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President Obama to speak to the nation tonight....

By lizbethie - Posted on 22 July 2009

The opening statement was pretty darn good.  The President kept pounding his fist on the podium to illustrate points.  It caught me off guard, because it was more forceful than I've seen him in months. 
Let us know if you find an online recording of the address.
His follow up on Q/A is so good.  No one could ever accuse him of not answering a question.
Liz - How much you wanna bet that someone will accuse him of being vague and evasive?
you can count on it..probably as we speak on Fox
Consider this before crying "racial profiling" -- web link

Obama says police acted 'stupidly' in arrest

All over CNN online. Bad move Barack. FIX IT FAST TOMORROW!!

Was the black cop "racist" too?

I believe they did act stupidly in arresting a man for entering his own home!  I don't care if he was upset and angry at the questioning or what point he showed them his ID.  The bottom line is at the point they took him into custody, they knew he was in fact the owner of that home.  They charged him w/ disorderly conduct....meaning he gave them a hard time.  Since when is it the law that you have to be polite to the police when they are harassing you?  I don't care if he was black or white, take out the racial piece and it was still stupid!  They went forward with an official arrest when they got to the station, fingerprints and all after they knew they had made a mistake.

President Obama better not apologize for anything!  He was right. 

Bill Cosby ’shocked’ at Obama’s statement on Harvard prof’s arrest -- link

Hopefully Oprah will inform us what she thinks about it too.

I thought President Obama did a very good job tonight, maybe not a homerun, but I thought he effectively communicated what needed to be explained to the American people and he exposed the political stunts of his opponents, while praising some Republicans and even highlighting some Republican ideas that have been proposed. Some media analysis was critical, saying not passionate enough, should have used more personal stories, seemed tired, etc. When I heard such reports, I felt a little awkward that I felt personally connected and impressed (as I sipped my kool-aid.) Anyway, I love how he defended the timeline. I can relate. When I give a project to my students, I always include mini-deadlines along the way to help the students stay focused and on-track so they don't procrastinate.

As for the case of the professor, I think Pres. Obama spoke honestly and from the heart, from experience, and his vast work on racial profiling in Chicago. We may never know exactly what went down, but we do know the case was dropped, which tells you the police probably messed up (would this have happened if the professor were white? Not sure.) Perhaps saying the police acted "stupidly" was a little harsh and his response may fire up the right (saying he's against police, etc.) He sprinkled some humor in his answer and he also spoke of progress, so I think he handled it well. My husband is Hispanic and can recall times when he was unfairly approached/questioned by the police just for walking down his street. I know it still happens out there and it's real.

And he puts this mess to constructive use, to help others and to teach. Typical.

Gates speaks out . . .

At the station, Gates was booked and fingerprinted. His belt, wallet and cane were taken away. For a while he was handcuffed to a window in the station and other officers took his vitals: name, address, social security number.

"I had to wait in a jail cell," Gates said. "I have mild claustrophobia. The jail cell was very claustrophobic."

His next project on race, he said, will be rooted in his arrest. "I hope to make a documentary about racial profiling for PBS," he said. "[The idea] had never crossed my mind but it has now."

He said the documentary will ask: "How are people treated when they are arrested? How does the criminal justice system work? How many black and brown men and poor white men are the victims of police officers who are carrying racist thoughts? -- web link

(From CNN) Although the police officer has so far refused to apologize, the mayor of Cambridge expressed regret for the situtation. I think if handled in the right way (not explosive or political) this can be a real teachable moment in the U.S. I feel for the professor and his family. My guess is that he did flip out a little when further questoned by the police after showing his ID (as many of us would have) and that's when the arrest happened. A warning would have been enough, I'm sure.

Be sure to watch the CNN special Black in America Part 2. It was aired last night and I taped it, but I'm sure they will repeat the program, so consider watching it. Education is a powerful tool.

I found this a funny response to the presser. Did they actually imply that is a bad thing for a president to "know too much"? I think it may be going over the head of the MSM, but I think most Americans appreciate a president who is well-informed and doesn't speak in a dumbed down way to us. He is elevating the conversation because he thinks we can handle it/we're grown ups. Apparently, the MSM finds this all too challenging to grasp after 8 years of Bush.

From Chuck Todd, Mark Murray, Domenico Montanaro, and Ali Weinberg
*** A snoozer conference: Last night’s primetime news conference, President Obama’s fourth since taking office, was as much a dry health-care symposium as it was a give-and-take with reporters. Honest question: Is there a point when the president knows too much about an issue? He got into the weeds a number of times on a number of different aspects of health care, which is what his diehard supporters love, but might not grab the attention of the average viewer. Still, in his opening statements and then in his answers, Obama made a direct appeal to those WITH health insurance. “This is not just about the 47 million Americans who have no health insurance,” he said. “Reform is about every American who has ever feared that they may lose their coverage if they become too sick, or lose their job, or change their job. It's about every small business that has been forced to lay off employees or cut back on their coverage because it became too expensive.” Still, he's selling the unknown to folks with health insurance, and that's no easy task.

Looks like the Republicans "went there" and have these ads going after Obama's "acted stupidly" comment. Part of me is scratching my head: do they really want to bring up a racially sensitive subject when they should not risk alienating minority groups? Will this really benefit the GOP in any way, other than to fire up the base more? I know this is a stretch but did Pres. Obama set them up and they are taking the bait?(I doubt it since he doesn't select the questions asked.) Pres. Obama did clarify his comments today saying that he was not calling the officer stupid, just stating that once he saw that the man was in his own home, cooler heads should have prevailed.

Next to the DNC issue based health care ads that are going out, the GOP ads just seem out of touch with the pulse of the nation and reinforce that they are simply acting out of pure politics.

I saw Chuck Todd, and have heard similar comments about how well Obama knows this subject matter.  (Todd seemed to be talking about the references to Medicare in the presser.)  I think the press is so accustomed to the dumbing down of the White House, that they don't know quite how to deal with a President that actually knows what he is talking about, in minute detail, and that attempts to share that knowledge with the rest of us.  Almost everyone is referring to the presser using some variation of the term "professorial"
Did you catch his town hall in Ohio? Wow-he certainly had some fire and passion and really connected with the crowd. I guess it must be alot different for him to go in front of a stiff media crowd vs. an excited, interested audience of everyday Americans. I'm sure it's just a difference of feeling the inspiration. I thought he answered the questions well in the town hall, in an easy to understand way, while showing a true command of every detail.

Gates fights racism every day especially being a tenured Harvard professor at ~ $185,000 / year (average) + full pension and benefits. Yea, he got it rough.

What a joke.

Misty, I thought that Gates said that it never occured to him that could happen, implying that he doesn't feel racism everyday or at all it would seem.

I aslo thought Obama's handling of the situation today was masterful!

Directly to the press, telling them he spoke personally to the arresting officer (sounds like it went pretty well) nothing like to going to the horses mouth) Then following that up with an invite to the white house along with Gates for a few "beers". 

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