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Why are other Republicans SO angry?

By Frances Buckley - Posted on 10 September 2008

Hey, folks on here like Brandon. Why are other Republicans so angry? I have noticed a formula in their email blasts AND on other forums.

1) They start out "Hi, I'm a proud John McCain supporter and I am SO glad to be able to have an intelligent debate."

2) They say a few truths and a lot of rumors. "... John McCain served our country, POW, Obama's a muslim, flag off plane ..."

3) Finally, they call their addressee a name:  "Moron" or "idiot".

4) The icing on the cake:  They call Obama a name: "Zerobama" or worse.

Was there some memo they all got?

I have a Pro Obama Dem friend who sent out an email blast to all of her friends last weekend. Just a factual statement of her support for Obama. We ALL got 3 hate filled responses from other people on the list. I emailed them back and said, "hey, leave me out of it". EVERY one of them came back at me and attacked me for asking them to leave me alone. I didn't start it. It wasn't my email to begin with. What gives?

This is the meanest, nastiest election I've ever seen.

Any thoughts? 


Yes, if McSame is successful, it will be due to disgusting tactics (as we see) and Lacking in honor.


I can't speak for anyone but myself and I'm not angry at anyone.  

I think the elections just get nastier every year and I think a large part of it is because of the 24/7 news cycle.

Every minute there is a new poll, new scandal, new pundit on tv, new blog, new post on RFO.

When I was a kid you got the paper every day and Walter Cronkite for 30 minutes every night and that was likely the only time you thought about politics.

Today it is easy to dwell on every minute detail and I just think that makes people who are passionate angry.

I thought I was starting to be friendly with some people on this site.  I mean after all we are just having a discussion here.  But some of them started calling me names and saying I was a bad person and that made me very angry.  So I think it is just easy to get nasty in an election like this. 

I'm just very sad that anyone who is a Republican is voting for Obama and as the old cliche says "throwing the baby out with the bath water."  

I think most people here fit into one of 3 categories:

1.  Democrats--some have admitted it.

2.  Republicans who are just disgusted by the last 8 years (aren't we all).  

But if they really think the answer is Obama and Nancy Pelosi together at last then they should quit the party and become Democrats.  To continue to say they are Republicans is dishonest to both themselves and others.

3.  People who just don't know or understand Obama's far left positions and are caught up in the rock star hysteria of hope and change given by a very gifted speaker.

Besides the occassional "closed minded, hard hearted trolls" like myself, I think every poster here belongs in one of those 3 groups.


Actually you need a fourth group for me. My family is Republican and I'm voting Democrate to piss them off.

<Besides the occassional "closed minded, hard hearted trolls" like myself, I think every poster here belongs in one of those 3 groups.>

Brandon, I think a good place for a fresh start would be to let go of old greviences, and not try to put people into cubbyholes...we are all individuals, Republicans for the most part, and hold our views for as many reasons as there are posters. 


I understand that everyone is an individual and no two people are alike.  That goes without saying.

I work in an industry (broadcasting) where advertising is sold based on people being in groups i.e. people who like country music have these characteristics, people who like this type of rock buy this product, etc.  So it is natural for me to kind of try and group people together.

It wasn't meant to be offensive Suzi.

As for old grievances, doesn't that description truthfully sum up how you feel about me?

Ah, ha, now we're getting somewhere. I am in marketing so I am on the one most likely to catch on to you. Are you in talk radio? Like Jay Severin or someone like that? You sound like him.

And I'm NOT kidding now, not even half - where can I buy this program? Is it NLP? Is there a seminar in the desert somewhere that I can go to and learn "all the secrets of verbally assaulting your opponent and winning every argument every time" in just one weekend? 

No I'm not in talk radio.  Used to be a guest once a week on a talk show 20 years ago, but the subject was music, tv, local pop culture etc. and never politics.

I sincerely hope you don't think my answers are "verbally assaulting." 

If one of the criterion is winning arguments, Brandon is not a talk radio personality LOL ... although s/he is good at starting them  ;)


Cheney/Random Vajayjay  2008

McCain/Palin Deathwatch, September 9 '08:  McCain presently has a (partially complimentary) 45% chance of winning the election.

Brandon, I would really suggest that you let this go.  I'm trying to carry on as if nothing happened, so please don't make it difficult. 


I was really hurt, as you can tell by your words the other night Suzy.  I honestly lost sleep thinking that someone could think that way about me.  I guess the fact that I cared what you thought says something.

But I'm a big boy, so I will let it go. 

And I was hurt that you seemed so uncaring about the plight down here, except in terms of party.  So hurt that I was crying in front of my computer.  So let's say we both misunderstood, and let it go.  Deal?

