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South Korea summit stage for Obama's nuclear agenda

By Misty - Posted on 23 March 2012

Important reading....

President Barack Obama heads to Seoul, South Korea, late Friday for an international summit on keeping nuclear weapons material out of the hands of terrorists. Nearly 60 world leaders are expected to attend the gathering Monday and Tuesday.

Monday's nuclear security summit, a sequel to a forum Obama held in Washington in 2010, is a step toward the White House goal of securing "all vulnerable nuclear material around the world" by the middle of 2014.

Obama is scheduled to talk with several world leaders, including Chinese President Hu Jintao and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, with whom he is expected to discuss Iran's nuclear program.

Roughly 80% of the commitments made at the 2010 summit — which vary from playing host to a conference to removing all highly enriched uranium from a country's border — have been completed, according to a review conducted by the Arms Control Assn. and the Partnership for Global Security.

Over the past three years, U.S. has helped Romania, Libya, Turkey, Chile, Serbia and Mexico completely clear out their stockpiles of weapons-usable uranium. They join 13 other nations that did so previously - Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Denmark, Greece, Latvia, the Philippines, Portugal, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Thailand.

Mexico recently relieved of all weapons-useable nuclear material. MNBC was given unprecedented real-time access to film the sensitive operation. Maddow was allowed to film the Mexican nuclear plants, was allowed to touch the IAEA sealed nuclear materiel, and was even allowed to film the Classified Military Transportation of Nuclear Materials.

This week on Maddow's show:

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President Obama is such a strong and respected leader internationally. I hope some real progress can continue. Cue the right-wingers to say President Obama is there to apologize to all these other nations. It must be so frustrating to the Anti-Obama crowd to see what a solid record Pres. Obama has on foreign policy.

"It must be so frustrating to the Anti-Obama crowd to see what a solid record Pres. Obama has on foreign policy."

It's killing them. They can't come up with anything "real", so they go with the "imaginary" apologizing for wrongs past American administrations (both Republican and Democratic) have done interferring with other nation's domestic affairs. Mitt Romney actually said he was sorry for these past wrongs, but he wouldn't apologize. Exactly what's the difference between "sorry" and "apologize" I have yet to figure out.

Besides the social issues and the economy (both of which the GOP appears to be losing on), pinning foreign policy errors on the democrats has been a stand-by that reliably works for the GOP; but they can't even use that now because Obama has one-upped them on that too. They're screwed!

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