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The Fierce Urgency of NOW!

By SandiLincoln - Posted on 28 February 2008

I am a huge Obama supporter since I changed parties to support him! I am thrilled when I meet people who feel the same way!!! Sometimes the very minute I am filled with warmth from meeting another supporter, I am attacked by another person for the very same belief!!! It's been the most crazy, CYBIL moments I have ever had. I stay strong and connected to why I believe Barack Obama is the best person for our leader than anyone in my most recent memory. That is my endorsement...and that I stand by no matter WHO attacks me!  On that note....I have to share a great pain I have and a HUGE FEAR I HAVE!

I FOUND OUT TONIGHT WHEN I GOT HOME, THAT my 13 yr old son, Dylan, who is in 7th grade in IOWA, had been a target of another student who threatened to shoot him with a gun.............................................................................................................................. I found out when I got home, that the student who threatened him, was suspended from school for 3 days............................................................................................................ No one from the school called me or my husband to tell us that our child had been threatened with a gun or that another student was suspended from school for 3 days.................................................I don't know any more details than that, and I am so angry at myself that I was out with clients and not home when this drama was taking place, but I know my husband is so angry and going to the school tomorrow because we were not notified first hand as to the threat against our child's life and to the suspension of the other child. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!

I see the violence on TV with the shootings at colleges and even malls and I don't get it how NO ONE KNEW someone was about to snap? I believe there had to be warning signs. NOW I AM SITTING HERE with my son safe and sound in bed (for now) then have to hug and kiss him and send him off to school? TO SCHOOL? The same place that suspended another child for a THREAT, but for 3 days? What on earth kind of punishment is that, and WHAT ON EARTH DOES THIS OTHER CHILD HATE MY CHILD THAT HE WOULD RISK HIS FREEDOM FOR? Why did the school suspend this child and not call us (the parents) and not wonder WHY the kid wanted to threaten another child with a gun? AM I CRAZY THAT THIS IS CRAZY?

When I found out tonight about the threat to my son's life and the suspension from school for the other child, even I wondered what had Dylan done. He's in Hockey, Baseball, Football and Golf and he's confident, but not cocky. BUT WHY SHOULD SOMEONE WANT TO SHOOT AND KILL SOMEONE OVER COCKINESS OR CONFIDENCE? I am heartbroken and perplexed and so BLESSED THAT HE'S NOT A STATISTIC, YET!!!! Dylan's been so unique that he is the one asked to help (and he willingly helps!) less fortunate kids whether they are Autistic (which he has been a peer helper since 4th grade) or they are just new to the school! Dylan doesn't even act perfect because he is also staying after school for work not completed or for tardies..he's a normal kid, in trouble sometimes, and works hard at times and is only concerned about his teammates, his friends and if he's getting enough done so I will let him hang out with his friends! I don't think he would have ever thought that someone would TARGET HIM OUT AS SOMEONE TO HATE ENOUGH TO WISH THEY WERE DEAD! Dylan would be the first one to point out who he looked up to, who was the most talented on any of his teams and would be the first one to stand up for someone else who was an outsider and try to find the way to include them in the group! HE has always done that. THAT IS JUST THE PERSON DYLAN IS! DOES that make him a target from someone else? I bet Dylan wouldn't let someone who hated him, dictate how he decides to live his life, but I CANNOT GET MY MIND AROUND HOW MY SON WAS THREATENED TO BE KILLED BECAUSE OF...WHAT?

I love this REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA website for filling my need to find a common ground with being a REPUBLICAN for 25 yrs and hearing Obama's message and making a new choice for myself. I see people support each other here and I see others with true venom over the differences we have. I supported Obama in the Iowa caucus and it felt GREAT, and then out of the blue someone calls me a BABY KILLER, GAY LOVER, MORALLY CORUPT! I am not a baby killer, and I do love gay people, I love all people, I can even say I love the boy who threatened my son's life with a gun, because there is something wrong with this OTHER YOUNG person and HOW SAD he is feeling this way for whatever his reasons are, but it's not too late to figure out what went wrong! (And this is very hard for me, and I am totally mixed emotions, but I gotta still love the young boy who, for what reasons, felt motivated more by shooting another child and to get kicked out of school for it~what on earth is he missing and how can we help him. I don't think he wanted to kill my child more than he wanted HELP! And inspite of how this makes me cry and scared to death, my child is safely in bed right now and I feel so much for what this other child is going through, too. I wanna know why he feels like this and what can we do to save him! He's only 13! He's worth IT! He's worth us figuring out what is going on and why would a 13 yr old want to end another 13 yr olds life? Again, I say, this is horribly NOT EASY when all I my being says is to get ANGRY and EVEN and yet I even know Dylan would feel as I do (if I would wake him up and have this conversation...because Dylan's made some bad decisions, but is making better decisions~and he is building trust and he knows that ONE BAD DECISION DOES NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTURE) (granted Dylan's previous bad decisions were to take a sled and slide off a roof onto a road, or even to punch out the ceiling tiles in a rental house~I went crazy about that and he paid out of pocket with jobs he had to do and also paid by no phone, friends, internet for two months this summer!) he's not a BLESSED CHILD, or is given his way....I have no idea why someone would target him to die. I have no idea why some other child would risk everything he has to threaten the life of another student?  Why did the school not call me?

