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Indiana and N.C.

By Mem - Posted on 05 May 2008

Boy I do not understand why the media has launhced such an Obama attack unless they really are Clinton Stations.  Between Fox and MSNBC they just cannot let go of the Wright thing.  HRC has had the media and the republicans fighting her battles for her.  She really doesn't need to do anything.

Anyway can y'all share this link with friends, family and anyone you can think of so that people can see why the republicans want HRC to be the nominee.

This is just a small amount of dirt they have on her.  It's also a good site to keep up on the lateest.  (Most of the time) LOL   We really need to get this kind of stuff out to the folks in Indiana and N.C. before the vote tomorrow.

Thanks everyone,



I find it amazing that people are so blind that they cannot see that HRC has used the media which is very bias and the republicans to fight her battles. It is obvious that she will do anything, say anything and promise anything to become the first woman president. People want things to change and yet they continue to vote for HRC who will change nothing accept maybe the furniture in the White House.





I was watching some of the "news" after a conference call today, and even MSNBC, which I can't watch Morning Joe AT ALL anymore, even with Mika trying to say positive things about Obama, even this afternoon, Mrs Greenspan was talking to a top Clinton Aid, and then another and another. I popped in and saw Tim Russert with Terry McCawliff(spell) and didn't even stop him about the "popular vote" bullSHEET! I swear I am going to loose it over that~popular vote is the biggest LIE of all. That leaves out many states with Caucus' and we had hundreds of thousands of people voting in caucus states! ****calming down.

I couldn't stomach the Russert softball job to McAwful (spell) so I didn't get to see if he had an Obama supporter. Lordy Lordy, I am aging by the moment!!!

Gotta keep the HOPE ALIVE or drink heavily!!!

GObama 08

LOL Sandi I know how you feel.  I'm to the point where my hubby can't even stand to be around me anymore.  By the time he comes home from work I am swearing at every media new station on T.V.

I just can't understand how people can fall for her crap and it is crap!  Howard Dean and Kerry both asked MSNBC to knock it off and move on and so they were like little children thumbing their nose at them and did the right thing all weekend.  I use to have a lot of respect  for hannity way back when but now I can't stand the man. 

Boy I need a stiff drink and then some.  To make matters worse the weather is horrible here so I have to keep shutting my computer down:(

I'll have a drink for both of us Sandi:)


I am not a human being looking for a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being looking for a human experience.

CHEERS TO THAT!!! Cinco de Mayo~let it be Corona!!!!!

 GObama 08

Dick Morris was on FOX around 5pm. They were talking about that Florida "trick up Clinton's sleeve" that was brought up here on RFO. He stated very clearly the ploy won't work and gave a host of credible reasons, laughing at the math they were using. He had the best line: "Obama WILL be the nominee. You can take that to the bank!" Yes we can!!


WHOO HOO!   YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!

I would bet you anything that if those "few" republicans that were sent to vote by Rush L. had not voted for hil that Obama would have won Indian too!

Obama Rocks!



I am not a human being looking for a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being looking for a human experience.

I agree with you 100% Mem!  I think Operation Chaos gave her Indiana. 

What do you know about Bill being on Rush's show?  Do you have that on your blog?

I went to the Limbaugh website <gag> and found out that Rush played a sound clip of someone's interview with Bill, detailing an chance encounter they had at a restaurant.  Bill and Rush tell totally different stories about the meeting.  Out of those two liars, I choose to believe neither! ;-)  Anyway, that clears up the confusion.

Hey Suzi, I heard something about it but I haven't checked it out yet because my computer has been running really slow.  Some of it the storm we had and some of it is the fact that we live in the country and all we can get is dial up!  YUK  (the price you pay)

Lee, sounds like you had a great time!  Wish I could have been a part of it.  I know some people think that my site is negative but I want the people to know who the clintons really are.  The media has been so biased that someone has to stand up and point out what the media doesn't let you know about the clintons.  I also let people know that Obama does not endorse my blog:)

Anywho, I will see what I can find on the bill and rush thing.

Obama ROCKS big time!


I am not a human being looking for a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being looking for a human experience.

Ok Suzi, this is something I found.  I haven't had a chance to check out the link but I have found this same story about it in several places.  I also found something that said Bill and Rush met for lunch during this period but the paper had put it in it's archives and closed it.

This all took place during the Texas primary

Yeah, on March 4, but there was a guest host, Mark Davis -- still pretty despicable 'cause Bill was, in effect, appealing to Rush Limbaugh's listeners -- the idea was to get them to cross party lines and vote in the primaries for Hillary.

Rush's homepage has a link.

I am not a human being looking for a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being looking for a human experience.

Yesterday was really a good day for Senator Obama!  I worked for him with the local Obama '08 group in Franklin County, North Carolina.  We had 5 days to make a difference and his fantastic organization came through.  Everyone jumped in and did the job ... no matter what it was.  I took a 91 year-old-woman in to vote yesterday.   That felt good.  The aftermath?  I think we will soon see the end of Hillary Clinton's campaign. 

I would be very interested in any organization that the NC Republicans for Obama have planned.  We could really turn several states for him.  As Republicans, we add a voting group which greatly compliments his base supporters.  I have worked in politics for many years.  Notably, I worked with the Nixon Re-Elect Campaign (Ohio - media and special events for 5 counties including Cuyahoga), The Robert Taft vs. Jim Rhodes campaign (Ohio - Cuyahoga County and surrounding areas, volunteer build-up and voting organization with over 10,000 "working" volunteers) and the Ralph Perk campaign (Cleveland, Ohio - advertising, media buy, public relations and volunteer activities.) 

 Currently, I started a blogging/media group called the OWLS (old white ladies for Obama). This was great fun and gave The Senator a different support group.  The group has grown and now has many folks who are OWLS, it seems almost a simultaneous combustion.

 In Louisburg I have been active in the Guardian ad Litem program working with disadvantaged children and also served as the Foreman of the Grand Jury for one year. I now work partime as a media consultant.

 Re: Operation Chaos ... I actually met and spoke with 6 people who joined in this circus.  In Indiana, the figures show the definate probability that this group cost Obama the Indiana victory.  I guess I am one of the old-fashioned Republicans who believes your vote is sacred ... it is not a game.   Therefore, I am looking forward to actually being able to vote for Barack Obama in November!!!!!!!!!! 

I am interested in positively helping Barack Obama ... negativity will only do him harm.  Thanks for your time.

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