our next president. I truly feel he is the one candidate who will remind us that we may hold a "Democrat" or "Republican" title but we are Americans first! We love to chat with Democrats for a unique insight and perspective.

Hi I'm Daniela from Georgia. I'm pretty young but I've always considered myself as a Republican so it's kind of strange that I like Barack so much. Even stranger that my parents, gated golf community residing folks lol, very southern, very much conservative, adore him as well. My mom thinks he's in the John/Bobby Kennedy mold and is over the moon. My family and friends in Europe keep up with the news here in the States and can't wait for Obama to pay them a visit. It's really amazing.

For me, I guess I just see past the ideological labels now you know? Republican, Democrat. It all seems so trivial now when this country is at war and everyone, no matter what party we belong to, is looking out for our troops and our best interest. And I'm genuinely inspired not only by Obama's eloquence but by the fact that he worked his way up from obscurity, using merit and his own perseverance to achieve success. That's something our party can respect right? Anyways, I'm really glad that there is a site like this around and it's really cool to see more people like me here. Also, it's a really exciting time to be around to witness all of this and eventhough it's going to be very difficult to win in November, I'll be following and hopefully helping Obama win that election.

P.S. I found this article on us Obamacans and it's pretty interesting

Thanks so much for the article! We're trying to keep tabs on all the Obamacan stories in the media. (Funny that he misspelled Obamacan. I wonder if he did that a play on neo-con.)

Welcome to the site.

Yes, welcome to the site and invite your friends and family to join us. The more the merrier. Gated golfing community...sounds like my kinda people! Where do I sign up? :)

Golf11, NYC
As far as I know, I have no reason to believe Hillary Clinton is a monster; there's no basis for that, I take her on the basis of what she says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.


Wow, I am so glad to see this site.  I thought that I was the ONLY Republican for Sen. Obama.  I am a mother and wife and I live in Mississippi.  I grew up in a purple household; my mother’s a staunch Democrat and father is a Republican.  Now, my home is also quite purple—husband is the Dem and I am the Republican.  Everyday is a battle, because I am in a constant battle with my father who was a McCain person, but has now vowed to not vote, because he’s sick of the antics in Washington. 



You came to the right place. Welcome!

LOL, suthn, no you're not the only one...though I know here in the South it can feel like it!

Welcome Daniela, umbertoeco and Suthnga. I have voted Republican for 42 years, and find no problem voting for Obama. Thanks for the article Daniela, Ann Coulter cracks me up when she talks about McCain ('Straight Talk' Express Takes Scenic Route to Truth).

Yes, We Can!

Welcome to our growing (perhaps somewhat dysfunctional) family! Thanks for your great links, Misty. Wow-Ann Coulter does not hold back. I've never been a big fan of hers but I do think this article is reflective of how many conservatives feel. I don't think most right-wingers will vote for Obama but I think they may go with Barr or just stay home. With the potential for record turn-out on the Dem side, it spells bad news for McCain. Even his supporters seem to be critical, saying he has no passion. A guest was on Fox laying out why Obama's policies are bad and he was asked if he endorses McCain. He looked really uncomfortable and said, "Endorse is a strong word. I will vote for him but I am not endorsing him. Those are two very different things."
I've been a republican for almost 3 decades. Bush and company (including McCain) are NOT republicans.  They are profiteers.  They need to be stopped. 

Join the growing ranks of us who've figured that out too! Welcome to RFO!

Golf11, NYC
As far as I know, I have no reason to believe Hillary Clinton is a monster; there's no basis for that, I take her on the basis of what she says. And, you know, there isn't any reason to doubt that.

This is a wonderful site. I am so pleased to see that it doesn't subscribe to the dispicable antics i've seen on some other sites. Keep up the good work. It's a breath of fresh air. I am a first time registered dem voter supporting Obama. I am the stay at home Mom of 4 children, one that is 19 years of age and is a first time voter himself registered independant. I am Married to an Independant. I plan to make it paramount in my home to vote to make a difference to my other children also. I used to believe that my vote didn't matter, then I saw this man speak and I began to get very interested in politics and what the candidates were really talking about. I got very excited about voting and supporting Obama. I try to go to all the sites I can to see the point of view of my fellow Americans and I must say again this site of yours in refreshing. I am indeed impressed with your members. Thank you all for allowing me to view your site and I personally give my word of honor that I will stay the course of fairness that you all show here.