ON THIS WEBSITE, we found each other because someone had the orginal idea that we could see beyond what we thought we were and could do something different for our new found way of looking at things! If the war had not been waged, our group wouldn't exist. If the blunders in the economy had not occured...we would not be a group! IF AND MOST IMPORTANTLY RIGHT NOW, IF OBAMA was not in the race, we would not be a group right now. I wasn't looking outside of my party when Obama came along. I wasn't impressed with ANY of the democrats, except for Obama. I was introduced to the Obama campaign way back in March 07 by some of his campaign workers who were drinking margaritas at the same place I was..and we became friends..but I wasn't switching parties until the END OF DECEMBER 07. Even though it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my 25 yrs of voting Republican....I have never been more attacked.

If Barack handles it everyday...I can. I hope I can talk to Barack face to face on the fact that my 13 yr old son was threatened in school and the school suspended the boy and didn't bother to tell my husband and I what happended. I HOPE Obama talks to me about this because I do want to find a way to lesson the pressure and stress in middle school that would drive a boy to shoot another (even if the child were mine. I don't want ANYTHING TO HAPPEN TO MY CHILD, but I don't want to dictate, or mandate what the board decides to do.)

I bless all those who were involved with this site and I support you, no matter what!

Forgive me for this giant post...but I need YOUR HELP!!!!! I am heartbroken and I don't know how to advise my boys!!!!!

Hi Sandi,

This is so sad and real. It is happening in many places. I will pray for him and your family. I believe that as we come out of the closet and say we are Obamacans, both the Republicans will not believe us and Democrats will not trust us. It will be interesting to see. (see the recent posts)

Coming out to Iowa in March, is there an Obama office in Waterloo?



SANDI-  My heartfelt prayers are with you now as you cope with this difficult situation.  I would stay as involved as you possibly can in knowing what goes on daily in that school and never let communication with school officials slip away.  I remember before my daughter even started first grade (she was 4-5 years old), there was a kid who lived on the next street over who said she knew gang members who were gonna "get my daughter" (there was a teenager who everyone thought belonged to a gang in the house across the street- and our neighborhood was a middle class, descent neighborhood)  and it seemed like kiddy stuff but I wasn't sure and knew that my sweet little daughter had never done anything to hurt anyone or make them mad.  She was just an innocent little girl who loved life, never played with anyone other than little kids her age, and always in her own house or with my friend's children.   I was so scared and upset, I enrolled her in a catholic school the next year, as the school year was almost over anyhow.  But I still remember that to this day- she's 24 years old now and married.  WHat is happening now to our young generation is so distrubing.

 I am hoping maybe a young inspirational person as president can at least be looked up to as a role model for some of the many troubled youth we have today.  It certainly won't fix the serious problems which exist like the one you are now dealing with, but it's not gonna hurt.  I pray that the threatening kid's bark was worse than his bite, but you can never be sure.  It sounds like your son is a typical 13 year old and you are not a parent who dismisses the mistakes and bad choices he makes.  You let him learn and take consequences for his actions.  Kudos to you!  Keep posting on how the situation develops.

As fo Obama;  I am a 52 year old Republican woman (didn't change my party cause I don't identify that much with a political party, anyway and vote for the person), but I feel that Obama transcends the divisiveness in this country today and really feel he can hopefully turn things around.  It is so interesting to see how other people like me feel the same way I hope there are lots more out there who will be voting in the Ohio March 4th primary.  I have a feeling there are. 

 Don't lose hope with your son.  There are many rocky paths and rough patches in parenting a child.  Just keep the communication going, don't panic, have faith and  hope that this was just a bad incident which will be a thing of the past.  You're in my prayers. 





Sandi,  I am glad to hear you changed parties.   You should not have been a Republican for so many years if you didn't believe in conservative principles.  That is the problem I see with so many on this website, they say they are Republicans, but they do not believe in conservative principles; or, they are conservatives, but do not realize how liberal Obama is.   Most people on this site don't know what Obama stands for or who he really is.  Not ONE person I have seen (including Tony who was just on the Laura Ingraham show representing Republicans for Obama) has been able to state in their own words (or even Obama's words for that matter) what Obama stands for, other than "hope" and "change."   They just point people to Obama's website.  Sometims I wonder if they themselves have ever really analyzed what's on his website.   It's ridiculous to be supporting someone when you don't really know what they stand for.   I hope you know.  I hope you do your due diligence and check it out rather than just catch the emotional wave that Obama has stirred up.

I am sorry about your situation with your son.   This type of thing is simply a result of the liberalization of our society (happening since the 50's/60's), and of course, to the degree the school system is responsible for anything, the very liberal teachers union and lobby is also responsible for this type of problem.   For decades now the TEA has been basically in control of the education system in this country.  (And by the way, the Bush "No Child Left Behind" which is so controversial, was written by Ted Kennedy.)   Of course you realize that with Obama in office, the most liberal Senator ever, there will be more of the same.  Hope you're for that, because that's what you'll get with Obama.

I wish all Republicans for Obama would admit openly that they are not really Republicans, they are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and that they join the Democrat (Progressive Socialist) party where they belong.   These people have been gradually liberalized by society over the years and no longer even know what they believe or what conservative principles the Republican Party stands for or why.   You cannot be a REAL Republican and then support the most leftist, liberal person in the Senate -- not if you know what he stands for.   It's absurd.   If you want less in-fighting within any political party, you need to examine what you believe, and align yourself with the proper party.   Anything else just causes division in a party and you people are so upset about that.  Debate to liberals is "negative" and "contentious" and "argumentative", even "hateful", and they can't handle it.  So it's best to just surround yourselves with those who believe just as you do.  It would make you happier and you would feel more like Sandi here, bubbling over after finding this group.