Suzi, I'm very sorry I had no idea you misunderstood me like that.  I wish you would have shared that earlier.

I have many ties to New Orleans and know at least a dozen people who were wiped out during Katrina.  My nephew lived in Biloxi at the time.  

In college, I had a job that took me to New Orleans almost once a month doing work for K and B drugs.  I don't know if they had those in your part of Louisiana.

But Orleans and Jefferson Parrish are very dear to me.


Yea, they had K & B here...I live about 45 minutes from New Orleans, have family there, and when I say I lived it, I meant that literally.  And when you live down here, and see the day to day screw ups, and the people being neglected, what party they belong to becomes very insignifigant.  We just went through it again with Gustav, and I have a lot of damage to my home, and once again am up against the insurance and bureaucratic cesspool. 

I thought I was explaining a lot of that to you the other night.  Anyway, apology accepted, and I offer my apology for calling you hard hearted.  It was just that your responses to my words left me with that impression. 

I have very fond memories of New Orleans.  

Grew up listening to WTIX, the mighty 690 and WWL (King Edward Cigar Time).  The first time I ever went into WWL's tv studios on Rampart Street, I thought I was entering a Holy shrine.

Hap Glaudi, Morgus, the John Pela Show those were all my idols.

You and I are probably the only people here who know who Nash Roberts is, another one of my idols.

How about Mr. Bingle?



Well, Brandon, if you remember Morgus, then I am sure you also remember his sidekick, Chopsley. And of course D.H. Holmes stores.


cafe au lait and beignets; and muffalottas at Community Grocery....

Of course, I remember Chopsley. 

How about Schwegmann's supermarkets, Time Savers and McKenzie's for King Cakes.


I guess we have something in common.


Yea, you right wcolin and most of the people reading have no idea what we are talking about.'ll remember this...makin' groceries. 

Yes i do, Suzi! It's like there was some kind of machine that actually manufactured them!


My husband was born in New Orleans and lived there up until 2003... he STILL says "makin' groceries!"  LOL

Mr Bingle still comes out at Christmas time.

I have one for you....Do you know who "Frogman" Henry is?

Clarence Henry:

I ain't got no home

No place to roam
I ain't got a home
No place to roam
I'm a lonely boy

I ain't got a home 

If you didn't google that, you're pretty good!  ;-)

No, I didn't google it.  I bought both of his big records. The other one being "I Don't know why I love you, but I do."


Awww, you may like me a little now, but you don't love me.  LOL  Sorry, couldn't resist.  Anyone that likes Frogman can't be too bad.  ;-)

Don't know if you remember this song, Suzi: Poke salad Annie, gator got your granny!


I'll give out a hint, it was from 1969.  
Dwon in Louisiana, where the alligators grow so mean, there live a girl that I swear to the world, made the alligators look tame.....;-)
Well everybody said it was a shame, cause her mama was workin' on a chain gang.

mean, straight razor totin' woman..........

mean, straight razor totin' woman.......... 

I'm glad you are the moderator and not her.

Yea, you just thought I was   

Not to worry, I can't stand the sight of blood.

I'm really dating myself here, but I LOVED seeing Elvis do that in concert. ;-)
One of the first concerts I ever saw was by the man who wrote and originally performed Polk Salad Annie, the very under rated Tony Joe White.

Well Brandon, it seems we can find a lot of common ground after all.  ;-)  Don't ya love it?  Just people being who they are.....

Yes, we will both go to sleep in a better mood tonight than last. 

That's why I've always loved music and entertainment because those are the things that can really help bring people together.

You know once a long time ago, I got into a conversation at the Camelia Grill about Morgus The Magnificent and Chopsley with a guy who lived Uptown and was a Tulane professor.  The guy cleaning the place up who I'm sure grew up in poverty joined in and for about 10 minutes we reminisced about this tv program.  I'm sure none us had anything in common in our daily lives, but we all loved Morgus.

For those who have no ties to Nawlins.  Morgus was a popular horror movie host on local tv for many years. 


That's because music speaks to the soul....

Give me beat boys and free my soul.......

Clarence "FROGMAN" Henry!


If you want to see angry, just go to the daily kos and the other liberal hate monger websites and you will see what real anger is.  If you want to compare the hate that comes from libs to those on the right, it will not even be close. 
Well, when some "liberal" tracks down your home email and starts sending your hate mail we can talk. I am concerned with the lengths that the McCain supporters go to to show their disrespect and anger toward Obama supporters.
Since you are putting people into categories, Brandon, you need another one: people like myself (and most others on this board) who have done their research of the candidates and their positions, and who think Obama would make the better president. Surprise!