Wow, that's quite a crew you've got, Simply! Great that your kid is voting for the first time this year. What an exciting time to be experiencing your first election!

Thanks for the kind words, we've put quite a bit of effort into keeping the discourse positive and civil around here. It's nice of you to notice.


Welcome SimplyBlue, I'm a grandmother of five, so I know how busy you are. We hope this forum will be a useful tool for you. We try to keep up with everything going on in the campaign. If you have any questions or opinions feel free leave a post.

This election year is about "we the people", and it is our duty to hold the government accountable to the people in which it is for. Voting is one of the most active ways of having our voices heard. It gives us the right to voice your likes and dislikes about our government leaders. Obama has my vote, because he has the strongest voice for working families and their issues - and I'm commited every step of the way in getting him elected.

Have a great day to you and your family, keep in touch.  We are always hanging around here. :-)

Yes, We Can!

Welcome SimplyBlue from the RFO family!

Just found this thread here.

Well, my name is Adam Smith, a 21 year old Democratic voter from Michigan, but an often centrist voter who could either swing left or right. Most of the time I have supported Democrats for public office but in 2000 before I was of legal age to vote Senator John McCain was my choice for President, and this year I am considering casting my vote for a Republican majority in Congress. I currently attend a two-year college going for my Associate Degree, and my second year begins in a couple months.

 I found Republicans for Obama last year as I was doing research into cross-over political group. After seeing how many common viewpoints people here have with other Obama supporters from other political groups and parties, I decided to join up and begin talking about why we want Obama for President and how we can help him win.

 I may be a Democrat, and I might be one for life, but I believe the Republican Party has been absolutely great for this nation over the years and decades. It has a proud history behind it of patriotic service. However some Republicans today are taking the party over and turning it away from its basic principles, and making it a party of polarization and irresponsibility.

 My parents are both strong supporters of Barack Obama as well, although they hold no party affiliation. My father may be going out to the polls for the first time in several decades. Plus I was able to convince two of my best friends, one is a conservative Republican, to vote for him in the election. With good solid local grassroots work, surely this state can come out a strong blue for Barack Obama on November 4th.

 wow. What a fascinating outlook. Especially for someone so young! Really impressive.

Totally agree with you on the irresponsibility of the party. Hopefully that will be short-lived.


Vero armadillo sum.



Like Adam above me, I'm one of those relatively young (25) voters who are taking a hard look at the political parties in this country and trying to make my own decision.  I am a liberal in the political economy sense, and with my career focus in international trade, I tend to side with Republicans on how we conduct business on the international stage.  As a student of Frank Fukuyama and Michael Mandelbaum in grad school, and with a couple degrees in dispute resolution and international relations, I'm very critical of politicians in the run-up to elections.  While I do tend to also be liberal on social policies (I'm more of the "it's not my decision, or the government's, to tell you how to live your personal life" kind of person), I am quite a fence-sitter on issues of the economy, foreign affairs, and the way that the U.S. participates in the global arena. I know better, and I expect a candidate to not assume that I am an idiot.

While I do like to read many different opinions, I love that the bloggers here look at issues from angles that aren't frequently addressed elsewhere.  One of the best parts of this site is the amount of consideration given to alternate arguments and explanations - rather than dismissing as Obama-bashing any statement that criticizes our candidate, I've seen a lot of care go into fleshing out opinions with facts and supporting statements with more than enthusiasm.  That type of parity and care for the opinions of others who may not be in the Obama camp hook-line-and-sinker really appeals to me.  His rockstar oratorical skills are great for TV, but I'm voting for him based on how I think the U.S. could look in four years.  And I think that you guys get that. Thanks.

Hello, Holly!

Thanks for your compliments. We do get carried away at times when the Obamabashers coem by, but for the most part we try to listen to what detractors/critics have to say and address their points rather than just running them off the site. Nice that you noticed.

Good to have your perspective as a young open-minded voter. Great that you're getting involved so early, and that you realize that it's more important to listen to what the man says than how he says it.


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