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Republicans for Obama in the Washington Times

By admin - Posted on 06 September 2012

Earlier this week, Republicans for Obama was featured in a Washington Times article that discussed how extremists in the GOP are pushing many Republicans toward Obama.

Here is an excerpt:

John Martin loves the GOP and wants to remain a Republican. But the party he grew up supporting has changed, he said, and Mitt Romney is doing nothing to keep his loyalty.
The Republican presidential nominee lacks the will or desire to stand up to “extremists” who have gained a sturdy foothold in the party, Mr. Martin said, and President Obama is far from the socialist demon portrayed by GOP leaders...
“I’m just very unhappy with the state of today’s party,” said Mr. Martin, who heads a group and website called Republicans for Obama. “Although Gov. Romney would have been a great candidate, the Mitt Romney we see today is too beholden to the party’s [conservative] base and to the hard right.”
Mr. Martin isn’t alone. While the vast majority of Republican voters are likely to support the former Massachusetts governor for president, some say they will back Mr. Obama because of the GOP push to the political right.

I thought it was a great article!

Hi John!   I haven't been around much, but I was really excited to see you (read you?) in the Washington Times article!  So cool!  I'll be able to say, "I knew him back when..."!  Remember us all when you get famous!

That was pretty cool, J. Positive publicity never hurt anyone.

The only thing I would challenge is that Mitt Romney is not a qualified candidate for President. Republicans have so many more qualified people to carry the mantle -- we chose poorly. I would even contend we acquiesced quietly to his nomination, rather than really endorsing him.

Now given that his record as Governor I don't think the Mitt back then would have been a good choice.

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