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As if there weren't enough

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 23 June 2007

reasons to prefer Obama, Hillary has selected Celine Dion for her campaign music.

What kind of person would choose Celine over U2 and Smash Mouth??


Why not a good AMERICAN band like Bon Jovi, John Meyer, Earth,Wind,& Fire, or Rascal Flats?

A large part of the reason, I believe, that good Republicans are gasping for air and looking outside their party at candidates like Obama is that their party has been hijacked by a bunch of interventionist, big government, deficit spending, anti-libertarian, incompetent zealots with the aid of a massive media blitz from Rupert Murdoch and Fox. Fox, down to Bush's Fox spokesperson Tony Snow, wraps these bogus zealots in the American flag and attacks anyone who isn't onboard as traitors. Murdoch and his Fox apologist squad are the firewall that is preventing this bogus lot from facing accountability for their rampant lawbreaking and failed policies.

Now Murdoch threatens to take over one of America's most venerable and honest news institutions, the Wall Street Journal.

I for one am canceling my online subscription to the Wall Street Journal if the Bancroft family sells out to the right-wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Conservatives complain incessantly about liberal billionaires like Soros lurking in the shadows. Yet somehow Republicans are unable to pinpoint Soros' levers that exercise anywhere near the influence of the national Fox News Network and the rest of the Murdoch media empire. Despite Soros' alleged manipulations, Republicans have been quite successful in getting themselves elected until the last election when their incompetence and corruption were just too much for voters to continue to stomach.

Is it a coincidence that the Bush Republican’s rise coincided with Murdoch’s dominance of the media? Murdoch’s Fox Network famously called the 2000 election in favor of the Republican candidate, causing all the other networks to follow suit. Only later after the impact of the Democratic candidate being the underdog was felt did Fox News admit that it had no basis at all to call the election and, indeed, was suspiciously on the phone with Republican campaign officials that night. In the next Presidential election Fox parroted dubious smears to the Democratic candidate from a partisan group with murky origins (the Swifties). A documentary on Fox showed how these actions were not a coincidence and how the “news” network circulated daily memos instructing their broadcasters on which party line of the day to tow, such as the Democratic Presidential candidate being a “flip flopper.” Indeed, a Fox News alum has taken the top media position within the White House itself.

Murdoch himself has slipped in publicly admitting that he used his network to try to manipulate the country concerning the war in Iraq. Murdoch is not interesting in the goal of reporting the news to reveal the truth, but rather in the goal of using the news as a tool to manipulate the public to promote his right-wing agenda.

In short, Murdoch’s claim that he will be non-partisan in taking over the Wall Street Journal is not credible. He has made similar promises before only to reneg.

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