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McCain Grasping at Straws

By Erik Paterson - Posted on 27 May 2007

A New York Post article by Charles Hunt, written on May 26, 2007 states that Senator McCain blasted Senator Obama as a "Dope headed dove, ready to surrender to AL-Qaeda, and waving a white flag by voting late Thursday against funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A McCain staffer told that "Obama wouldn't know the difference between an RPG and a bong," a reference to a rocket-propelled grenade and Obama's admitted past drug use.

I find it interesting that Senator McCain would use this type of attack against Senator Obama, when it is well known that our sitting President had a drug and alcohol problem in his own past, and it is a good possibility that during Senator McCains stint in the Navy during Viet Nam, he may have taken a toke or two himself.  But then you are only guilty if you get caught, or are honest and openly admit it.

 Yes, Senator Obama and Senator Clinton voted against this latest war funding bill.  "McCain accused both Obama and Clinton of embracing a "policy of surrender" and pandering to their party's increasingly vocal anti-war primary voters." (Hurt)

Senator Clinton, in defense of her vote stated, "I think it's important for someone like me who's been a strong supporter of the military and has worked hard to get our troops everything they need to start saying, 'Look, the best thing we can do for them is to get them out of the middle of this sectarian civil war,'"  For once, I agree with Senator Clinton.

Senator Obama has made it clear that he is not a "DOVE", and strongly supports the use of military strength against our enemies, and that he does not oppose war, but opposes a "DUMB WAR", which is what we are currently involved in.  No one is working harder in the Senate than Barack Obama in support of our troops, their families, and the care of our wounded veterans on their return home.

Go ahead and grasp at straws Senator McCain by attacking Senator Obamas' past, because that is all you have; and don't ever expect the vote of this former Marine.  I believe Senator McCain should start listening to the voice of the people who put him in office and stop spewing his misguided venom.

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