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A Military Retiree Against Republican Extremism

By Jerry Hannon - Posted on 01 October 2012

I've been a Republican for nearly fifty years, since I was first able to vote. But most of the GOP of today is alien to the principles of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, and it has taken on a tone that is even alien to the principles of my Christian faith. Wonderful public servants like Dick Lugar and Olympia Snowe have been driven from our party, and the formerly broad tent of our party is becoming exclusivist and even a Taliban-like enforcer of ideological extremism.

Forty-seven percent of the American people are neither leaches, nor less important than those citizens still able to contribute via income taxes; besides, most of that forty-seven percent pay other taxes to various governmental entities. We are all in this together, and President Obama has been impeded by ideologues of my own party, making him unable to do the things needed to get this economy on solid ground. Moreover, he has demonstrated the rare gifts of a thoughtful Commander-in-Chief, and as a military retiree I appreciate all he has done for the men and women of our Armed Forces, and, importantly, for their families as well.
He has earned the support of centrists as well as truly conservative Republicans who know that launching unfunded wars, and granting massive tax cuts, is totally irresponsible.
President Obama has my support.

What a great post. Thank you for sharing!

Excellent!  You hit nthe nail right on the head with this one, from another Military Retiree!


Jerry: Thank you very much for your service to the country we all love.

By rejecting the extreme ideology of today's GOP, you are contributing to a better tomorrow, one where we will have a choice again.The only way to ensure that outcome is for the GOP to lose so badly, they will have to come back to reality again, or go by way of the Whigs.

I am betting the party will attempt to be more inclusive of other constituencies, and less beholden to the extreme religious right. It's as if Jerry Falwell was still alive.

Thank you for your insight and your service to this great country. The Republican Party is pushing out good people like you and I think they will have to hit rock bottom before they even realize the damage done. Every time I think they've hit rock bottom, they go even lower (nominating Akin, for example!) They have abandoned and alienated every segment of the population except old, rich guys and a few of them are shaking their heads too! Thank you so much for your post. We can all relate to your frustrations and share your support for President Obama, who clearly has this country's best interests at heart and cares about 100% of us.

Thank you, Jerry Your insight and comments give me hope. This website gives me hope, too. Before I discovered it I was beginning to think that being a Christian Republican was an oxymoron.

Thank you, Jerry. I too am a vet and at one time I was a registered Republican.

We have a lot of serious problems in America and we need well thought out solutions to overcome them. We don't need tea party idiots who want to impose the evangelical will on us while turning their backs on those of us who need a little help. But if the religious right needs a reminder:

"Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise,’ says the LORD. I will protect them from those who malign them." Psalm 12:5.

This is just one of dozens of verses that implore us to help those in need. Why do the tea thugs fail to see that?

Just like the Democratic Party was co-opted by the super libs in the 60s and early 70s, the Republicans have been co-opted by the extreme right.

And that's too bad, because I would like to see an old style Bob Dole or Christie Whitman run for President. Someone like that would get my vote in a minute.


I think Rudy Giulliani would be a great choice for a candidate, but he's not extreme enough for the likes of Karl Rove, Grover Norquist and Dick Cheney



I enjoyed reading your post.. thank you for your service to our great country.. I agree with you and even though I am a Democrat,  I enjoy this site because I beleive there needs to be a moderate functioning opposition party.. that is the only way our country can survive...because if not then, well.. I guess we may have another party to replace the GOP .. they are getting really scary.. my Dad is an Independent .. served in the US Air Force and is a Veteran.  He is a solid centrist as well and fully supports our President.  He has seen it all.. he and I both believe that history sometimes rhymes.. the President is not perfect, no one is, but is the right man for the job .. the GOP has now gone far right and done what my Party did in the 70's etc .. gone very far off..however.. it was saved (Clinton!), and Reagan was President while we roamed the wilderness.  I believe that is what is happening now and Pres O is sort of like our Reagan.. no matter.. if the GOP goes farther right after (i hope and pray) Pres O wins, they will not be in power as a national party for a long while until either they moderate (Huntsman?), or another center right party takes their place.  Just my .02.  Thanks for your story!




ps.... Bob Dole and John McCain.. even Jack Kemp or Mr Specter (RIP) didn't always agree with either of these gentlemen , but they have far more integrity in their pinky than Romney has in his entire being..

My first vote for President was for Richard Nixon and my last vote for a Republican President unless the Party changes will be when I held my nose and voted for John McCain. For 35+ years our family was been moved around Air Force Material Command. I met my husband at Wright-Patterson AFB and never gave a thought in all our transfers that I would ever vote for a Democrat for President.

When they closed Kelly AFB depot, we were transferred to Tinker AFB where he then retired to become a Government contractor. I was this lifelong Republican, very pro-military so it was easy to support Republican candidates like JC Watts here in OK. I live in Norman so I didn't see much of the hard right, but then I got involved in State Politics and it went downhill from there. That is when I realized that Oklahoma GOP was something I had never seen before -- grew up in Republican politics in Ohio. All of a sudden it hit me between the eyes that this hard right group of people who wanted the John Birchers back in the party who supported the Republican assemblies were in the same party as me and were the leaders. They do not value public education -- been in a lot of fights about that. I dared say I liked what David Boren was doing at OU and almost got my head taken off at a GOP meeting.  Was President of the oldest GOP Women's Club in OK for two years, but now I don't even belong -- too hard right today.  Figured the hard right just existed her in OK and was shocked to find out they are everywhere. 

Don't see how we can co-exist in the same Party after the names we have been called for daring to support Obama over a liar like Romney adding to the names that we are called because we are not hard right.  "My way or no way" group has zero tolerance for other's ideas.


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