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The End of the Beginning

By John Martin - Posted on 28 October 2008

When we started this effort back in 2006, Barack was two months from announcing his candidacy, and Sarah Palin had just been sworn in as Governor of Alaska.  I registered the domain name in mid-December, with only a vague idea of what to do next.  As I waited to get inspired, I stuck a Republican elephant on the site's blank homepage, and figured that I had at least until the middle of 2007 to get things into gear.

About a week later, Ken emailed me.  He figured I was just sitting on the site, and he wanted to buy it so he could begin creating an online resource for Republican Obama supporters.  I declined the offer, but we agreed to work together to begin building this effort. 

After a while, Barbara and a handful of others began showing up.  Most users at that time would drop a comment or two and then move on, but I was not going to let that happen with Barbara.  After weeks of my begging and promising her free reign to post whatever she wanted she finally agreed, and the quality of our daily content got an immediate upgrade.  Shortly thereafter, Evan came on board, pitying our pitiful amateurish site and offering to revamp the entire operation.

The lean days of 2007 became even leaner as the summer wore on.  The Navy called me up and sent me to Afghanistan, and Obama was still way behind Hillary in the polls.  With Obama fighting for name recognition and our manpower down, RFO kept forging ahead, slowly climbing in the Google rankings and picking up members as they found us out there.

Then Iowa happened, as the rest is history.

When this effort began, we knew that there were Republicans out there who were just like us.  We were disillusioned with how our party had been behaving during the Bush years, and we were sick of how political bickering had replaced an interest in working together for the common good.  In Obama, we saw a candidate who spoke openly and passionately about putting our partisan divisions aside.  Yes, we probably would have preferred that Obama were a Republican, but that was not going to stop us from giving him our support.  Unfortunately, our party was not running an optimistic, intelligent, patriotic candidate who promised a new way of doing politics in our country.

There is no doubt that RFO has played a big part in this race.  Like the thousands of other spontaneous, grassroots efforts getting behind Barack's candidacy, we've been an example of regular old (and young) Americans coming together to help shape the future of the nation.  After all the votes are tallied next Tuesday night, we have no plans of stopping our efforts.  Our party will need constructive, respectful venues for its members to share ideas, as we try to find our way back from the abyss.  Barack will still need support from the passionate Republicans who have supported him throughout this campaign. 

I like to remind those who call us traitors that we're the Republicans who have not left the party; that while millions of people leave the GOP each year, we're the ones who want to stay and help us rediscover our greatness.  The two-party system may go under a little shake-up after this election, but it's not going away, and the Republican party itself is probably not going away.  Over the next week and over the next eight years, there's still much we can do to help our party regenerate itself, as we help the Obama presidency be everything it can for America.

Shortly thereafter, Evan came on board, pitying our pitiful amateurish site and offering to revamp the entire operation.

LOL! It was totally pitiful!

I wonder if there's a copy of the old site in the Wayback Machine...? ;)

Sticker/sign tally in Orange County, CA:

  • Obama - 6
  • McCain - 3
  • (As of 2008/10/28)

I like to remind those who call us traitors that we're the Republicans who have not left the party;

Turns out they don't like "mavericks" so much afterall.

Great post John. I love your site, and I think I speak for others when we say finding it was a breath of fresh air. Even for a moderate democrat like myself, who wants to see a healthy reprisal of the Republican party. I feel like this group of people can grow and really get the word out about the America we'd all like to share. We can put up a fight against things like party division, religious division, hate, greed, manipulation, misinformation, and faulty mavericking. ( :

Thank you John for the relief you have brought to most of us in this election.

Great blog! 

I came here for the same reason as most others -- overwhelmed by the frustration of my party taking turns that did not represent my core beliefs.  No room for discussion... Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.  Now we see the party continues to use that line against EVERYONE who might disagree, including Sen. Obama.    

I don't know if I can ever call myself a Republican again, but the Democrat label doesn't fit either... I'll probably just call myself an Independent voter.  But I would love to help fight the fight for good, and to help restore any honor that the GOP ever had.  I'm willing to do my part for that... Not just for restoring the GOP, but for restoring my country. 

The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them.

I came to this site being a VERY liberal Democrat and I am now not nearly as far left as I thought I was, thanks to meeting the wonderful people here and really sharing ideas and just talking in general.

Republicans, though slow to get on board, can still serve a purpose!  

(are you laughing, you better be this was a joke!) 

