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Candidates and Wealth

By Barbara Gordon - Posted on 12 May 2007

So Romney is expected to report a net worth of $200 million or more. You got that?? That's a two followed by eight - count them - eight zeroes! Holy cow. Now there's something to be said for a self-made millionaire, but Romney got a head start from his dad, who was president of the American Motors Corporation.

I suppose you could argue that strictly speaking, there's nothing wrong with being a very wealthy candidate for President. But as for me, I'd rather have a President that has a little more understanding of what it's like in middle-class, working-class America. Obama comes from a very middle class background. With his successful career, he has indeed become more affluent over the years, but even so Obama's net worth is estimated at less than 1% of Romney's, and is by far the least of all the major contenders.

If you saw his interview with Mike Wallace last night, my favorite part was when he asked Mitt's five son's about their lives, if they ever considered serving in the military and what kind of public service they were involved in. One of the kids said "I hope to be able to make a sacrifice of that caliber at some point in my life."

Here are 5 extremely privileged Americans, who's father is a multi-millionare and is now running for president, and this 40 year old kid with a Harvard MBA has the balls to say that he "hopes" to make some sacrifice in his life.

Spare us.

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