Please, do yourselves a favor and join the party you REALLY should belong to, and quit calling yourselves Republicans when you really aren't.  Otherwise, examine Obama with your brain instead of your emotions and SNAP OUT OF IT!

I forgot to mention that I was very disappointed in hearing Tony on the Laura Ingraham show because I was hoping to really get some good content from him as to why he supported Obama.  But even he, representing this organization, couldn't state one thing Obama has done to deserve a conservative's support.

Thank you,   Emily at

I felt the same way, but Laura Ingraham is so RUDE- she wasn't about to let anyone on her show who could effectively communicate why they support anything other than what she calls "conservative" principles.  WHATEVER THE hell that means!  She talks over people, interrupts, etc. like all those other talk show hosts, left and right.   Just another ego-driven, out of touch shock-jock.   It's what I'm so sick of.  And it's partly why I support Obama.  I am a republican, and couldn't change parties, cause i just don't care that much about politial parties and don't like a lot of the things partisan democrats stand for either,  I care more about the person running for office and how they present their case to me.  That may make me wishy-washy or a "moderate" but so be it if that's what I am!  I cerainly don't want to go back to the days of Billary!  I'd also like to know how these so-called conservatives really think they can continue to stay afloat when the demographics of this country is changing so rapidly.  The white male will be the minority soon and they'd better figure out ways to appeal to folks other than those angry white males if they plan to stay alive.  Constantly sounding bigoted against Hispanics certainly won't do it.  They may not think they're racist, but if they think they don't SOUND racist than they are even stupider than i thought, and sadly i think that's what's happening, when they go on and on about anti-immigration and closing the borders.  I get so sick and tired of it.  That's just one example of why i am disillusioned by the so-called conservatives.  They've "hijacked" the republican party now and they're doomed for failure.  There are so many things Barack Obama states that I agree with that i can't help but support him and i can't wait to vote for him on March 4th, 2008 in Ohio. 


BINGO!   Your first 2 sentences demonstrate why a Republican (but not a REAL Republican) could support Obama -- you do not have a CLUE what conservative principles are!  (you say "whatever the hell that means").   That is what I have been trying to point out, many Republicans these days DO NOT KNOW what the Republican party even stands for, but they're members!  Personally, I don't join groups or clubs when I don't have a clue what they stand for.   It's ridiculous!    Be an Independent if you don't know for sure what you stand for, then you can flip-flop all over the place and everyone will expect it from you.  (By the way, I don't have any problem with Independents).  What I do have a problem with is people who pretend to be something they are not, or claim to be something they're not, and then those who don't have a clue what they are because they haven't used their working brains yet to figure it out.

As for Laura Ingraham, she is a sweet person (perhaps you are confusing her with Ann Coulter).   Laura gave Tony plenty of time to answer the questions, and he just couldn't find the beef!   Shouldn't she call him on it?   Or, for the sake of political correctness, maybe she should have just ignored it and not mentioned the fact that he hadn't given one good reason why he's supporting Obama, even though that is why he was on the program.   Every talk show host interrupts to a degree, because if they don't, guests get sidetracked, go off subject, waste valuable airtime saying nothing.   You clearly have not projected yourself into the role of a talk show host to see what you would do.   But then maybe talk show hosts should just be lemmings and let the guesta walk all over them and control the whole program.   You clearly don't listen to Laura Ingraham because: 1) you are not educated on the issues; and 2) if you listened you would know she is nothing even close to being a shock-jock.   And speaking of out-of-touch, how many people do you have listening to YOUR political opinions or buying YOUR books?   Somebody's listening to HER and buying HER books.   Now who did you say was out-of-touch?

People are "moderate" because they do not know enough about the issues to make a real decision on what they support and believe.   They are easily swayed from one side to the other each time they hear another argument because they have not thought that particular argument through yet and haven't come to a stand on it.   People are moderates because they are uninformed on all the facts of the issues and generally don't care about many of them.   As you say, you just don't care that much.   And that, my dear, is the problem with where America is now.  The majority of the population does not take the time necessary to inform and educate themselves on the issues of the day, and therefore can't take an intelligent, informed part in decision-making, causing the election of a bunch of idiot, power-hungry, $$ mongers, resulting in the problems we have today.   Thats what we get when we don't care.   And then to make up for it, we try to take the easy way out (rather than spending time getting involved in being educated on the issues) by jumping on the bandwagon of some charismatic, emotion-arousing leader who doesn't stand for anything good for them such as Castro and Hitler for instance (and here we go again with Obama).  Yeah, because Obama gives us HOPE!   (Castro did that too).  Yes, Obama does give some HOPE, but HOPE ALONE never accomplished anything.

So you don't want to go back to the days of Billary.   Well, you haven't seen anything yet until you get to the days of Obama.  He will move us closer to communism than Bill and Hillary ever would have.   And we thought they were bad!   Obama is a socialist.   And just watch the news for his CONNECTIONS and ASSOCIATIONS over the past decade, and then ask yourself if you really want a guy like that as a President?   Change can be good, or change can be bad.  Which direction do you want to go?   Well, then you better make sure you know WHY and HOW change will take you to a better place.

At least you are honest about the fact that you are more concerned about "how they present their case to me."  Well, Obama is a great presenter, but nothing behind it that you would really like if you really knew what it was.  Just pay attention the next few months and you'll learn what's behind it.   The stuff is starting to come out now, thankfully. 