I heart RFO 

As a relative newcomer to this board and a new immigrant (it still feels weird to say that about myself), I thought the U.S. had lost its collective mind for a while. I knew in my heart that there moderates were not getting coverage by mainstream media but it was still disheartening.

I think a lot of people here feel the same as I do. My sanity has been restored.  Thanks for that.


We appreciate your work and dedication; I've learned quite a bit reading this site, and hope I will continue to do so. While I understand the sadness of ending this chapter, I think the new chapter should be even more exciting.

You have the chance to be the beacon of light that the reformed Republicans Party should aspire to. There will be some soul searching after elections, at least I hope. In those moments when people will be searching for answers you will have the opportunity to rise up and show the path. You had the fortitude and foresight to see the change before most of us. When you were beginning to organize, a lot of us, myself included, have not even heard of Obama. In a similar way, you, I believe, hold the light to the new way before the rest even notice the darkness.

 "But I would love to help fight the fight for good, and to help restore any honor that the GOP ever had.  I'm willing to do my part for that... Not just for restoring the GOP, but for restoring my country.  "


What honor do you speak of? The Republican Party like the Democratic Party are not concerned with honor when Corporate America is involved. The only way one can restore honor to the country is to read and unplug from the MATRIX. This country is a corporation and is concerned with profits rather than ethics or human life. Until Americans understand that and understand they are humans first and part of the universe then nothing will change.

I don't entirely disagree with that statement; I do believe, however, that not ALL corporate America is bad.

I believe in fair markets (not free markets... those don't exist). I believe that intelligent people with great ideas can sell goods and services while (1) making a profit, (2) putting people to work, and (3) delivering a good or service that is needed by many. 

Even big corporations serve this country admirably.  They are huge supporters of non-profit organizations; that means they help provide for the needy instead of counting on government to do it.  They employ millions of people. They provide goods and services that are needed and help us thrive.  There IS honor in that. 

Is part of Corporate America to blame for many ills?  I believe yes, it is.  Going to war for oil; the current state of the financial industry (TARP, anyone?); the media under the control of only a handful of corporations who call the shots; companies who pollute our air and water and get away with it... that's what's at fault.

However, I don't care for any statement that is all-encompassing, throwing all corporations into one, guilty group.  It's simply not productive, nor is it reality, any more than saying all Republicans are evil (like I see on some left-wing blogs), or all Democrats are evil (like I see on right-wing blogs).

If my entry didn't sound bitter enough... well, that's too bad.  Despite all the negative I've seen around me in the past 8 years, I think there's still hope. 

The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them.

 Kim Wrote:

"I don't entirely disagree with that statement; I do believe, however, that not ALL corporate America is bad."

Kim - I would go much further and venture to say most corporations are good.

  • Corporations are perhaps America's greatest achievement in the world, promoting brand names, goods and services that identify the USA virtually everywhere.    They are the hallmark of America's institutional presence in the world.
  • In many cases, the corporations are better at conducting international relations than the governments.  For example, how many political agreements began as TRADE agreements?
  • Because in many cases the corporations are international, they often tend to take a WORLD VIEW rather than a narrow ideological one.
  • They fund and conduct basic research at Universities, uncertain of a profitable return, but KNOWING that advances in human knowledge can only be a benefit in the long run.
  • Most large corporations want to see themselves as "good citizens" doing good things in their communities, often with such committments written into their mission statements.

Yes, many have lobbyists that corrupt politicians.

Yes, many have dishonest managers that even corrupt their own corporate culture (Enron, World Com, etc.)

I am drawing a line between those corporations that produce and deliver tangibles and those (like Lehman Bros) who just flip money around but produce nothing.

Overall, I believe we should be proud of our corporations and the value they have provided to build the standard-of-living for millions.

Other cultures in the past have focused on aggregating wealth or acquiring it through conquest.

But the notion of "MAKING MONEY" (wealth creation) is a uniquely American idea.

And largely, we have the corporations to thank for it.



Thank you, Nightwinger.  I could not agree more... you did a perfect job of summing up my opinions about corporate America.

The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them.

I, too, heart RFO.  I found this site as a link from another site.  I am a democrat but longed to find reasonable moderates/rebublicans that I knew were not represented by the fringe that has hijacked your party.  Whenever I am I feel I am being lulled into believing that Faux news or other media represent what most of you are thinking/beliveing, I come here.  I know that your votes and efforts are going to be vital in getting Obama into office.  I know he won't forget that, and neither will I.  I have now bookmarked this site!  :)

We need to fight against stupidity like this:

I would tell her to come here and ask people who use to be somewhat in the same boat as her and learn but seems like it's a lost cause....


