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*** We Need Prayers ***

By Golf11 - Posted on 01 July 2012


Hello everyone, John and I just got word that, Suzi is a bit under the weather -- please keep her in your prayers. I know we all wish her a speedy recovery.
You got it. Praying she will be feeling well again soon. I hope it's nothing serious. Please keep us updated.

Suzi is in my prayers to feel better soon.

I am sending positive thoughts and prayers in Suzi's direction. May God increase her strength and give her peace!

We're all pulling for a quick recovery! 

Thank you for the heads-up.  Sending good thoughts to Louisiana right now!

Suzi, get better soon. You are one of the shining lights of the world, and your family needs you. We need you too!

Hey everyone,

We got word a little while ago that Suzi is home from the hospital and resting. Will let you know more if we hear anything.

I'm glad that she is home now. Although this is my first reply to it and it sounds like she is recovering, I will nonetheless keep her in my prayers.

Glad she is feeling better and at home. I was getting worried.

Get well, Suzi. You have my thoughts and prayers for your complete recovery.

I posted another similar comment in this thread which, somehow, got whacked.



Best wishes Suzi,

(I hope this is too late and you are back on your feet and feeling fine)


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