Conservatism has nothing to do with color of skin or nationality.   You are really very confused.   You are lumping everyone together in groups that are so convoluted I can't even discuss it with you.   The only way we can have a discussion about that is if you educate yourself on CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES and don't confuse them with race, nationality, sex.   BIGOTS are not the same thing as CONSERVATIVES, and if you think conservatives sound like bigots, get a grip on reality!   The MEDIA wants you to think that so they present them that way.   They twist and spin their words, use quotes out-of-context and make it look that way.   If you had cared enough to pay attention to issues like this, I woudn't have to inform you of that.  Sure, there are SOME conservatives who are bigots, but there are ALSO PLENTY OF LIBERALS who are bigots.   

And your statement that "they may not think they're racist" is absolutely INSANE.   How about me telling you that I know what you believe better than you do?   LOL  Yeah, that'll fly, won't it?    There is nobody who knows better than a person himself whether he is a racist or not.  Whether they will admit it to you is the issue, not whether they know it or not.    Please, be less shallow in your conclusions, would you?

And speaking of racist -- are you aware of Obama's minister's racist positions he condones in his church that Obama and Michelle condone?   (Or are you one of those fools who thinks black people can't be racist because they're not a majority? LOLOL)

As far as anti-immigration and closing the borders:  conservatives are NOT AGAINST IMMIGRATION, and don't want borders completely closed.   Conservatives want LEGAL IMMIGRATION.  We have LAWS (get it?) that control how immigration operates, and those laws are set for a REASON.  We want them ENFORCED.   We want the borders ENFORCED, not CLOSED.    (OMG, I'm sorry this is going on so long, but this post I am responding to is so idiotic that it is taking me ages to point out what is obvious to most thinking adults.)   Your belief in this area is EXACTLY what the liberal media has been feeding you, but it is so untrue, it's ridiculous.   This is what I am talking about when I say the "liberalization of our society."   You are a victim of it and you don't have a clue that you are.   You have soaked up their B.S. like a sponge, without using your consciousness and using your working brain to decide otherwise, for YOURSELF.

No, the folks like you who are not thinking and are only listening to the liberal media outlets are the ones who have, over time, hijacked the Republican Party, and caused division and disunity by bringing your crappy media-induced liberalness into the party and its decision-making process.   And do you know, the fact that you are sick of it is exactly what the liberals wanted to happen?   The plan was for decades to destroy the Republican party and you are playing right into their hands.  You should have them pay you.  Send them a bill for helping them accomplish their long-term goals. 

That's why I say get rid of all the phoney Republicans who only think they are Republicans, and let us have our conservative party back.   Quit trying to disrupt and destroy our organization.  If you don't have conservative principles, there are plenty of places for you to go to join.  And the best to you. 

Now, can you tell me some POLICY issues that Obama and you have in common?   So far, I haven't heard any from anyone.   And then also include, HOW Obama is going to accomplish his visions.   Include the COST, and how it will be paid for, because so far, all of Obama's programs are so expensive they will NEVER happen because we simply DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY FOR THEM.  Period.    I repeat --  THEY WILL NEVER MATERIALIZE BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE, REPEAT, WE DO NOT HAVE, THE MONEY FOR THEM.  ---   Yeah, I can say I'm gonna go buy a $10 million house, a Ferrari, and take a cruise around the world, and it's all because I have a right to it.   Well, it AINT GONNA HAPPEN CUZ I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY.  GET A REALITY CHECK!

Reading the fallacies in this post have confirmed once again to me that America is truly in trouble.   America will pay dearly for the ignorance of it's people, as they will continue to elect rulers who are a reflection of the mass consciousness.   And when the masses are ignorant, uninformed, led into falsehoods by media, the rest of us can't stop it.    After a few years of conditions like the 1930's (bet you don't even know what happened in the 30's), fools will be more willing to listen to the wise.

All I can tell the rest of you is to PROTECT YOURSELVES.   Do all the survival things necessary to keep your family and yourselves alive, safe, and healthy while the fools, morons and emmisaries of evil are running the country.   We are headed for a very dark time.   Then maybe, with God's help, we will make it to a point where people have learned through their pain, and we can build again UNIFIED with practicality and common sense.

Yesterday, I was violated by a school that failed to notify me when a threat was made on my childs life. Today I am more violated by Emily who links my post to her evil blog.

Wow, what did I do to deserve this? I am certainly being challenged to try and take the high road.

Oh well, I should feel honored she spent this much time on me when she could be out there doing some real damage.

I just love what someone (wonderful)  commented that was my light at the end of the is what she wrote...........

Can a Conservative Republican Really Support Obama?

by me (this is from me personally, not necessarily endorsed by RFO)

Well, sure we can. After all, the Republican party is no longer conservative, except perhaps in the social/religious sense. Consider:

Republicans have traditionally been the party of fiscal conservatism, but no more. The only options anymore seem to be "tax and spend" with the Democrats or "spend and spend" with the current Republicans. If those are my two choices, then for the sake of my kids I guess I'll go with the Democrats. Republicans like to pretend like the party promotes tax cuts, but it doesn't, at least not anymore. The current Republicans simply transfer the tax burden to our kids.

The Republicans are no longer in any sense conservative on foreign policy. The approach is bomb now, ask questions later. A true conservative approach would be to maintain a powerful military, but reserve its use for only matters of pressing national interest, after all other options are exhausted.

The Republicans no longer even respect the rights of the individual to be free from government encroachment. The party justifies wiretapping, email interception, seizure of library/phone/credit records in the name of homeland security. Further, the Republicans, the party of "compassionate conservatives" support torture and enhanced interrogation - outright violations of civil liberties and international law.