Great write up and thank you for your committment to getting this site up & running.

I look forward to reading the posts - everyday and the great group of people here...  

Keep Smiling! 


I have been reading the posts on this site since January and registered in July. This has been the BEST site for credible campaign information that I have had at my disposal. When I talk to other Republicans about why I support Obama, they always accuse me of getting my information from the Daily Kos and I tell them NO, I get a lot of my information from other Republicans and Conservatives who support Obama, I don't even read the Daily Kos.

 I hope that we all realize how much this site has helped Obama's credibility with other conservatives.  The most exciting thing has been watching conservative after conservative turn on the McCain campaign only to endorse Barack Obama. I'm so glad to have been a part of this movement, even if only for such a short time.

John, thank you so much for your efforts in building this site. I first came across your site after I heard Obama in a speech reference "Obamacans." I was pulling for him in the primary, but at the time still assumed that I would "come home" for the general election. I liked what he was saying, but it still felt somewhat "dirty," as I had never voted for a Democrat for president before. I had to  do a lot of soul searching, and voraciously studied everything on his site and the third party information that I could find, read all of Obama's books, and it soon became clear that there was no better choice this time around. The mere existence of this site, and the support and spirited discussions that we have here, helped me to make a very hard decision, and I am grateful to all that are here. I am now proudly a "Republican for Obama." 


RFO Outreach Coordinator

The enemy of "the best" is not "the worst." The enemy of "the best" is "good enough."

This is a fantastic site and I hope it continues in some shape or form after Sen.Obama wins.

A place for ideas and discussions, where we are headed. How to affect local change.

I hope you guys can reclaim your party. I tell ya, we had a 3 year fight with the DLC before we could reclaim ours. The netroots were a significant factor in taking down the most powerful democratic political machine in 30 years. You guys will probably have a similar struggle.

Find your Howard Dean.

I too enjoy checking the site for information. I am an Independent- and have ran for and held office as an Independent- and have not voted for a Democrat for President in over 30 years- but last week I cast my early ballot for Barack Obama just for many of the reasons expressed on this site.

Its refreshing to be able to know that I am not the only one that thinks outside the box- and unwilling to follow the cultist drumbeat just because someone has an (R) or a (D) besides their name..

I have historically voted as a Democrat (because my impression was that they were more inclusive) but am registered as "Decline to State" because I am frustrated by the 2 party system where you have to back someone just because they are in the same party.  Labels prevent us from acknowledging the good ideas and qualties of our "opponent" and keeps us blind to the flaws and bad ideas of our "ally".  I reserve the right to pay attention and make up my own mind especially as it seems the desire for personal "power" trumps common good with most politicians.

I think it's healthy and necessary for all us to pay attention to hypocrisy no matter what label it is wearing.  To me the best thing about Obama is not that he's a democrat, it's that he is asking us to wake up and participate!  He is not offering to solve all our problems, he is asking us to join with him to find the solutions.  This will involve all of us learning to work together by finding common ground and dropping our preconceived notions based on labels or prejudices.  While his label is "democrat", many in his party could learn from his inclusive approach.

For too long, our two parties have operated our government like a see-saw (which sucks for the citizens who want stability).  With Obama, it looks like the government can become more like scales in balance.  Find the center, the common ground that benefits the most people and provide a strong foundation.

Please do continue this site after the election.  Help to restore your party as well as continuing to welcome diversity.  We need to stop this ideological civil war (even the Hatfields and McCoys eventually made peace) so we can focus on more important issues like rebuilding the economy, restoring the planet and investing in and empowering the citizens which make this country great.

Thanks, John & Co. - for the blog, for the site, and for fostering a healthly, positive community that has helped me with the changes our party and our nation are going through.  

I had a really long blathering post and by the grace of God (for everyone elses benefit) IE destoyed it - so here's the short version:  The last eight years have been hard for America, thank you for being the shelter from the storm.  This place is like a family.  No matter what the future brings, I will always look back on these two months with fond of memories.  Finding a community like this is rare.

{{{BIG GROUP HUG}}} *tears*

Thanks again, and God bless you guys.  

wow, ellen. That is so sweet.

