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A Prayer For Barack Obama

By Chance - Posted on 07 October 2008

I'm a praying person.  Randomly and throughout the day I'll bring prayers to God for people and situations.  Praying for other people is something that comes easy to me and it is something that I really enjoy.  I'm part of a prayer chain and we routinely pray for people that most of us have never met.  Some would call us Prayer Warriors, but I don't know if that is the correct title.  Sometimes I forget when I've prayed for someone, so I might pray for the same person multiple times.  I figure that a Prayer Warrior would have a better memory.  Anyway, I enjoy praying and I figure that it is the least that I can do.  

Lately, I been praying for Barack Obama.  Not just for this upcoming election (which I have a vested interest in), but for the protection, safety, and security of Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Joe, and Jill.  This was really ramped up, yesterday, after the "Kill Him" and "Terrorist" comments happened at the McCain and Palin rallies.  I was sickened and so very upset when I heard about these things that I rushed to prayer.  However, I was really frustrated by the comments and I found it difficult to form the prayers that I really wanted to offer.   

So, earlier today I was lurking around Daily Kos and seeing what they were concerned about and I found a dairy dedicated to praying for Barack Obama.  Pretty shocking when you consider some of the negative things that have been posted on Daily Kos about faith, praying, and religion.  The prayer was very heartfelt and beautiful, if just a bit general for my Christian background.  As I read the prayer I adjusted to my prayer background and found that it was what I had been wanting to say all night.  Who knew that I could find just what I needed on Daily Kos?  

After I prayed this prayer, I wanted to share it with everyone here.  If you're a praying person, I hope that you join me in praying for the Obama and Biden families.  Please feel free to adjust the following prayer for you own prayer backgrounds.  

Father God, May Your Holy Light shine upon Barack Obama,
May Your Holy Light surround him and may he be protected

Lord Jesus, May Your Presence go ahead of him and come behind him,
May Your Presence kiss his forehead and cushion the soles of his feet.

May the Holy Spirit inspire him and touch his heart,
May his words carry strength, and inspiration and hope,
May he be used by You, Father God, to help us heal our Nation
May his enemies be confounded, their hatred turned back on them, and their wicked schemes be defeated permanently. 

May the Shield of Righteousness be in his left hand
May the Sword of Truth be his to wield
May You, Lord Jesus, forgive this country its transgressions as we attempt to begin to change our path from wrong thinking and violence, to justice and peace,

May the Holy Spirit protect Barack Obama from all harm and guide him to victory for the sake of all the people who seek liberty, justice, and prosperity for our nation's citizens and for the citizens of our world.

And So We Pray, In Jesus Name, Amen.  

Amen! That is a great post and it is good to pray for the safety and security of these people.

Excellent post. For those of us with religious and/or spiritual beliefs, let us not forget the world that we live in. Let us not forget the intensity of this world's ignorance, predjudice, and darkness.

Let us never fall asleep.

Let us be dilligent and mindful.

Let us worjk,through prayer and meditation, to protect the Obama's and the Biden's from the vast amount of negativity that will come their way.

Evil lives. We must be ready.


That was a great prayer and I will keep praying!


Obama/Biden will win!  Pray for their Safety & Success

Hello.  I hope you will refer to my posting of


and consider that I hope I know what I'm talking about here and pray that this misuse of the Holy Spirit is stopped in this election.  But let me know what you think, if I'm a crazy nutcase or trying to stop something that's been misued against us.

I read you're comments earlier, lephead.  I have to admit that I didn't understand what you were saying.  Did you believe that an evil spirit tried to manipulate you and that same force has been manipulating Christians in the guise of the Holy Spirit?  Help me understand what you were feeling when you voted.    

Halloween: The most entertaining day of the year!

I'll try.  I believe that Robertson, Falwell and others have made up this form of Christianity I call the conservative political religion, because they have taken conservative political stances and turned them into religious dogma.  there are spirits involved that mimic the voice of God too.  th most prominent examples I know of, are Bush and Cheney's assertion that God is directing them to liberate all of the non-democratic countries of the world, katherine Harris, the villainese of the 2000 Florida certification debacle insists that she felt led to run for the Senate, and that when this Kenyan Evangelist visiited Palin's church in Alaska and laid hands on her, that she was destined for something greater.  So I am trying to explain how in the three main elections since 2000, when I have voted, I have felt a spriti, similiar to the voice of God "compelling" me to vote for Republican candidates.  Now I voted for who I wanted, but I am concerned this is going on with other people.  if it is, it's not right.


Is that better?

Ah, yes.  I believe that is a spirit of deception that has infected the Christian church in America.  Mainly because I've never trusted Robertson, Falwell, and the people on TBN (I have many reasons).  I know many people who tell them that God wants them to vote republican.  I even listened to that "voice" when gearing up to vote in 2004.  I've since learned, that I wasn't honoring God by being a reactionary Christian and focusing on two single issues at the expense of all the others.  Especially, when the issues that I focused on had very little to do with justice, mercy, love, and walking humbly.  Still, I know far too many people who feel we must be reactionary and feel that once we solve the two issues that define the "Republican Christian", then we can worry about all the others. 

The problem, I see, is we may be too late.  I'm probably rambling at this point.  Oh Well.  I think you see what I'm saying.        

Halloween: The most entertaining day of the year!

Thanks for the validation.  As you can understand my concern is people who would otherwise vote for the best candidate will vote for mccain because ...
(Bows head and says) AMEN!


I am a praying person and I would be honored to offer up this prayer (daily) for Barack Obama and his beautiful family.  These are scary times we are living in, and I feel like we could all use the touch of God's hand right now.

Thank you Chance.

Thank you Chance, for that beautiful, heartfelt and much needed prayer!  I'm going to print it out and say it daily.

This country needs all our prayers right now, after the election and in the years to come.

Thanks for the prayer to lead with everyday.  I want to keep the Obama/Biden family up in prayer and importantly, the USA, daily not just for this election cycle, but into the Presidency if that is what the people choose.  I do believe it will be so, but while a historic time in our country has the potential to change to course of future generations, it will also be met with discourse and division by people who don't want or are afraid of change.  From all cultures, mind you.  So I will keep this prayer with me and stand in agreement with you on this.


Just thought that I would bump this prayer for tonight's debate.  I'm praying for Barack's safety and for him to have plenty of wisdom.  

10/10/2008:  The day I early-voted for Barack Obama!

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