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Turning their Baracks...

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 13 June 2007

The New York Post recently ran an article on cross-party support for Obama. We certainly appreciate Ms. Callahan taking the time to research the matter and include our site in her article.

There were a couple of points, though, that I want to address.

Check out this quote (emphasis added):

Lucas Morel, associate professor of politics at Washington and Lee University, agrees. "A successful Obama is like a successful Tiger Woods, right? Golf is known as a white man's game - and Tiger doesn't just come in, he cleans their clocks and treats the golf course like a pool table. So, a young black man coming in and succeeding - we can say, 'Good for us! We've gotten over our racism and slavery!' " He laughs. "It's all psychological. Who's gonna admit that they like Obama because it makes them feel better about themselves?"

And Morel thinks Obama's cross-party appeal is as limited as his honeymoon period. "I think when people scratch the surface, they're going to see someone who's really left-leaning," he says. "The domestic stuff - health care, abortion, stem cell research - will be too much for conservatives."


Wow, that's quite a statement to make. White people support Obama because it "makes [us] feel better" about ourselves. I had no idea. Frankly, I find the notion insulting. Seems to me there's something inherently racist in that remark.

And what about the next comment? Throughout the article there's an implication that Republicans must not know what Obama stands for if they support him. Well, hello, I think you'll find that most of us have done our homework. Sure he's left of center (understatement), but at least he's got a consistent record...It says a lot that we do know what he stands for. Because of some of his stances, Obama may not ever have tremendous cross party support, but to underestimate the potential would be a mistake.


Obama is the first Democratic candidate I ever went out to meet.   He is, of course, a Democrat and we have to expect him to think and act like a Democrat.  He won my favor in that meeting because I don't think his posture of reaching out across the aisle is just spin.  I think he will listen and work toward compromise and unity that will end the intense partisanship and deadlock in Washington.  The Republican candidates have already compromised themselves beyond redemption in my book by heavily appealing to the Christian Right that, in my opinion, has no concern whatsoever for fiscal accountability and the individual freedoms that Republicans have always stood for.  I don't intend to abandon my party but it has gone too far to the right and I am liking Obama more and more...much to my total surprise.


As reticent as we are given to believe white Americans remain about electing a Black man like Senator Barack Obama to be their president ~ and as impervious to logic as their enduring prejudices are to the rest of mankind ~ is it necessarily counter-intuitive to imagine that they would be any less reluctant to appoint two Black men to their nation’s two highest offices? Would such hesitance be compounded ~ or would it not reverse and cancel out itself? Especially if the other Black man was General Colin Powell in the role of vice president?

Does it robotically follow that an America which has yet to demonstrate a readiness to be led by a single Black man would automatically baulk at the prospect of two such men in the White House? Or would so daring a display of political chutzpah not, effectively, “checkmate” those reservations and capture the imagination of Americans like nothing in the entire political history of that country?

Indeed, wouldn’t the mere coupling of two individuals with such stellar credentials not only serve to allay any fears about their fitness for such high offices but would actually enhance the confidence of the American electorate in so iconic a presidential partnering? For, does the answer to the “Black President Question” not, in fact, lie in an unprecedented political double-act, a unique “double whammy”, consisting of not just any random pairing but of this Black president and that Black vice president?

Would an Obama/Powell ticket be deemed “too Black” for the American electoral palette? Or would the combined calibre of both men have the opposite effect of, essentially, "aggregating out" their “over-Blackness” in a manner which would negate it as an adverse consideration in the minds of voters precisely because it was so, well, omni-present?

Is Senator Obama ~ who really has nothing to lose at this point ~ possessed of the raw gutsiness to double his political bets and altogether pre-empt the entire question of America’s willingness to accept a man like himself in the role of CEO, by tapping General Powell as his running mate and teasing the American electorate with the eye-popping prospect of two Black rulers in the West Wing at the same time? Indeed, may the answer to that age-old conundrum not lie on the far side of so brazen a display of sheer political sass? For, what other coupling could possibly match it? What presidential tag team would even come close? The US elections would be over before they had barely begun.

Having used his recent appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press to make known that not only had he provided foreign policy advice to candidate Obama but that his “eyes and ears” remained open to requests to serve his country, General Powell unintentionally dangled, for that most fleeting of moments, the tantalizing prospect of what would be the most sensational single occurrence in American political history.

Since the question of whether or not America could ever “bring herself” to elect a Black president remains unresolved ~ and to the extent that concerns about “competence” have underpinned that reluctance ~ Americans should take heart from the knowledge that the institutions, procedures and functions of their nation are Herculean enough to check and balance the best efforts of even the most inept, ghetto-blasting and afro-having occupant of the Oval Office. For, not only does America need to elect a Black president ~ if for no other reason than to get it “over and done with” and thus forever erase it from her national psyche as a question ~ but she, unique among the nations of the Earth, can both afford and withstand such a presidency.

The breathtaking possibility of two Black men ~ each of the very highest calibre and pedigree ~ assuming power as both president and vice president of a country still so contorted and torn by its ghastly legacy of racial bigotry would dramatize and electrify the United States of America and the world beyond her shores. It would transform the national dialogue in that country and galvanise her electorate as never before. As the quintessential Manichean obverse to Bush/Cheney, the Obama/Powell administration would revolutionise the global identity of America and infuse her with a new momentum and meaning.

A Democrat like Senator Obama and a Republican like General Powell would provide the perfect bi-partisan ideological balm that could heal a divided America and surge her toward a better tomorrow. Such an Obama-Powell Presidency would be nothing short of messianic and would renew America’s purpose in our world.

This possibility cannot be allowed to be a mere “dream”; for America and the world’s sake, it must become reality.


For more on Obama/Powell, visit:


I have heard the term "White Guilt" used in the past, applied to liberals who feel that they must make up for the injustices inflicted upon people of color during the early years of our nation.  My great grandfather served in the Union Army from 1861 to 1865, and made it through the entire wore unscathed.  As far as I'm concerned my families dues are paid.  I don't support Barack Obama out of guilt or trying to make up for something, I support him because he's honest, and down to earth.  I support him because you can look him in the eye and know that he means exactly what he says.  Unlike the majority of the fluid candidates who try to fit into the container they happen to be in at the moment, Barack Obama stands out as a man who represents the people and desires to put our dreams and the needs of this nation at the forefront of his campaign.   It's tragic that certain "educated" individuals try to put him in a little "black" box.
how will you help the people that are disable  and the eelder  who live  on small amount's of money.For  i'm  left to live on 665.00 a month  and i get 16.00 a child  a month   and this is my socail securty and my rent is three hunderd a month  and after i paid and my bills i have about  60.oo a month to live on .  someone needs to fix this problem  not just for me  but for every one. so please email me back and  tell me why i should vote for you . mr obama. thank you  god bless you and your famliy.

Hi, there.

Listen, my son is profoundly handicapped so I understand your concerns. 

But we can't connect you to Obama himself, nor speak for him.

You my want to see his policy statements:

Or to contact his staff:

good luck and thanks for stopping by. 

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