We worked awfully hard to try to create the kind of community we wanted. The downside is it ends up being smaller because it's not what people expect to find online. The upside is, it's not what people expect to find online.

"We worked awfully hard to try to create the kind of community we wanted."

And it shows.

Personally, I think the design and function are perfect.  That's part of it's appeal:  Homey, user friendly, clean, and uncluttered.

Combine that with all the great people and content here and you have yourself one hellofa site!  :)

*stands and applauds*



You had me at Hello!  I never would have thought that I would have a site with the word "Republicans" in its title saved in my "favorites."  I just stumbled on your site and decided to linger a bit.  Now (much to Barbara's dismay) I'm like the socialist who came to dinner and took everybody's food away for redistribution (ha! ha!).

You all are great, and if I have any pull whatsoever, before it's all over, you will all be leaning a little more to the left than the right!

Nah, you're alright. Mostly. Alright, you can stay.
Thank you John Martin for all you've done.

I was going to write a longer post, but let me just say thank you John and Barbara and David and Suzi and Lesley and whoever else I missed, and all of the contributors to the site. 

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

I say this with respect and admiration. Thank you John for this site and your service to our country. You are truly answering your call to service for acting in the best interest of the country. Because of the love we have for our country many of us are here for the support we gain from each other. While reading messages, sometimes tears flows with hope, gratitude, and sense of mission. Thank you for the gift of this forum.

Obama/Biden 2008

My husband and I first found this site after seeing a segment on the msm about Republicans for Obama. We had never heard of such a thing, and with the state of the Republican party, NEVER thought there would be those who would cross party lines to vote for Obama. He definitely thought he was out there on a limb, so it was especially nice for him to know there were others of like mind. He works and travels a lot, so really doesn't have the time to spend on the internet. I came here to be nosy. As a Democrat who mostly agrees with her Republican husband (which puts us both somewhere in the middle), I found this site to be refreshing, new, and inspirational. I have found more info from the postings here than anywhere else. Heck, I've even called Steve at work to tell him to go to a site and check it out, it was that important - and I found it here. He's a bit disappointed that he comes home with what he believes to be 'breaking news', and I have more info than he.

From both of us, we thank you!! You have made this election more exciting than it already is. You have restored our faith in humanity. You have shown us that if we work together, and just TALK, we can find the common ground.  You have made my husband feel not so alone, and you have helped me to keep my sanity in this last month. Perhaps, after Obama is elected to POTUS, we can continue to share ideas and reach across party lines. This is, truly, OUR America. We need to make her strong again. I think this site may be just the place to do that very thing!

 Haven't been here in awhile. For good reason. But thought I would drop by and see what you guys are saying about the latest Obama "redistribution of wealth" comments (to Joe the unlicensed plumber and the interview in Chicago in '05). I was just curious if you believe what I was saying about Obama being a socialist now. Sadly, I was dissapointed. I thought for sure one of you could have started a thread or something. Its a shame!

 I completely understand your displeasure with the Republican party. Thats why I have been Libertarian for years now. But because the Repubs are in bad shape doesn't mean you need to go crying on the shoulder of a socialist. Its time to make the Repubs a new party, and that wont be accomplished by voting in a socialist. Vote for the Republican. Voice your displeasure. Do something constructive to make a change. Voting for a socialist is DEstructive! Write your congressman! Write the president! Peacefully protest! Fight for "your" party! But dont vote for Obama! There is no help, OR HOPE, for any of us in the future of communism!

 McCain is not the best choice for president. I agree with you there! But Communism is not the answer! Be smart with your vote. Keep the Constitution in mind! I would bet our founding fathers would not want us to go in the direction Obama wants to take us!

 I'm praying for all of you! Take care and have a safe week!

Good to see you again, ReaganFan.

I blogged on McCain's latest strategy last week:

Not surprisingly, nobody around here really cares.  McCain is obviously grasping at straws.  Almost to a T, McCain has advocated a tax structure pretty much identical to that now supported by Barack.  You can count the number of Republicans who voted against BOTH Bush tax cuts on one hand.

It helps to have a short memory.

 Its good to be back. Although for a short visit. Work has been crazy.

 Also. I mean no disrespect to you John. Or your staff. I served, and fought, in our armed forces for your right to voice your opinion. And I love the freedoms we have in this country. That is why I am so afraid of Obama. I see entirely too much socialism in him.