Originally I had hoped that McCain - with his personal history - would reverse course on several of the issues tied to foreign policy and homeland security. But more and more he's sounding like another Republican warmonger, and more and more he's moving closer to the party line on invasion of privacy, enhanced interrogation, etc.

Okay, so what about Obama?

Whereas Obama is not a conservative, he at least recognizes the need for government to pay for what it buys - he's been pushing pay-go legislation for the Senate for years now. He intends to return to a conservative foreign policy in which we negotiate first, bomb as a last resort. And he believes that the only way America can resume its rightful place as leader of the free world is by denouncing torture and other violations of human liberties.

How does that make me Republican?

I remain a Republican because I believe in the heart and soul of the traditional GOP: that government should be limited at the federal level, that it bears the burden of financially responsible decision making, that it must respect the rights of the common man, that it does not become unnecessarily involved overseas. I remain hopeful that the party will return to its roots, and will free itself from the clutches of the neocon movement. I fear, though, that if the status quo remains much longer, this new incarnation of the Republican Party will *become* the definition of Republicanism. If that were to happen, it would be to the detriment not only of our party, but also of our nation as a whole.

February 28, 2008 10:41 AM

Dear Sandi --

While everyone sympathizes with you, quit using your blog to whine on and on, using your misfortune to protect you from contest to other points of your post.  (Truly a very liberal tactic.)    When you are on the big worldwide web, if you post, you should be ready (misfortune or not) to defend your positions against any contest, and without whining incessantly!   If you can't run with the big dogs, maybe you better stay on the porch!

Oh, and I'll be responding to Lisa later, when I have time. 

Silly twit..this is a Republicans for Obama site, not a conscervatives for Obama site...learn the difference.

I hate to call you on it Sandy because of your misfortune, but you  failed your challenge to remain on the high road when you stated:  "when she could be out there doing some real damage."   Did you really think I'd miss your masked animosity?  Now we see who YOU really are, don't we?

Guess the gloves are off now.

 peace love  kum-bay-ya   LOL

Umm....this site is Republicans for Obama, not Conservatives for Obama, there is a difference. The Republican party has been very very poorly served by bring in all these neocon far right wing religious zealots. We were once a party of the people, for small government, fiscal responsibility, strict constitutionalism, state's rights and a foreign policy that made us The world leader. Now we are a party more interested in whether Mike marries Paul and who is using the morning after pill. I want my party back before it is too late to repair the damage done in the past 20 years.

I have been a Republican all of my life, but this year I gave money to support Obama's candidacy, I voted for him in the Texas primary this very day, and I will vote for him in the fall.

Obama 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Sandi, I feel for you and I am so glad that your son is safe now.

Thanks to most of the people who responded to this. I was very upset last night (especially from not hearing about this from the school) and have been communicating with them today.

First, what I found out, during science class, my son sits near the back with this other student. The boy, Levi, has some emotional problems and is seeing a psychologist in school and is a discipline problem. When students raise their hand to answer questions, if they get the answer wrong, the kid says "Ha ha, you're retarded". I don't know why the teacher didn't do anything about it. but when Dylan answers questions and is wrong, he says the same thing. Yesterday, apparently, Dylan answered a question and was fed up with being mocked, so when Levi said "Ha ha, you're a retard" Dylan turned to him and said "Ha ha". The kid said, DYLAN, I'm going to kill you!" Well the teacher heard that! Took both boys out of the classroom. Sitting in the principals office, they met with Levi first for several minutes, and then the associate principal came out and told Dylan to go back to class. (Without even talking to him) They suspended Levi for 3 days out of school and he will have inschool suspention for a period of time as well. NOW, Dylan is the first to say he should have just let it go because none of the other students this kid mocked said anything back to him. FAIR? no, but my question is why did the teacher let this go? Dylan said Levi is picked on at school by other students (my son is no angel and he has been in trouble for things, but I don't think he was bullying this kid~even now, Dylan feels sorry for him) This Levi has had many suspensions. I asked Dylan what do his parents do, and Dylan said he lives with his grandparents and doesn't think he has any parents. I feel this child is a ticking time bomb. He fits the profile of the kids that do act out violently. I was very upset when I talked to the Associate Principal today (he said I was on his list of people to call today!what!?!?) I told him I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE SECOND CALL HE MADE YESTERDAY. He said, yeah that is the policy, but he's sorry. I was so kind and polite to him because I don't want to be a raving lunatic, but he not only dropped the ball, he didn't even have the ball in his hands, period! I asked if this happened often, and he said no. I asked him what happened and he said " Dylan and this boy (which he wouldn't tell me his name because of confidentiality~I'm ok with that I guess) exchanged "WORDS" and Dylan laughed in his direction and got "Under his skin" and the boy said inappropriate words. Which we take very seriously and we acted on that." I was like, what steps do you have inplace when he returns to school? "We will meet with both boys and resolve the issue". Dylan is comfortable with that, and so I suppose I have to be, too. It's so scary in this day and age when a threat is made, it's usually followed up. I hope Levi gets more help than this though. If this boy is being tormented (when he is misbehaving in class and even ignored for bad behavior, he is just begging for attention, of any kind. I feel really sad for him, but in the same vein, I am terrified my son is in his "cross hairs". I am still not sure what to do, or what I even can do. Dylan said, when Levi returned back to class after another suspension, the teacher said laughingly "We just can't seem to get rid of you." That breaks my heart! I can tell Dylan understands this is not the person to respond back to. And as a boy becoming a man, that takes a lot to not defend yourself either. I really do hope somehow something can be done to lift all the kids, this bickering and hatered that goes on in elementary school, and middle and high school looks the same as some of the violent language even on these blogs, and such. If the adults can't seem to figure out how to act toward each other, how do these kids stand a chance?

