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Republican for 30 Years, But Voting for Obama

By Bill Dreisbach - Posted on 08 October 2012

As a registered Republican for over 30 years now, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

  • I like government that stays out of peoples' lives, and doesn’t dictate who we can and can’t marry for example.
  • I believe in a clean environment, not one that is trashed for short term corporate profits.
  • I think business interests are important, but giving them an overwhelming say in our elections (e.g. Citizens United) puts them at a disproportionate advantage. Corporations should serve people, not the other way around.
  • I think everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, not 0% for the rich and up to 35% for us schmucks (as Romney stated with his push to 0% capital gains taxes).  I think any talk about deficit reduction without associated talk about revenue increases (e.g. taxes) is just ridiculous.
  • I would like to vote for someone who doesn’t hide their income taxes, move their wealth offshore, and has a real position on issues-- not “elect me and I’ll tell you later”.
  • I’d like a real Republican candidate who shares my values, not one who is beholden to the extreme lunatic fringe of the party.
  • I think health care is important for everyone, and ambulance rides to emergency rooms and bankrupting people isn’t the most cost effective or humane way to provide that to the nation.
  • I think that everyone should be able to vote-- it is what our fathers fought for in wars, and right wing attacks on this basic freedom to manipulate political outcomes is beyond contempt.
  • And speaking of fighting, I think a war should be a serious thing that requires serious involvement by our citizens, both from a financial (taxes) and social standpoint.  And the troops who put their lives in the line should be thanked and helped, unlike what the Republicans did last week by killing the veterans’ jobs bill.
Quite frankly, I’d like to thank President Obama for the last 4 years of working to save us from a certain financial cliff, getting us out of Iraq, helping to protect the environment, and promoting the ‘small government’ get-out-of-my-life social issues that I believe are important.
Thank you for this breath of fresh honesty.
[quote=Carma_Chan]Thank you for this breath of fresh honesty.[/quote] Ditto :)
ok, you name that stuff and you are a republican and would vote for Obama? LMAO hahahahahahaha..sorry .. Obama is a military supporter eh? Romney is only for rich eh? what has he said elect me and I'll tell ya later? a governmenr that stays out of peoples lives and you would vote Obama? Suppose you were in support of Obamas energy plans to combat this pretend global warming? I suppose the wealthy should be taxed heavier...listen I am poor but seldom do you see poor people hiring supply jobs with private business more people hired, more money spent at home, more money in our system...but lets have a government with red tape galore that even the rich then move their jobs to foreign countries. So much red tape is due to a climate hoax in that....lets give millions and millions to green energy groups who go bankrupt....lets build this deficit deeper as hes worked hard doing..yep I'd wanna vote Obama also if i was a republican
Poorly phrased and even worst thinking, quit while you are ahead.

You might want to look up Stockholm Syndrome, seriously.

Blakey, is that you???

that is a republican agenda I can get down with

The biggest problem with Republicans right now is they think they can buy elections. This election will prove it to them if Gov. Romney is elected. They will start working there magic in state elections and even lesser levels to control every aspect of government. 

I used to be a Republican but the party has left me, they only have one care. They say it all the time, give the wealthy more tax cuts. Who is going to pay the services we all enjoy?  

Our city is already cutting back on hours our police dept is maning the offices here, it is only the beginning of what is to come. 

After the IN Senate candidate Richard Mourdock's comments about rape leading to a pregnancy is basically God's will, I am not sure that the Republican Party can be saved. Senators Cornyn and McConnell both seem to declare it was much to do about nothing. Well it is not nothing to a lot of women in the Republican Party not to mention other women. Also doesn't believe that insurance companies should pay for contraceptives. I am sick and tired of the hard right and their white male neanderthal thinking. Romney cut the only ad for a Senator for Mourdock and decided this afternoon to stand by his request to people of Indiana to send Mourdock to the Senate. The GOP has gone so far hard right that I do not recognize the party. GOP is turning into the party of racism along with everything else. The hard right are some of the meanest people I have ever met here in OK -- they attack if you dare disagree with them threatening you. Worst are the religious right who come after you with a vengence. Do we not have anyone in leadership of the Republican that will work to take back the Party and shut down the hard right?
Wow, 1. I like how people will bring up marriage as what republicans are against and we shouldn't dictate who someone can marry but then then turn around and say that people should not have school choice, you should have to buy health insurance, you should not drink a large softdrink, and you should not drive a suv. Yet when it comes to marriage how dare you have an opinion that should be with a man and a woman. 2. Environment that is trashed for short term corporate profits. Do you even realize the standards that are put on companies in the country compared to all the rest. You know what we could do is shut down every factory in America that will stop global climate change and we will be so much better off. 3. Donors for elections intersting that both candidates raised about the same amount of money yet I am sure that all of Obamas money came from the middle class .... wink, wink. 4. Pay your fair share what does that even mean? Do you really know what you are talking about. Lets face it we are already at the 80/20 rule 20% of the people pay 80% of the taxes. When exactly is enough, enough. You know the single reason why business have been going over seas? Let me tell you it is because of taxes. You want to raise the corporate tax rate see how many new business that generates in the US. We have the highest tax rate of any developed country look it up. 5. Hilarious, I would be willing to bet that any of the middle class 401ks, union pension funds, the presidents pension fund has overseas investment in it. Once again lets not look at that. In addition, Mitt Romney has given more to charity out of his own pocket than Mr. Obama. Well I guess that is unless the president is spending someone elses money. 6. Health care, Well Obamacare does nothing to stop the rise in health care what it does do is give everyone insurance. Lets just say for a minute that I agree with that but if the insurance is a 90/10 plan and a person goes to the doctor do you think that person that wasn't able to pay for insurance before this is now able to afford the 10% copay for medical expenses? Obamacare did nothing to bring the cost of healthcare down, but hey let the government tell me that I can't eat a cheeseburger but don't tell me who I can marry. 7. Yeah I heard Romney say the other day that he thinks that people should not be able to vote. Yep I heard it. In fact I heard that from all the repulicans. You want to take a look at the problem why don't you talk about the redistricting that takes place every year that happens by both Repubs and Dems. Do you not think in places that Dems have had control they have not move the districts to be in their favor so that they can be reelected. Wait no that doesn't make sense it is only Repubs that would try and do something like that. Why don't you vote to reduce term limits in the house and senate where the real problem is and the people that control the money. As far as being a republican for 30 years. Yes you may have been registered as a republican but I am guessing you haven't voted that way for a long time. You want to thank Obama for keeping us off the financial cliff. Well he has headed up for an even bigger one, but don't worry we will just tax the rich that will take care of it. Yeah and buy the way when the Democrates had the house and senate under bush they killed bills that would fund body armor for troops and protection for humvee's but lets forget about that. In addition, that financial cliff that you spoke about came with Six years of a house and senate that were controlled by dems that includes four years before the president took office. I would definately say that the financial cliff was all caused by republicans. Wait what is that those loans that were given out and became one of the reason for the melt down was sponsored by Barney Frank a beloved Dem well that just can't be must have been a republican no Dem would do something like that. I don't expect anyone to respect or respond favaorably to what I have said however, what you are making republicans and Mitt Romney out to be is laughable. It is just like me saying that all the nations problems are Obamas fault but at least take a minute to think about what you are saying.

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