 Keep up the good work. It is important that the republicans see how disenchanted their supporters have become. But please dont allow yourself to be sucked into socialism because of your displeasure at your party. Its not worth it. I have been to communist countries. I have seen the misery. I am begging all of you, please dont vote for socialism!

You served and fought. Well, I congratulate you.

So did I.

So has John.

So has Wolfman456.

So has SeabeeWWII.

So has ellen.

So have many others here -- 

Sorry, maybe it was unintentional, but that just sounds so condescending, and like the rest of us do not love the freedoms that we have in this country.

In fact, many of us have seen others denied these rights which we have fought for -- the right not to be eavesdropped upon by your government, the right to demand a writ of habeas corpus, the right not to be tortured or to be forced to bear witness under duress.

So excuse me if I call bull on your appeal against anti-Americanism. Save it for Joe McCarthy. 

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

 It is not condescending. It was not meant that way. I never said I fought for your rights BECAUSE YOU DID NOT! I merely said I DID FIGHT for your rights.

 As for love of our freedoms, I never doubt for a second that all of RFO loves our country and our freedoms. If I thought for a second that was not true, I would never post on this site. I am here with a different point of view amongst men and women who are intelligent and civil, and share a love for our constitution and country.

 As for calling "bull on my appeal against anti americanism". Please re-read my post. You lost the intent somewhere along the way. I never accused John Martin of being anti-american. (in fact, I respect his love for country) My comment on service was used to point out how free speech is a beautifu thing on this site. A site where I am alllowed to voice my different opinion without attack (save for when im misunderstood, like now) A site with a different point of view than mine. I like the people here, and I never attacked anyones love of country.

 I have however questioned the love of party. We all know the Republican party is lacking, and has its issues. But is that any reason to abandon ship and jump to socialism? I think the republican party needs your support now more than ever. Bailing out on a failing party for an already failed party is not the answer!

 And for the record. I never even called Obama anti-american. I believe he loves his country. I believe in his heart that he thinks socialism is whats best for our country. I know he means well. He is just wrong. And so are all of you if you vote for him. (just my opinion. Dont attack me over that one too tin)

"Please don't allow yourself to be sucked into socialism".

I won't, and I believe that "socialism" is unAmerican. Hence my statement.

However, I realized after I posted this several days ago that it came off as a bit harsh. I'm sorry about that.

It's like this -- I believe in honoring people's service to their country, no matter what their political views. Sometimes people try and say, "because I served in the militar, I'm more American". I myself used to believe this, but I got over it.

Mostly. :-) 

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."  (Not that I mean to call you a scoundrel, but maybe I do.)

Whether you fought for your country or not does not negate the fact that John McCain fought the Bush administration for the exact same tax structure that Obama is now proposing.  It doesn't negate the fact that McCain wants a $300 billion government buy of bad mortgages.  It does not negate the fact that free market economists from throughout the nation are supporting Barack.  The man's economic advisors are from the University of Chicago!

John McCain is as much, if not more, of a socialist as Obama.  Swooping in at the last minute to try to fool people that Obama is Marx, after every other attack has slid right off of him, is just an attempt to fool millions of voters.  I don't see what this has to do with your service to your country, but I'd be willing to entertain the argument.  

I hope you realize that John served and fought for his right to voice his opinion, too.

 I have never seen so many people ready "to entertain the argument" over a comment that was not meant to be mean. You are feeding off what tin soldier said, assuming I was being condescending.

 I merely pointed out that I love our freedoms so much, that I fought for them. That doesnt in any way minimize anyone else who fought for them. I love that WE (we means ALL of us here on the RFO site) are able to use these freedoms to have constructive debates over our differences without persecution.

 People. Just because I am of different opinion, does not make me the enemy. Calm down. We really dont have to get our bananas in a bunch over a simple comment. I know you are liberals, but can we stay on topic? Attacking me because I talked about my service, rather than comment on what was the main focus of the conversation is a bit too typical!

 Short memory or not. Does it make sense to vote for a socialist because the Republicans have lost their way?

I doubt that anyone here is voting for a socialist.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. /Inigo Montoya

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, & wiser people so full of doubts.
-- Bertrand Russel

 By definition, Obamas plans for our country are SOCIALIST! Therefore, using logic, I can assume that Obama is indeed, a socialist!

The point (obviously) is that Barack is not a socialist, as John McCain is not a socialist. (George W. Bush-- probably closer to being a socialist.) 

Warren Buffett, Colin Powell, David Friedman, Christopher Buckley, William Weld, Larry Hunter, Jeffrey Hart and Wick Alison would not be supporting a socialist.