I can't believe I was reprimanded above by Emily, I think. I don't know I was confused. I don't care either way. I am burned out. I am tired of stating and restating why I am here, why I believe how I do. How does Obama do it? I do not know!

BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH BR, SUE RANEY (especially for sharing your story, too!) and PCMEDIC. I appreciate your support.

I am curious as to why any self proclaimed conservative republican is even checking the posts on this site unless they are either trying to recruit republicans back to the foolishness of the current party or interested in Obama themselves.

Obviously Republicans for Obama have done their reasearch and have more common sense than that. It's funny when someone says to do your "due diligence" and does not research the CORRECT facts themselves. Practice what you preach honey, you have a lot to learn. As we all know (or should by now) the world has changed. The 50s/60s ended long ago and so should the racism and negativity that came with it. Apparently not in some cases.

What is a "real republican"? Is George Bush a real republican, because if so I don't want to be one. How about John McCain, is he a real republican? God save us then. There is no proper party, what matters is what each candidate fights for, who has the character and judgement to get the job done right the first time. The truth is who cares about conservative or liberal labels, they're just negative words, we all have more important issues to deal with right now and we need to learn to get over these labels in order to get anything positive accomplished. Obama has been the only one to demonstrate this in this campaign.

We have a war that is costing us 275 million per day. That's $4,100 per household. This morning at 7:30 the total cost amounted to $498,226,200,000. You can do the math. Also, 4,000 US soldiers have been killed thus far, 60,000 wounded. And for all of the "help" we have given them over 4 million refugees have been killed. Is this what conservative principles gets you? Think about that. We have scwandered away our nations resources, workforce and infastructure, healthcare has skyrocketed, our environment is suffering by the day, our nations reputation has been tarnished, New Orleans is still a disaster, our elderly who have worked all of their lives can't even afford a dignified retirement and college is becoming increasingly unaffordable. - I think we have enough to worry about rather than who a "real republican" is. That is the wrong attitude to have and won't get our country anywhere but further into peril. That is the attitude that has gotten us where we are today.

I would like to thank all of the Republicans for Obama for having the strength to overcome this kind of cheap and uneducated criticism. You are the ones who will make this country strong again. Peace and good fortune to you all. God bless.

Emily - I don't believe that your own party (whatever that is) would even agree with your stated values and insensitivity. If that's your attitude, what you truely believe and the kind of person you are then it seems you're in the right place, good luck with that. Obama in 2008!!!

Hey Bob Z:

If you don't know what my party is, how could you POSSIBLY know if they agreed with my stated values or not?   Maybe you have a crystal ball (can I borrow it?  mine's broke)

Geez, lots of goo goo gaa gaa  kum-bay-ya talk on this site, but nothing substantial behind it.  Kind of like Obama.

peace, love, baby   Cool

I am curious as to why any self proclaimed conservative republican is even checking the posts on this site unless they are either trying to recruit republicans back to the foolishness of the current party or interested in Obama themselves.

Quite to the contrary.  I am doing what I can to try to encourage people to THINK FIRST before they are emotionally taken by the likes of some charismatic James Jones type that will bring the country to it's knees in the years to come -- to stop the mistake before it's too late to take back their vote. 

As far as trying to get Republicans back into the party, no thanks!   That type of Republican is what is WRONG with the party now, so I'm trying to encourage them to register as Independents and not to call themselves Republicans.  The Republican party has huge problems, and one of them is George Bush (he's one of those phoney "Republicans" and look where he got us.  

I am trying to show people (even though it's probably futile because anybody with a working brain wouldn't have this problem) that the solution is NOT to join the "enemy" (liberal socialists) which is equivalent or worse than throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but to resist the temptation to emotionally fall in with a Jim Jones type which will be harmful to the country.

Obviously Republicans for Obama have done their reasearch and have more common sense than that.

 Could have fooled me.  I still haven't heard one policy position and plan to accomplish it from ANY ONE person on this site.  Where is the research?

It's funny when someone says to do your "due diligence" and does not research the CORRECT facts themselves.

 What fact is not correct?   Don't come 'round here with vague accusations of false facts without putting them out there so they can be challenged.  That's a coward's way of debate. 

As we all know (or should by now) the world has changed. The 50s/60s ended long ago

 True, it did, but the liberalness and ignorance of that time has passed from hippie to child, and has multiplied with the growth of the population.  It's worse than ever now, and there are many correlations to that time, unfortunately.

and so should the racism and negativity that came with it. Apparently not in some cases.

Apparently not, since the vaguely masked insult and negativity of your statement proves that it has not ended.   Now don't go out there and claim that you're all diversity and love and kum-bay-ya after what you said.

What is a "real republican"? Is George Bush a real republican, because if so I don't want to be one.

No, he is not.  He's a liberal and not a conservative, which is what a "real" republican is.   And look where Bush got us.   He's the poster child of what has ruined this party.

How about John McCain, is he a real republican? God save us then.

 No, he is not a Republican.  He has too many liberal views also, he's a RINO.  He's the current poster child example of one thing that has ruined this party.

