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As I stood in line, here in Denver, with the more than 12,000 people waiting to see Obama, most of them Democrats, I realized how important our voice, Republicans for Obama really is. As I listened to Caroline Kennedy's brief, but eloquent introduction, I could see the parallels to her father. I have had many skeptics ask me if Obama really can change Washington?

September 9th - Another Opportunity to Support Obama's Campaign in Colorado

Join hundreds of supporters from all over Colorado on Saturday, September 8th in Denver for an official Obama for America Caucus Convention:

Dinner with Barack

The table has been set for the second Dinner with Barack.

While a typical political dinner these days consists of officials being wined and dined by Washington lobbyists and bigwigs from special-interest PACs, Barack will be sitting down with four regular people from across the country who will share their stories and discuss the issues that matter most to them.

Read about Barack's guests and submit a question you'd like them to ask:

Obama surges in latest polls.

The 2008 election seems like a long way off. Like many of you I naturally feel removed from the Democratic party process. Once again, we are reminded why we are Republicans, when the Democrats favor yet another party demagogue. Senator Obama is behind in the polls. The establishment in the Democratic Party believes Hillary is their best bet. Even though we all know she will only divide this country further. They want to reward her for years of fierce political battles for the Democratic Party. Can this Nation really afford another 4 years of political gridlock?

Opportunities in Colorado to support Obama

I thought this would be easiest to notify members of the Colorado chapter and fellow Colorado  Republicans of opportunities in Colorado to learn more about Obama, show your support and get involved.

The Colorado Movement - Organizational meetings (Aug 4 - Aug 16, various counties)

LEADERSHIP SEARCH: Birth of The Colorado Movement and Camp Obama DENVER! (Meeting)

Living in a Democracy

The recent outcry and firing of Don Imus reminds me of another culture of intolerance in the name of righteousness.  Imus' remarks were insensitive and careless.  The women of Rutger's basketball team had every right to be offended and demand an apology, which they got and accepted.  So our penalty now for making insensitive remarks that you should receive death threats, lose your job and never work again?   I think it would have been very different if he were an elected official or his remarks had been part of a prepared statement or speech, rather than the spontaneous ramblings

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