I think there are two prime reasons that this is such a nasty election:

The race factor - closet racists are being exposed publicly. Most closet racists are  in complete denial, and they don't have the ability to try to look at heir beliefs and fears and reasons for those fears honestly and objectively . Then there are those who are proud that they are racist, yet scream about how Obama is going grant hand-outs to every African-American man woman and child. They feel that they've been oppressed by Affirmative Action for way too long, not realizing that Bill Clinton pretty much halted Affirmative Action except in academia. The veil of political correctness has been completely shredded for many racists and xenophobes during this election.

2) The 24/7/365 news cycle. When news is slow, the spin factor increases exponentially by the hour.

Sorry, but weren't you the one who was claiming people were morons if they favor Obama? I admit that I'm a still a southern Democrat at heart. There is nothing keeping me from changing party affiliation in OK now, but I've decided to remain a Republican until after the  general election.

Are you speaking to me - as the starter of this thread? I have loved BO since day 1 - and I do mean the day he spoke at the Dem convention 4 years ago. I also am particularly sensitive to the term "moron" as it is frequently used when a "Conservative" is losing the argument with me. I may say "jerk" and some on here claim I have called them "evil" (a misunderstanding) but that was not me who called ANY Obama supporter a name. : )

Oh boy, I sent the wolf-kill video to show people what really happens with this kind of 'hunting' that Palin supports. I received the nastiest, hate-filled reply that just made my jaw drop. And this was from a so-called friend. And of course, she hit 'reply all'. So it was her way of publicly chastising me. Here's a little sample:

>If you aren't living there and don't have an intimate grass roots understanding of how predatory animals are a threat (and, this includes bears, folks!) then you ought to just hush!  You may not value hunting as a way of life but you owe it to those who do to develop a greater understanding of this issue rather than to use it as hate spinning against an opposing political party. 
So, as you can see, I'm just as perturbed and aggravated with the use of this issue as a 'Hot Button' topic when most folks simply have little to no F-ing clue about the situation.<

Now, I never said I was against hunting, just the method used. So, she was wrong on that point alone. Mind, she has received hate-filled e-mails railing against Obama and his policies, and I've never heard a peep about 'hot button' issues. Remember the 'Obama is a Muslim' one? I have come to the conclusion that these people are fine as long as you are in lock-step with them. Once you DARE to disagree, you become the enemy. Then their true nature comes out. They are political fundamentalists. One way only, don't dare have a difference of opinion, keep your mouth shut, and do as I tell you to do. You know, just like the Taliban!!

 I have come to the conclusion that these people are fine as long as you are in lock-step with them. Once you DARE to disagree, you become the enemy.


I could not possibly agree with you more!!  This is EXACTLY why I feel in my heart that this election isn't quite as close as all of the ridiculous polls show.  I have a sneaky suspicion that there are alot of people out there that don't want to "rock the boat" by saying publicly that they support Obama.

Congratulations to the Republican party, you now have one of your own.

GOP: “I’m voting for Palin.”

Me: “But she’s not… er.. Why?”

GOP: “She has a cute voice, and I like her hair.”

Me: “What about the issues?”

GOP: “What issues?”

Me: “What about McCain?”

GOP: “The other guy?”

Me: “Good lord. Never mind.”

Obama/Biden 2008

Interesting "Taliban" comparison, as that is the "change" that Sarah Palin will bring to HER presidency.

Brandon, seriously, see, I asked, why are "other Republicans" i.e. You, so angry. You guys are winning.  You will most likely get the theocracy that you are all hoping for. So, why be so bitter? I intend to go into the booth and vote for Obama as a Republican to make a statement to the GOP. And, don't worry, I'm not dumb enough to think they will miss me.  I'm sorry you will never understand that. They let me down. I am not a religious fanatic and they are only representing them this time around. You seem to have a very narrow view. It's not 1950 and "dad's a Republican so I'm a Republican and everything they say is OK with me". People have different life experiences, different economic events ... it causes us to want to exercise that great right we're supposed to have to make a choice of who governs us. Obviously that bugs you and you skate a line on here about being fair and open and ripping into people. I guess that's just your schtick. BUT why are the other Republicans so angry??? I still don't get it. BTW - my car has been rear ended TWICE since I put a Republicans for Obama bumper sticker on it. Thought you might like that ...

"BTW - my car has been rear ended TWICE since I put a Republicans for Obama bumper sticker on it. Thought you might like that ..."

What have I ever written to make you think I would like that your car has been rear ended?

Did you even read my reply to your original question? 

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