There is no proper party,

 True.   There are no really good choices in this election either.   There is only the choice of the candidate who will take this country and smash it into a brick wall at either 80 mph, or 150 mph.   I'm just trying to get us the candidate that will take us at 80 mph, there's a better chance of America surviving that.   We wouldn't have such a problem in the Republican party if so many liberals weren't in the party.  That's who has voted McCain as the candidate, heaven forbid.   Keep in mind that all candidates running in the race now will take America in a worse direction.  Hate to say it, but I'm first and foremost, a reality freak and truth seeker -- no matter how painful.

what matters is what each candidate fights for, who has the character and judgement to get the job done right the first time.

 We have not seen what Obama will fight for, he has not fought for anything yet.  He has not demonstrated how strong is his fight.  He has not demonstrated in anything in his past that he has the character and judgment, OR THE ABILITY to get the job done right the first time.   In fact, there are substantial questions regarding him in that regard which are now just coming out.   And believe me, it will be all over the net in the next months.  But you WON'T find it on his website, for sure.    Wanting something and accomplishing it are 2 different things.   He's UNPROVEN, admit it.   If you wanted someone PROVEN, you should have voted for ROMNEY, as he is a PROVEN commodity in those respects.

The truth is who cares about conservative or liberal labels, they're just negative words, we all have more important issues to deal with right now and we need to learn to get over these labels in order to get anything positive accomplished.

 Wrong, very very wrong.  Conservative and liberal have distinct concepts and policies connected to them.  If y ou don't know that, you better educate yourselves.  Of course the liberal media does not want to be called liberal because they know liberalness connotes a negative result because it has produced it countless times in the past.   So they deride the terms "liberal" and "conservative" and say they should not be used.   But they should, and EVERYONE should know what they mean, what they stand for, and the past results both has been responsible for, good and bad.

Obama has been the only one to demonstrate this in this campaign.

Obama has demonstrated NOTHING of the sort in his campaign.   He has talked about it, but anyone can talk about it.  He has put forth no plan on how he will accomplish anything or what it will take to accomplish it.  

We have a war that is costing us 275 million per day. That's $4,100 per household. This morning at 7:30 the total cost amounted to $498,226,200,000. You can do the math. Also, 4,000 US soldiers have been killed thus far, 60,000 wounded.    How many were killed in WWII when our population was much lower?   somewhere around 300,000?

And for all of the "help" we have given them over 4 million refugees have been killed.  -- the vast majority by the terrorists.  Now imagine how that would be if we just stayed here, and through our porous borders the terrorists in Iraq would come over here to fight us because they don't have anything better to do over there, and that was going on in OUR STREETS?  Like that better?  

Is this what conservative principles gets you?    Think about that.    Nobody wants us to stay in this war.   But we have to stabilize the situation (which is finally happening), or it will spill over not only into other countries there, but here too.   Things are much improved and will continue to improve.   If we just turn and walk away now, all the lives spent will be for naught, all the money spent will be for naught, and the country will become a terrorist haven.   Think about THAT.   Unfortunately, it may not have been the best thing to get into it in the first place, but it's too late for that.  Now we have to deal with what we have NOW, and to walk away and leave it before it's stabilized is NOT the right thing to do for SO MANY reasons.

We have scwandered away our nations resources, workforce and infastructure, healthcare has skyrocketed, our environment is suffering by the day, our nations reputation has been tarnished  All these things started long before this administration, and sad to say, this administration only made them worse.

 New Orleans is still a disaster, our elderly who have worked all of their lives can't even afford a dignified retirement Yeah, that's me

and college is becoming increasingly unaffordable. - I think we have enough to worry about rather than who a "real republican" is.   The point is not what a "real Republican" is.   The point is not to elect someone who will drive the country further into debt and destruction.   Too bad we didn't choose candidates to vote for in November who would lead us OUT of trouble, rather than further into trouble, only at varying MPH.

That is the wrong attitude to have and won't get our country anywhere but further into peril. That is the attitude that has gotten us where we are today.  The attitude that will get  us into worse trouble is to base our choice on HOPE and vote like we're gambling in Vegas on an UNKNOWN ENTITY.   However, if you do that, you better be religious because you will need to PRAY that your risk will pay off.  

I would like to thank all of the Republicans for Obama for having the strength to overcome this kind of cheap and uneducated criticism.   Challenging someone to come up with valid reasons for their support of someone is NOT cheap and uneducated criticism.  What is cheap though,  is giving away your vote for nothing but HOPE, and what is uneducated, is not knowing how your candidate plans to accomplish all his grandiose plans.

You are the ones who will make this country strong again.    Only if you know the truth, work very hard, and hold your elected officials feet to the fire on the CORRECT policies.  Nothing short of that will make this country strong again.

 Peace and good fortune to you all. God bless.   We will need it.


God bless you and your family Sandi. My thoughts are with you. Thank you for your comments also. I am passionate about this campaign and get very offended at people who fail to see the good in this cause while discounting the bad things that are happening in the world as a result of seven years of failed leadership. You are a wonderful person with the right attitude and knowledge to back it up. Best wishes to you, your family and fellow Republicans for Obama. 

- Anonymous

Anonymous said:  

I am passionate about this campaign and get very offended at people who fail to see the good in this cause ....

This campaign is very reminiscent of many things that took place in the 60s/70s which remind those older who have been through them:  the excitement around the Beatles; the blind following of eastern religious leaders that the young people gravitated toward as the "saviors" of our time (including many false prophets who brought people to their deaths).   While these situations were different, there are aspects of them that are very telling ie. in all cases, the followers themselves were fervent, and to a fault did not have valid reasons for their following, but the excitment and hope for the future.     That's why some of us older folks can see through this campaign and it's affect on people.  Been there, done that.

