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Debate II

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 04 June 2007


Obama kicked ass: composed, intelligent, articulate, consistent...without seeming too rehearsed. But he's starting to face tough questions about how much all his proposals will cost...I see the taxation issue becoming the big obstacle for him in the long run.

Clinton seems satisfied to step back and decline to go on the offensive. I wonder if she assumes herself to be the heir apparent at this point. She and Obama seemed quite congenial at the debate...almost seemed to be working together.

Edwards looked pretty solid. Not afraid to go on the attack. Mostly articulate throughout. Made a strong case that we should re-establish our alliances and our moral authority.

Biden was excellent, but didn't seem to say anything very memorable. I think his performance will be largely forgotten by the viewers.

Richardson and Gravel were all over the place. Confusing with no abiliy to manage their time. 

Kucinich, I thinks he comes across so anti-war that he seems anti-troops. I think he'll alienate himself from the American core.

Dodd made the point that he would restore the abridged Constitutional rights, but was otherwise unmemorable.

Looking forward to the GOPs tomorrow.


I am new to this site... But I am inspired to read such non-partisan support for a great guy. This site gives me hope that our nation's not-to-distant future will be rid of the ugly and hateful politics of the last several years.

Keep up the great work!

I think the press mistakenly claimed Hillary beat Obama at the debate for the very reason the public favors Obama over Hillary. Hillary was louder. For example, she made a big deal out of objecting to the show of hands format. Obama, on the other hand, said things that had substance. He has been quietly out there doing the right thing way before the others. Like objecting to the war before it started, as opposed to voting for it. Being one of the first Senators to fight for veterans rights. Voting for the bill to cut off funding before Hillary did (she followed him). Not agreeing to appear on a news network that lambasted him as somehow being connected to a terrorist madras (Hillary followed him again). I'm not going to agree with everything he does, but I think he's smart and sincere with good judgment. I trust his decisionmaking and that he will appoint qualified, competent people back into our government.

I'm a conservative republican and an Obama supporter because of his compassion, his faith in God and how he views people who are not so privileged. I oppose his views on abortion, but that's ok. Mary Cheney supported George Bush even knowing he opposed Gay marriage. It's difficult to have a president who ticks ALL of EVERYONE'S boxes. Obama ticks the most important boxes for me and that's good enough to get my vote of he wins the dem. nomination.

HELLO everyone. I saw John Martin in an article holding a Republican For Obama sticker. Anyone got any idea where i can buy those stickers? Thanks

Yes. You can get RFO gear here:

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While I may not necessarily support an Obama for president, I would support him against the rest of the democratic candidates. I still think there is time for us republicans to find a candidate who most of us agree with. Nothing personal against the senator, but I would only vote for him if I didn't have a GOP option.

Candace, it's great that you're staying informed about candidates from both parties. Like you said, we'll have to see who each party nominates and decide who to vote for then. But I'm certainly hoping Obama will take the Dem nom.

Thanks for taking the time to post!

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