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Issues and Ideas

By John Martin - Posted on 27 May 2007

Few things grate on me more then when a presidential candidate gets on the stump and discusses where he or she now stands on an issue, or talks about his or her latest clever idea to tackle a national problem. After a while you realize that most candidates don’t really stand for anything, other than to just get themselves elected. After a while you get sick of the cutesy ideas that get thrown around every four years, and just want someone who can get the job done.

To become energy independent, we don’t need any more cute ideas. To balance the budget, or to make Social Security sustainable, we don’t need any more cleverness. To beat India and China in Science and Math and keep our nation as the world’s economic leader, we don’t need anymore piecemeal solutions. What we need is a president who can reach across party lines, unite more than 51% of the electorate, and ensure that we solve our most pressing problems now while we still can.

I’m a Republican, but I’m ok with a gas tax, higher emissions standards, and subsidies for alternative fuels, if it will help us become energy independent.

I’m a Republican, but I’m fine with raises in taxes to balance the budget, especially if Senators Lott, Stevens and the rest of them refuse to keep government spending down.

I’m a Republican, but I want the federal government to force the states to educate the best and brightest engineers and scientists in the world, so long as the states won’t do it themselves.

50 years from now, I don’t want to look back to today and remember how partisan gridlock kept our country from moving forward and remaining the most powerful and admired nation on earth. From what I’ve seen, Barack Obama is the only candidate who feels the same way I do. He’s also the only candidate with the ability to command the support of more than 51% of Americans.

This will be my last blog for at least 9 months. If the states stop moving their primaries up, maybe I’ll be back before the candidates are picked.

Good luck, John. We'll be thinking of you!

We'll do our best to hold down the RFO homestead while you're away!


Good luck John - see you in 9 months - come home safe.

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