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NYC Obamathon this Weekend!

By MainlandJ - Posted on 10 May 2007

Saturday, May 12, 2007, 10:00 AM
Hudson River Park Walkway
at Chambers Street
New York , NY 10007

Come out to the first large-scale public meeting of Obama supporters New York City has so far seen.

If you have reservations about hanging out with hundreds of Democrats at one time, now you don't have to! Meet fellow Republican Obama supporters as you make a statement in support of Obama's candidacy and give a boost to his campaign.

This is a really exciting time for us-- we've been getting a lot of great press and have added new members to our ranks. It's Republicans like us that are going to be the difference in this election.

Get more info on the Obama walkathon here:

Hi Everyone,

I am actually writing on behalf of an elderly woman from Harlem, who I met yesterday at Michelle Obama's speech, an event by Women for Obama.  I am a registered Democrat, but promised this woman that I'd find out information for her (as she does not have a computer).  Do you all have regular meetings, or anything coming up in New York City?  She seems very sweet and very much so on board for Sen. Obama.  She was fervent about finding a Republicans for Obama group, and I promised that I'd do what I could to connect her to a good group of people.  I'm sure that she has some local contacts also that could help you guys out in this movement.  And thanks to you all for standing up for the man and not the party (I feel the same way!). 

I'm not sure how this blogging works, but you're welcome to email me directly with any information at:  We're a grassroots group in Brooklyn; maybe we could even collaborate on certain projects.  Best of luck to you all.


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