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Another Defector

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 07 May 2008

This from CNN....

Obama's victory in North Carolina and Clinton's narrow win in Indiana led one of Clinton's most prominent backers, Sen. George McGovern, to switch his support from Clinton to Obama, Clinton campaign sources said.

The Democratic presidential nominee in 1972 also said he urged Clinton to drop out of the race, saying it was virtually impossible for her to win the nomination.

SuZA!! I saw him on MSNBC talking to Nora about it! Saw it breaking, so to speak. I love this guy for doing this TODAY. This will for sure make a huge impact on the others.

HE IS THE KING MAKER! Sorry Al Gore. You snoozed, you loozed! ha!

What a difference in campaigns. Obama's gets 1.5 million small donors who truly believe in his message and keep giving, wanting a stake in this historical moment! Clinton got lots of $ from PAC and Lobbyists but that dries up fast. She loans herself $5 million early on and had a few times in which she claimed to be raising decent/or extreme amounts (I don't trust her word on that, however) and now she has given millions more to herself.

-So the people believe in Obama

-Lobbyists and the Clinton's believe in Hillary

She still does not get it-wow. It shows just how out of touch she really is. Bill Clinton looked really shaken last night, like it was hitting him for the first time that his power and tricks had not worked.  We are turning a page in's amazing to watch.

Yeah, that Bill face was priceless. He campaigned the helloutta the states and this must be so disappointing for him (yeah, I don't care at all how he feels!)

That 6.4 million is a really bizzare number......does anyone else think that it smells like that loan was made after the money trickled in after her PA win and she wanted to make it look like say...10 Million? That's all I am gonna say about that!

Debbie Kozikowski of is a superdelegate and was interviewed today on MSNBC about 11 am today.  I think that she is endorsing Obama.  Did you folks go to and The Field blog?  What did you think of the Bloyer radio guy and his version of history and all?


She was previously leaning towards Clinton.


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