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Obama supports Kosovo independence

By euroxavi - Posted on 02 September 2008

Obama Advisor: Kosovo, Serbia Must Move On


03 June 2008 Pristina _ Kosovo is now independent and Serbia must learn to live with it, a former United States envoy and advisor to presidential hopeful Barack Obama says.

Robert Gelbard, currently an advisor to the US presidential hopeful, Barack Obama said Serbia had the possibility to change the situation in Kosovo in its interest but now there is no going back.

“Kosovo is now a sovereign state. The new Serbian government knows that it should live with Kosovo and no matter what, a dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is necessary,” Gelbard, who represented the US government during the 1998-1999 war in Kosovo, told Voice of America.

“It is neither Russia, nor India, China or Brazil who can dictate any move on the issue,” he said reminding that both Serbian and Kosovo authorities should start talking to each other as future developments will depend on such an approach.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on February 17, despite Serbia’s opposition and it has been so far recognised by 43 countries, including the United States and the majority of European Union member states.

Asked what the stance of Obama is on Kosovo, Gelbard explained that he had already made his vision for both countries known.

“Obama has clearly made his stance upon Kosovo’s declaration of independence. He said that Kosovo as an independent country has a big responsibility to protect the minorities… and Serbia must strengthen its democratic institutions,” Gelbard added.




He, like Bush and McCain, will have no legitimacy to discuss Russian role in Caucus region. No legitimacy to stop other independence processes based on ethnic reasons.

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