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Obama surges in latest polls.

By GreatDane303 - Posted on 04 August 2007

The 2008 election seems like a long way off. Like many of you I naturally feel removed from the Democratic party process. Once again, we are reminded why we are Republicans, when the Democrats favor yet another party demagogue. Senator Obama is behind in the polls. The establishment in the Democratic Party believes Hillary is their best bet. Even though we all know she will only divide this country further. They want to reward her for years of fierce political battles for the Democratic Party. Can this Nation really afford another 4 years of political gridlock?

We are proud to be Republicans. In the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. While we may differ in opinions on some issues, we share a common belief that America needs a leader that can move us forward. We all believe that Barack Obama is this nation's best hope for the next 8 years. So show your support with an Obama campaign pin, or t-shirt or bumper sticker. Wear this not only to show your support, but more importantly to get people talking. Trust me, wearing my Republicans for Obama gear attracts interest from both parties. Don't worry if not everyone agrees with you and don't walk away if they don't, use it as an opportunity to get people talking about Obama. Even someone that doesn't agree with you can be an ally, as they are even more likely than a supporter to get other people talking about Obama.

Obama Gear:

"Super Duper Tuesday" is fast approaching and now is the time to reach across party lines. My state does not have open primaries, so what can I do? As difficult as it may be, now is the time to talk to your Democratic friends. It's OK to admit you have some. Get them talking about Senator Obama and more importantly, make sure they will vote. Obama's supporters are typically younger, open minded, intelligent and educated. Exactly the kind of people that have been turned-off to the political process and rarely vote in Primary Elections. We can't leave this election up to the Democratic Party elite, we know who they want. Find out what you can do to assist Democrats for Obama organizations in your area. Volunteer to get the Obama message out for your state Democratic Primary! Let's all concentrate on delivering our own state for Obama on February 5th! If we Republicans ever want the opportunity to elect Obama for President, we have to help him take back the nomination from the Democratic aristocracy.

why put the power and hope in democratic friends hands for the primaries? if you believe in obama, change your party affiliation. it is a temporary solution that will empower you to cast YOUR vote, not hope someone else will cast theirs for whom you hope wins the nomination.

yes, i am a democrat- born and bred. but for a brief period during Bush's first run for presidency, i was a card carryin' republican. my guy didn't win... but i bet if more people would quit being loyalists to a party, and begin to become loyalists to their country-- changing of parties would be a sign of patriotism when the best option is on the "other" side of the fence-- my guy might have won back then... and your guy might win now.

p.s. i'm back to my democratic roots. but... i'm glad i made the visit to red land. ;)

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