Emily, you say that you have been through these events that have taken place and captivated the people of the time yet you fail to understand why this campaign has the following it does. It's because he stands for the change we need to make this goverment what it used to be and what it was meant to be.  He has the character and conviction to get the things done that can make our nation the great country it can be and what so many have fought for.

"Heavens Gate" is not even remotely comparable to this campaign, it's an irresponsible suggestion. Are you claiming that we do not have valid reasons for supporting Obama, how would you know? I have so many I can't even fit them all here and I won't even try. I am a very educated person who has been around the block as many times as you. I have an MBA from a prominent private university, have worked very hard throughout my years and have seen the downturn of this economy and society in general. People with your attitude have done little to help in these matters, they are the kind that sit around and bitch but do little to help.

If George has accomplished anything during his term it is that he made so many realize how important it is to be assertive and stand behind the cause that they believe in to avoid people like him making the decisions. That's what we are about - working to make a positive difference, not bash people for their beliefs.

According to your numerous posts you seem to dislike every candidate on the ticket. If you don't care for any of the candidates why do you feel this deep need to bash Obama supporters? I think you're lying, your a McCain supporter, admit it, otherwise you wouldn't be blogging on this site. What would be the purpose? To enlighten everyone. From your posts I doubt you're capable of that. You have this high and mighty attitude as if your opinion is the only one that counts. I don't think that you have anyone fooled or understand the cause. You say that Obama does not have a record of accomplishments, where is your research? He has stated his plans from day one, go to the website! In case that's too painful for you, I will list some of his accomplishments for you here:

Here is a little info for all of you doubters, straight from the Senate Record.

The list is too substantive, so I'll mainly categorize.
During the first - 8 - eight years of his elected service he sponsored over 820 bills. He introduced
233 regarding healthcare reform,
125 on poverty and public assistance,
112 crime fighting bills,
97 economic bills,
60 human rights and anti-discrimination bills,
21 ethics reform bills,
15 gun control,
6 veterans affairs and many others.

His first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427. These inculded
**the Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 - became law,
**The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act, - became law,
**The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, passed the Senate,
**The 2007 Government Ethics Bill, - became law,
**The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill, In committee, and many more.

In all, since entering the U.S. Senate, Senator Obama has written 890 bills and co-sponsored another 1096.
An impressive record, for someone who supposedly has no record according to several of you.
He's not just a talker.
He's a doer.

Now do your "due dillegence" before making any more unsubstantiated remarks about his record!

Go find your glasses now because I don't think that you're seeing what you think you can "see through".

Also, if you can't support anyone in their grieving and difficult times then keep your opinions to yourself, they are not welcome and only give you up as a jaded and insensitive person.

 Obama in 2008, like it or not!

Sandi - You sound like an intelligent, compassionate woman, and I'm sorry you and your son have had to struggle with a school "bully." It sounds like there's a good chance this troubled kid is hot air with no real violent intention - but I know nothing is certain and I understand how impotent and scared a situation like this can make you feel. My son was involved in a vaguely similar incident, where I felt that a classmate might have had violent tendencies and that my son could have been a target. I talked at length with the classroom teacher to get her impression of this kid and what he might likely be capable of. Nothing came of it, thankfully. If there is a compassionate teacher you know who might have insight into this kid's mindset, it might be worth your while to talk to him/her, to relieve your mind, and establish a strategy for your son in dealing with him in the future. You also might find a child psychologist to ask about the situation, to get a sense of what they'd recommend in light of the facts at hand.  

Good luck, and keep us posted.

On the RFO issue: in Ohio, one has to declare a party to vote in the primary elections, and when I moved here, I considered myself Independent, but was more Republican than Democrat: so I registered Republican. Obama has my attention because I believe he is a decent, honorable man who has the ability to bring communities together to demand the real change necessary to take back Washington from special interests and voter apathy. Sitting in a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio with 16,000 other Obama "fans" made me feel that there is truly something special about Obama's ability, to make sound decisions, to articulate his positions, and to bring diverse groups together for a unified purpose - and that was a real thrill, to be part of that. I think the country's problems will not be solved without a critical mass of people willing to sacrifice and to work hard to achieve success. I like that Obama expects regular American citizens to contribute something to the process, that he sees the sense in giving the people ownership of their country's future. He may not be terribly different from Clinton in how he would go about some things in Washington - but he will have a very large, enthusiastic "army" of supporters joining him in the effort. At 54, this is the first time in my adult life I ever felt that my efforts could make a difference to the future of our country, and that energizes me - and makes me want to spread the energy around! - Nancy


I am a Native Texan/4th generation American/Catholic/Hispanic/Republican and early voted for Obama because even though there are differences his overall message is the best out of all the candidates; plus I am impressed with his achievements considering his Humble means.

His achievements speak volumes not just words and he has the ability to captivate the American's attention towards politics, finally.  It is time that we the people become more involved and make a difference in our History!  We need to read more / research the facts and move forward to a better United America and hold all politicians accountable for their actions not just words.

My husband and I met President Ronald Reagan when we were 21 yrs old and we were completely impressed!  And Senator Barack Obama appears to have the same affect on America and I believe he can make a change;  YES HE CAN!     YES WE CAN affect change.

Sandi, you have my sypathies and I would urge you in the strongest terms to take your story to the news channels. Get this dangerous situation out on the national stage. There are too many incidents in schools these days to just let the school take whatever action or in-action they deem appropriate.

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