If Barack were a socialist, why did McCain wait months to begin to accuse him of this?  Don't you think the voters should have heard about this before two weeks before election day, when McCain was already 10 points down in the polls?  What does it say about McCain to not let everyone know that he was running against a socialist until it was too late?

It's a cheap effort to confuse and scare voters, and I think you're smart enough to know that. 

Why is everybody afraid of the word "socialist."  I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again:  socialism is not the problem, it's the solution.  Does anybody remember history?  The same people who are decrying that word now are the ones who decried it during the Great Depression when FDR's "socialist" programs like the WPA put Americans to work and food on the table.  FDR's "socialism" saved this country and people knew it.  People were so comfortable with FDR's "socialist" agenda, in fact, that while running for a 4th term in 1943, he proposed a "Second Bill of Rights" guaranteeing "the right to a job, the right to a decent home, the right to adequate medical care and the right to a good education."    Think of it, FDR was elected on that message!  That's socialism and there's nothing wrong with it!  We can have socialism and still have a democracy:  it's called social democracy and Europe is flush with this type of government.

Mark my word that before his first 4 years are over, President Obama will have (among other governmental programs) put Americans to work rebuilding this nations infrastructure through a government program (much like the WPA) and through government cooperatives with private enterprise will have put additional Americans to work in the energy industry.  He'll shore up Social Security, increase funding to programs like AmeriCorps and government will take a more active role in health care.  You can call it what you want but it's socialism. 

If you said the word socialism in Europe people would hear it like we hear capitalism.  It's only received its negative connotations through conservative administrations (like Ronald Reagans) who used the word as a scare tactic (as John points out) in associating it with communism in order to get elected.  Folks, don't get bent out of shape over a word that means more (and less) than the 10 second sound byte can give it.  Socialism is a good thing, and it's the right thing for us right now.  It, like FDR's programs, will ultimately save this country from the brink of disaster. 


Embrace "the fierce urgency of now."

It is the only way we will ever get our party back. As long as the GOP continues to win with bigspending-bigwar-bigBible, it will continue to run on that platform. We have to say no more.

 Problem is not how smart I am. I think I have had Obama figured out for awhile. The problem is how smart is McCains Campaign? How smart is America? And how smart are those who are just now figuring out Obamas socialist agenda? I have been saying he is a socialist for months. I have been screaming it to the top of my lungs. Not just here! To the McCain campaign. Truth is, I have no idea why McCain hasnt been saying it. I swear sometimes he doesnt really want to be president! They didnt bring up Ayers until a month ago. I knew about it a year ago! The McCain campaign has been behind the ball from day one, and they do NOTHING to catch up!

 Perhaps, McCain thought he was being somewhat civil by not pointing out Obamas socialist agenda! Perhaps senility is setting in. Perhaps his handlers are simpletons who couldnt run a blender, much less a presidential campaign. (Blender? I need another Margarita) Truth is, I have no clue what they are doing in the McCain camp. It scares me that he could be president. But fact is, a senile old war veteran as president scares me far less than a socialist who wants to take my money and give it away! Especially since I dont have enough to give away. Hell, I need 2 new trucks for my company, and I am having a hard time getting the money together now. What am I gonna do when he takes my money to give to those who make less than me?

 By the way ...... where does the Constitution give government the right to redistribute wealth? What article is that covered in? I have a copy of the Constitution in the other room. One on my computer. 2 at work. And one of my laptop. I can check them all, AGAIN, but I didnt see it. Can you tell me where that is?

Socialist this, socialist that. Can you please define for us what you think "socialist" means?

Here is Steven Colbert's take on Obama the Socialist

And here is Brian Moore, the Socialist candidate for President

ReaganFan, stop with the socialist talk already.  No one's buying what you're selling.

Hi again Reaganfan.  You've been listening to talk radio too much again.  But I must say that you have the current talking point down pat!

"By the way ...... where does the Constitution give government the right to redistribute wealth?"

It doesn't but our government does and has done so long before Obama was hanging around with terrorists. Taxes redistribute wealth and the government bail-out of Chrysler and the banking system that too is a redistribution of wealth. What do you call these things? Certainly not free-market economy actions on the part of the government.

PT Barnum was right, there's one born everyday and you fell for this lowest common denominator campaigning designed to reach a certain class of person... Wow...

Golf11, NYC
Vero Possumus

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