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Responding to Tom, II

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 21 June 2007

So, I sent an email to Tom Bevan regarding his recent blog about Republican support for Obama. Here is the text of that email:

Thanks for your recent discussions of the phenomenon known as Republicans for Obama. We at RFO found your analyses to be refreshingly accurate and a nice change from the hyped "look at all the GOPs flocking to Obama" approach.

To answer your question,

"And, again, a lot of it has to do with who the Republicans nominate. I'm particularly interested in hearing from Republicans who would pull the lever for Obama over Giuliani in the general. The polling data I cited this morning suggests that describes about 8-10% of Republicans. If you're among this group, send me an email."

I cannot speak for the group as a whole, of course. Some are sold on Obama all the way through the general election, whereas others are pulling for him in the primary and will "wait and see" whom the GOPs shake out.

If you wish for a personal point of view: I am very concerned that the GOP candidates, with the exception of McCain and Paul, are all on record as supporters of "enhanced interrogation" (read: torture), and seem little concerned over the slow abridgment of constitutional rights we've seen from this administration. This issue represents the very heart and soul of this nation. Do we or do we not respect human dignity? The Geneva Convention? Constitutional rights?

At the recent debate you heard Romney "I think we oughtta double Gitmo" and Tancredo "I'm looking for Jack Bauer." The others offered similar sentiments. There is no reason for a Republican candidate to subscribe to this kind of thinking. This platform has nothing to do with (in some respects is the polar opposite of) the traditional party line. So as long as they cling to this end-justifies-the-means security platform, or even equivocate on the issue, I will be looking elsewhere for a candidate to support, even if it means one with a record and platform as liberal as those of Obama.

I threw that together pretty fast so I don't know how real or clear it is, but I hope it helps.

In his note, he suggests that I misinterpreted the intent and specifics of his original blog. It was my impression that his only original intent was to critically analyze the piece published by Hunter at the Chicago Sun Times, and the nature of Republican support for Obama. Tom, if I misunderstood or inadvertently misrepresented your intent, I apologize.



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